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  1. ARC-170 derived from podracer?
  2. Yoda's exile, what's the point?
  3. Hey, did my topic with the Darth Vader nooo get erased?
  4. Bloopers in ROTS
  5. Obi-Wan's training
  6. Jedi Council in Ep. 3
  7. Did this grate on anybody else?
  8. Palpatine: "one cheated death" & Anakin's father? (merged)
  9. why are there landing strips on Coruscant?
  10. Star Destroyer
  11. Anty Up: How many times have you seen Sith?
  12. Cut/Deleted Scenes
  13. George Lucas: Chiss?
  14. Clonetrooper/Stormtrooper controversy cleared up in new Insider!
  15. To those in the UK...
  16. Did yoda getting on the escape pod
  17. Howard Stern's Revenge of the S#%*!!
  18. Differences Btwn Digital and Film Versions
  19. May 25th, 1977-2005: Happy Anniversary!
  20. Who here has not seen the movie yet?
  21. How many different Clone Troopers are there? What's your favorite?
  22. ANH is not that great as a standalone movie.
  23. Looks like that stupid Yoda puppet is finally obsolete ?
  24. what are these "new powers" Anakin talks about?
  25. how does security holo have footage of Ani w/ Palpatine?
  26. How high will it go? Place your bets.
  27. The prequel to the prequels?
  28. Did anybody spot Anthony Daniels?
  29. Study Finds: Prequels Overall Actually Better Reviewed Than Originals!!
  30. Scene you wish had been included, but wasn't...does not include known cut scenes
  31. SW.COM: ROTS Easter Egg Guide!!
  32. Luke's lightsaber skill
  33. Death Of Skywalker/Birth Of Vader
  34. Can we merge the "spoiler" and "non-spoiler" forums yet??
  35. Vader's mask and life support: off the rack?
  36. "Evolving" Trooper armor....what for?
  37. Jedi Cloak Continuity
  38. Why does Grievous have Jabba's Skiff steering vanes on his head?
  39. Why the Birth of the Rebellion Scene Is Not Extremely Important!
  40. I'm So SICK of Prequel Bashers and Lucas-haters!!!!!!!
  41. Only a Sith would speak in absolutes.
  42. Site with questionable ROTS scenes for kids
  43. Ki-Adi-Mundi breathing in all that ash on Mygeeto?
  44. Star Wars Really is the Autobiography of GL
  45. Can Plo Koon and other Jedi speak basic?
  46. Why is there a battle on Kashyyk?
  47. Uh-oh, Palpatine's having a seizure!
  48. "from my point of view, the Jedi are evil" a line from teatime, not battle
  49. Who is the main hero of this movie, & who are the galactic "good guys" here?
  50. "I hate you!"
  51. "saving others" and "cheating death" are two different things.
  52. Palpatine's face scars
  53. The mystery of the .......cloaks?
  54. EU character?
  55. OWEN, BERU, and the BABY watch the twin suns set.
  56. Just how extensive is "Order 66"?
  57. Can I nickpick?
  58. Death Star 2 Commander...
  59. Hayden Christensen's performance really nailed all 3 acts, in my opinion.
  60. "Wild Bantha Chase"
  61. Speech Patterns
  62. Were TPM and AOTC really Necessary? Hindsight after ROTS
  63. Most Important Planets
  64. Re-Write The Dialogue
  65. He didn't hold with your father's ideals...
  66. Reconciling the PT and OT
  67. Anakin's Game Boy
  68. Episode III on DVD
  69. Eps 2 & 3 don't fit the very first thing in Star Wars
  70. ...guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic
  71. Vader On Operating Table/Hand Restraints
  72. Star Wars Episode III: a steaming pile of Sith.
  73. Midichlorians shouldn't have existed
  74. eMpiphany: IT'S ALL PADME'S FAULT
  75. Grocery Store Wars
  76. Star Wars-isms
  77. Dooku and Palpatine's plan at the start of the film
  78. Comprehensive List of Inconsistencies between the two Trilogies
  79. It's ok to not like the Prequels, to feel they aren't SW
  80. Palpatine facing Mace becomes... Darth Cartman?
  81. May the force be with you....
  82. is admiral/captain piett in ep3?
  83. darth obi-wan?
  84. "Don't do it, Anakin...I've got the high ground!"
  85. Vader tortured Han on Bespin for a reason!!!
  86. I have the chance to show a 22 year-old dude the Star Wars films for his first time!
  87. Why does Palps keep looking at R2 all weird?
  88. Nien Numb?
  89. Millenium Falcon In Ep3?
  90. Felucia=Fallujah?
  91. kid anakin, darth maul
  92. "Did you press the stop button?" (merged)
  93. Ship artillery
  94. What does Sidious say as he blasts Mace out of the window?
  95. Did You Hear That?
  96. Rain on Coruscant
  97. Was it Love...or was it Lust?
  98. Do you think of them as "Ben" and "Vader" in this film?
  99. Is Nute alive?
  100. Tuskens
  101. "That boy was our last hope"
  102. Did the Space Battle work for you?
  103. I Noticed something.........
  104. Why are Rystall and Greeata even in this one?
  105. "Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting Sepwatists."
  106. The Funeral Procession!
  107. "Who's Your Daddy?" poster available THIS WEEKEND ONLY!
  108. Who readies Palpatine's shuttle?
  109. How did Padme's japor snippet come into her Undertaker's possession ?
  110. I saw Shaak Ti in ROTS....
  111. Windu's lightsaber?
  112. Vader and The Force
  113. Always 2 there are.....no more...no less.
  114. Mace vs. Palps
  115. The Mystery Of Obi-Wan Kenobi
  116. Droids with personality
  117. The lost 20
  118. Coruscant Clone Commanders
  119. This weekend only: Buy three ROTS tickets, get one FREE!
  120. Where are these moments in Ep 3?
  121. Bail knows.
  122. Did I miss something?
  123. Aayla's dead, baby
  124. Palps Powers
  125. And a little more knowledge might light our way
  126. Little details and things you noticed on repeated viewings
  127. A Question about the opening crawl and the space battle
  128. Should Chewie have been recognized more?
  129. Holy crap Quinlan Vos has been canon for longer than we thought!
  130. Vader asks about Padme, why not the baby(ies)?
  131. Now that the PT is over how do you think...
  132. Padme in "Revenge of the Sith"
  133. Commander Appo
  134. He's Too Dangerous to be Left Alive
  135. Vader feigning ignorance to the emperor about Luke??
  136. Anakin Skywalker - officially KIA
  137. Bruce Spence: Quirky Characters; Bad Teeth
  138. I'm glad we didn't see Obi and Owen playing grabass.
  139. So What Happened To...
  140. Are the Prequels in general "light-hearted"?
  141. Are They Jedi I See?
  142. Monty Python and the Holy Grail ROTS connection
  143. So Who Commands...
  144. Budget Cuts in Imperial Spending
  145. The Wheel
  146. A Bigger Picture of Anakin
  147. that guy saw Sith 100 times
  148. E3 for preorder at WM.com
  149. Another Jedi in Jabba's Palace?
  150. The Emperor Was Done In By His Own Plan
  151. Where's Quinlan supposed to be?
  152. Things That Go Missing...
  153. Could Leia have inherited one of Anakin's abilities?
  154. the clone Commanders?
  155. Question about the future of Star Wars
  156. RIP Brock Peters
  157. It's Qui Gon's Fault
  158. Portman as an extra?
  159. Vader's ROTS armor
  160. Bounty Hunter on Ord Mantell
  161. True meaning behind celebration song?
  162. A detail Lucas missed: Threepio's leg
  163. Commander Cody and Kenobi's Lightsaber
  164. Droid Deactivation
  165. The Sequel Trilogy?
  166. How did the PT-era of the SW timeline play out in YOUR imagination?
  167. Star Wars Characters Age Slower!!
  168. The 9th ir 10th time.....
  169. Some answers regarding Commander Fox?
  170. Yoda sucks as a General
  171. Was Dooku really defenseless when Anakin killed him?
  172. Star Wars on PSP's UMD!
  173. Classic Trilogy DVD still images
  174. Deleted Scenes
  175. OT vs. PT aesthetics
  176. Insider 84
  177. Vader and Anakin: one character vs. two
  178. "It's working!" ... more stolen moments
  179. Nothing new but the box: repackaged OT
  180. Wal-Mart Exclusive ROTS DVD- Any details?
  181. cantina band images
  182. VideoNow Color Disc 3-Pack: Star Wars
  183. Let's Party at the Holiday IIINNnnnn!
  184. clones vs stormtroopers
  185. "This has never been done in the history of the Jedi..."
  186. Prequels history were more influneced by the EU than GL's own inspiration.
  187. Episode III VHS?
  188. Changes You'd Like to See on the Inevitable Upcoming Re-releases
  189. Jet Porkins Passes Away
  190. ROTS Easter Egg thread (merged)
  191. orginal jabba the hut character
  192. An entire Legion knows Vader's true identity
  193. Target exclusives. . . aside from the stupid coin
  194. Omg Check This Out Lol
  195. The DVD is named "Charlotte"...
  196. Looking for a screencap of The Rick's alligator shirt.
  197. episode 2 fanscript
  198. Palpatine vs. Mace
  199. This may've already been pointed out but...
  200. Pushups with Hayden
  201. One detail about the showdown in Palpy's office STILL bugs me
  202. Why do we get 15 webdocs instead of 18?
  203. Walmart exclusive DVD
  204. Lucas tinkering w/ Ep I shown in EP III DVD
  205. so I guess Oddball is the preferred nomenclature . . .
  206. so I guess Panaka told Charlotte about Ani & Ami's nuptials (another anti EU thread).
  207. Why RotS is complete Rubbish
  208. Padawan Bene
  209. Obi-Wan's saber hilt has a twin in Grievous' hand
  210. What did Jango have against women?
  211. Vader operating room arms
  212. Anakin's EPIII Lightsaber vs. Luke's EPIV Lightsaber
  213. How could Luke NOT know Vader's identity?
  214. Order 66???
  215. The road to immortality, Jedi ghosts, etc.
  216. The Ultimate Marathon
  217. Yet Another Box Set
  218. Building the Death Star
  219. DVD version of 1997 special editions
  220. grievous' body guards
  221. ROTS and the Academy Awards (merged)
  222. the RIGHT answer to an old ?...re:red six
  223. Look where Im goin..
  224. The Most Expendable Chapter of the Saga....
  225. Why don't we think of Dooku as "Tyranus"?
  226. Should we think of Jango & Boba as separate people?
  227. Original Film Reel Trailer for Episode III
  228. Did Vader know Obi-Wan survived?
  229. What would have Happened if Luke struck down the Emperor ?
  230. Episode III on VHS Tape?
  231. The Hollywood Reporter Awards Season Issue
  232. Lott Dod?
  233. In My opinion the Jedi are Evil.
  234. Star Wars & The Best and Worst of 2005
  235. D'oh! The Emperor's New Clones?
  236. Who is Augie?
  237. Which Yoda do you like better - impish jerk or serious teacher?
  238. Animated ROTS remake
  239. Chewie's first SHOT!
  240. Why We Like Certain Characters...
  241. The trouble with Luke using "Skywalker" (merged)
  242. Christopher Lee takes digs at young actors
  243. ROTJ DVD Lucas goof
  244. Even if Yoda had won...
  245. ROTS: Republic/Empire logos on vehicles?
  246. Star Destroyer Technical
  247. "He's quite clever you know, for a human."
  248. What happened to Luminara?
  249. Star Wars in 30 seconds with bunnies
  250. Questions about ROTS