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  1. Darth Sidious' Lightsaber?!?
  2. What would you have done differently?
  3. George Lucas DVD Commentary Leaked!
  4. Sidious defeats Yoda? What's up with that?
  5. May 19th 2005
  6. Durge = Greivous!!
  7. Count Dooku Killed Qui-Gon??
  8. Star Wars vs. WWII propaganda film
  9. Vader's Helmet
  10. Changing the accent
  11. Lines That Were Swapped From the Movies (E:I-II, E:IV-VI)
  12. Ep III Vader Costume to be on DVD's!!!
  13. Lucas to change Emperor Scene in ESB- Putting in Palpy!!
  14. EP3 clips to be on Trilogy collection
  15. Deleted Scene?
  16. Any one remember?
  17. Force Lightning
  18. Mayhew talks on Episodes 7, 8, and 9!?
  19. Opening Scene, New Planets, Final Duels!!!
  20. John Williams' Score
  21. Stormtrooper voice actor
  22. The Sith in the Original Trilogy
  23. The movies' names
  24. kamino cloners
  25. The people that actually like AOTC thread.
  26. Ree-Yees: More than meets the eye!
  27. The boy is our last hope.
  28. Did Leia(as Boushh) know exactly what would happen?
  29. Jabba and Lando
  30. Free us or Die
  31. Episode III Title announced??!!??
  32. MSNBC commentary article about Lucas & Ep 3 (merged)
  33. Episode 2 Jedi Council Question
  34. Chewbacca's Voice
  35. Most Annoying SW character?
  36. Favourite Padme costume so far
  37. The DVD pricing thread...
  38. Where's the 2-CD soundtrack?
  39. Knollvision
  40. Obi-Wan is on the Jedi Council!
  41. I need more men......
  42. Who stripped Luke and put the bacta diaper on him ?
  43. Grevious' Ship?
  44. Tion Medden
  45. A perfectly good explanation for the lightsaber color changes!
  46. Episode III title
  47. link between prequel trilogy and new jedi order
  48. Episode 3 trailer????
  49. Senator Bana Breemu (played by Ling Bai)
  50. The DVD trailers are up at Amazon!
  51. Three simple words (well, four actually)
  52. OT DVDs-how will you buy???
  53. Lucas says we know the title for Ep. 3
  54. Gary Oldman in talks for Episode III?
  55. Pick-ups start on my Birthday!!!
  56. SuperShadow claims to have the Ep3 plot.
  57. Reading Spoilers
  58. Why didn't Jedi notice decoy?
  59. Why didnt Vader sense.....
  60. What was that bone that Luke picked up?
  61. Rebel Transport in Mos Eiseley?
  62. Hyperspace Chat
  63. original trilogy on dvd special edition or not
  64. 1978 Holiday Special
  65. Classic Characters in EpIII?
  66. BikerScouts...Podracers...the Force?
  67. IF they OT were made now...
  68. Impressive, Most Impressive Pictures from EIII!!!
  69. Sidious/Palpatine
  70. Prequel Trilogy Actors
  71. Bad Wookies
  72. Episode 3 Title Revealed!
  73. More Star Wars DVDs coming this Nov/Dec
  74. Official Title Announced: Revenge of the Sith!
  75. THE FIRST mistake of George Lucas! :'(
  76. Oh, my! Jake Lloyd as a young adult...!
  77. Kashyyyk: And the Expanded Universe continues to unravel
  78. Rank the Titles
  79. Here it is, the Birth of VADER:
  80. Episode I DVD Rerelease?!?
  81. Hayden replaces Sebastian... (merged)
  82. Mistakes you hope to see corrected for the DVD
  83. Midichlorians gift from God, abused, taken away as Anakin goes Sith - religion in E3
  84. I wonder if Palpy is going to give Anikin/Vader the type of talk he gave Luke.
  85. Who played Vader with his helmet off in ESB?
  86. How many action figures of who will I need? How much is each character in the movie?
  87. What movies could Natalie be talking about?
  88. Tarkin in Episode III?
  89. The mistake of making Anakin the focus of the PT
  90. The "Jedi Order" is NOT the same as the "Jedi Knights"!
  91. Bargain rather than fight. He's no Jedi. Really?
  92. Anakin's turn to evil. Midichlorians vs Sithosomes?
  93. Why did Qui-Gon bargain with Watto?
  94. Original Trilogy: In the mind of George Lucas
  95. Yoda's health
  96. Force User in General Grievousís Armor (is it Sifo-Dyas?)
  97. Lucas critizing colorizing Three Stooges (merged)
  98. ROTJ modified (ouch!!!)
  99. Jar Jar raises Leia!
  100. Questions regarding Jedi and the Republic
  101. The love scene dialogue everyone hates is actually Shakespeare adapted for Star Wars
  102. Episode III Countdown Clock
  103. hey Stillakid, the opening shot of AOTC did NOT rip off The 5th Element.
  104. Is the AT-AT a 'Space Vehicle' ?
  105. Did Jabba feel a "tug" on his mind?
  106. New "Special" CD's
  107. I still think Dooku is Anakin's Dad and Han Solo is a new kind of Clone Trooper
  108. The Star Wars fans that hate Star Wars
  109. Luke was right about what?
  110. I can't wait for ROTS! No, really. I mean it!
  111. DVD changes - list/pics & soundbytes
  112. So, what's our opinion about every movie in the Star Wars saga?
  113. Favorite things in a NEW HOPE
  114. MAXIM abuses Stormtrooper Intern
  115. Pg-13?
  116. Oldman not gonna do Grievous?
  117. They went to Central America for THAT?!?
  118. Anakin Is Not Vader
  119. Favorite things in Empire
  120. Watched the OT all my life in Fullscreen, THEN got the widescreen.......
  121. What are those glass panels at the Hoth base?
  122. deleted scenes in dvd?
  123. The comming of the Savior?
  124. Which TYPE of Star wars fan are you? (Deep thoughts version)
  125. What type of SW fan are you?
  126. Sebastian Shaw - We will not forget.
  127. Thing in the Expanded Universe Changed by the Prequels
  128. OT on DVD?...something no one has mentioned yet
  129. Special SW Insider freebie at Best Buy
  130. Tem. Morrison redubs Boba in Ep. V
  131. Star Wars: Empire of Dreams
  132. Cominsoon.net's DVD review (changes listed)
  133. What doesn't work about ROTJ?
  134. A DELTED SCENE VERSION of A New Hope?? A
  135. Are the TPM and AOTC DVDs out of print already?
  136. What doesn't work about ANH?
  137. Changes in ANH while in original theatrical release?
  138. MORE Original Trilogy changes...
  139. What's the supposed conflict with the Emperor's new dialogue?
  140. Lucas: "Watch Star Wars in this order: I, II, III, IV, V, VI." (ROTS spoilers)
  141. OTC DVD Easter Egg
  142. Lucas - "Greedo was always meant to fire first."
  143. Lucas on "redemption"
  144. Lucas on Writing
  145. Original footage...something no one's touched on...
  146. ESB Vest theories have now been debunked!
  147. Oz! England! Report in!!!
  148. John-Rhys Davies to voice Grevious
  149. Audio problems on A New Hope disc
  150. I just realized, General Greivous is basically Vader! (no spoilers please)
  151. I had a dream last night......
  152. Video Problems?
  153. DVD's we need now
  154. Chewie's Medal
  155. Trailers and TV Spots - unused footage
  156. Title and chapter menus a real treat!
  157. Changes And Additions To Trilogy On DVD
  158. Who's this punk kid!
  159. How many copies do you own?
  160. In what order should a newbie watch the 5 films NOW
  161. Changes I wanted that they did NOT do to the DVD editions
  162. Empire Issues
  163. Now that you can easily find any chapter in the OT that you want, what do you watch?
  164. Clive Revill is still credited as the voice of The Emperor in ESB
  165. No screaming in EMPIRE
  166. What Battle Did They Win?
  167. Lightsabers
  168. Star Wars Bloopers
  169. Happy that there is no new major sequence being added to ROTS
  170. Why did they make Luke's lightsaber on the Falcon WORSE?
  171. Episode III: What to Expect? - Possible Plot Synopsis
  172. Lucas has TOTALLY blown it!
  173. Lucas Expects A PG-13 For Sith
  174. dying padme
  175. The TOP TEN REJECTED TITLES for Episode 3
  176. ep3 pics
  177. Just Announced: Jar Jar is Darth Vader
  178. ROTJ DVD: Lucas confirms Anakin KILLS HIS FATHER to take place at Palpatine's side
  179. "If he could be turned...."
  180. Why hesitate to train him?
  181. luke and leia kissing....
  182. George Lucas vs. the Stormtroopers
  183. They'll BLOW YOU UP!
  184. Blue Glowy
  185. Vader: Did he know Luke was his son? (ESB)
  186. Trailer?
  187. Audio Comentaries
  188. Episode III Fan Novel
  189. Attack of the Clones Cartoons
  190. watch Jimmy Smits as he argues with Ree Yees
  191. Your Star Wars Misconceptions
  192. Another possible teaser poster (SPOILERS?)?
  193. Your all-time favorite SW scene.
  194. What is that noise?
  195. The Art world and Star Wars
  196. The future the past, Old friends long gone.
  197. "That's what you said when Biggs and Tank left."
  198. Lost scenes/scenes unclear
  199. When is the new trailer suppose to come out
  200. The SW Film Trivia Game!
  201. Episode III Banner
  202. The Star Wars Experience on AOL
  203. What's the lesson supposed to be?
  204. E3 Teaser Poster Revealed!
  205. E3 Teaser Poster Revealed!
  206. New Hope: Fight with the Tie Figthers glitch??
  207. Question on The Battle Of Yavin
  208. Original Trilogy DVD Disappointments
  209. The new Yoda pic
  210. Yoda Farts
  211. Episode III teaser trailer on TV
  212. Official E3 Trailer Thread (No Spoilers)
  213. Official E3 Trailer Thread (Spoilers)
  214. **Question For The British Fans** Please Help!!
  215. Episode III Release Poster
  216. So The Trade Federation is Reponsible for Darth Vader
  217. New pics in SW.com Databank
  218. New EP III images
  219. I want proof, not leads............
  220. Another OT character appearing in ROTS, and other spoilers
  221. The Boba Fett/General Grevious Connection
  222. Episode III Bootleg??
  223. Obi-Wan's Jedi Talk in the ROTS Trailer
  224. 2nd trailer coming soon!!!
  225. Burger King Promotion Pics
  226. Tion Medon..who is he?
  227. History repeats itself
  228. Trash Compactor Scene
  229. What does Qui Gon say at 38:25? Anakin talks over him. :(
  230. Tion Meddon- Shapeshifter???
  231. Just how overpopulated is Endor?
  232. The Love Issue (no pessimism please !!!)
  234. Could General Greivous be what's left of Sypho Dyas?
  235. EP3 DVD/Video Release date
  236. New Episode I DVD?
  237. Obi Wan dies by Anakin?????
  238. Rohan Nichol is Captain Antilles
  239. Running Time: they really had no clue.
  240. Dooku's bad day
  241. How accurate are the audio translations on the DVDs?
  242. LEONARDO DiCAPRIO is a liar
  243. Did Qui-Gon See His Own Demise?
  244. Pics of miniatures of new planets
  245. Awesome Darth Sidious holograph pic on Hyperspace
  246. Massively Spoilerific Pics
  247. Episode III webdocs (urgent!!!)
  248. Who is..?
  249. "If you strike me down..."
  250. What was Wicket/Warwick doing.