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  1. Specialized clone armor
  2. I'm 33, and I still Tear Up When....
  3. The Battle of Endor
  4. Original Trilogy Bloopers
  5. A final jab in the Prequel's ribs
  6. Is Cody in ANH?
  7. Darth Plagieus' Death
  8. Shaak-Ti is a babe! (Hot girls of Star Wars thread)
  9. The Original Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy - September 12th!!
  10. Lucas gives the fans NON-ANAMORPHIC OT DVD's!!!
  11. Happy Birthday, Revenge of the Sith
  12. The Star Wars Trilogy DVD Packaging
  13. "Much like your father's"......not really....
  14. Asteroid fossils ?
  15. What happened to the other Imperial ships at Endor?
  16. Mtv Movie Awards
  17. Hayden Christensen Wins at MTV Movie Awards
  18. Episode III
  19. vader's march
  20. WWATPT Voting Time Who's Who?
  21. WWATOT? Voting Time Who's Who?
  22. 3-D Moments You Can't Wait For
  23. Why does Ben have to tell Artoo to "hit the buzz droid center eye" ?
  24. R4 in the Side Pocket
  25. Balance of the Force
  26. How come nobody wears glasses?
  27. No shorts, even on Tatooine?
  28. "But you'll die..."
  29. X-Wing Pilot from A New Hope
  30. Star Wars Character Voted Most Irritating Ever
  31. Luke...Dustbowl...Mad
  32. too early for TPM nostalgia ?
  33. The Death of Padme
  34. A fundamental flaw in the Jedi Order's philosophy?
  35. Which Jedi Order
  36. "First Padme, now this. I guess I don't know my own strength."
  37. Vader: Cabled or Wi-Fi?
  38. Characters' ages
  39. Can droids understand sarcasm?
  40. You okay back there?
  41. R4 the indestructable
  42. Where's my freaking lightsaber?
  43. What did the sandtroopers do to Owen and Beru?
  44. Is Princess Leia really a princess?
  45. I still hate aurra sing
  46. Ric Olie = a wasted opportunity
  47. Who wins this SW cage match?
  48. Luke's hand
  49. another discrepancy
  50. Vader didn't shoot Luke down in ANH? Target locked in...
  51. Expelled from the Jedi Order?
  52. OT DVD Bonuses thread
  53. "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."
  54. I had no idea there were THIS many changes . . .
  55. Episode IV: A New Hope - What Has Changed?
  56. Why's Shaak Ti taking her time? Smelling the roses?
  57. Will the OT DVDs be available in a set?
  58. My son asked me a good one about the Return Of The Jedi
  59. edit on Return of the Jedi
  60. Sophia Coppola
  61. OT DVD's found
  62. Does the AT-AT not leave on Endor?
  63. Finally bought the Original Trilogy on DVD
  64. Where are the 2 shadows on Tatooine?
  65. What the F*** is with the Shockwave Ring?
  66. Five "Lasers" turn into one
  67. The clones know Palpatine is a Sith?
  68. Obi-Wan has the best lightsaber fights through all 6 movies!
  69. Commercials for the new DVDs
  70. Han vs. Greedo: THIS is what everyone's been yelling about?
  71. original versions- to burn or not?
  72. I know Palpatines name!! woo-hoo!
  73. Okay, here's another problem with Palpatine in ROTS
  74. ROTJ Stormtrooper Smilie face?
  75. Yet ANOTHER DVD boxed set?
  76. Make your OWN Saga DVD set... I DID!
  77. TPM: MST3K style.
  78. Anakin's Choices
  79. If Lucas Made Lord of the Rings.
  80. Star Wars Attack of the Show.
  81. who the f*** did the voice of 2-1B, anyway ?
  82. Looking for a source on "Cos Das**t"
  83. Carrie Fisher question- age??
  84. Working title?
  85. Anakin and Padme are straight-up criminals....
  86. Why didn't Padme's parents get one of the twins?
  87. Revenge of the Sith dubbed by chipmunks
  88. What if Bail Organa wasn't on Alderaan when it exploded?
  89. Epiphany! the 41st clones (Gree's) are also the Coruscant clones (grey markings)
  90. boba fett
  91. They didn't even need Jar Jar...
  92. Qui-Gon could have bought Shmi's freedom
  93. Best moments of the Original Trilogy
  94. Where did all of the ships come from?
  95. 10th Anniv. of ANH: SE
  96. Wuher died 10/1/2001
  97. Stupid Death Star question
  98. Terry Gilliam on CGI and Star Wars
  99. Ways in which the prequels could have been worse
  100. Just finished watching the OT on my new Pioneer Plasma!
  101. Audio problem on ANH dvd?
  102. YouTube Queensryche tribute to Anakin & Padme
  103. Maybe Lucas Wasn't Entirely Full of Carp....
  104. Burning Question
  105. Prequel Lover/Hater Roll Call
  106. "Luke is a whiner" and other misconceptions of the OT
  107. Wuher's choice
  108. So who's partaking in a viewing of ANH on the 25th?
  109. Mace Windu deceleration Master?
  110. "Laser-brain", really?
  111. Ewoks are the greatest! Proven fact.
  112. Chewie was supposed to get a medal in the script!
  113. Exactly how dumb is Bib Fortuna?
  114. "Ok, R2. You want some power?"
  115. Admiral Ozzel; Fate sealed before his last blunder?
  116. Fear - Anger - Hate...
  117. I wonder why....
  118. Star Wars is really about love
  119. Why can't R2 talk?
  120. Order 1 through 66
  121. Structure of the Empire
  122. Order 67 - ???
  123. Cloning...why stop at soldiers?
  124. Choked or Electrocuted?
  125. What would make you turn?
  126. Rancor or Sarlaac
  127. Accuracy
  128. A couple of mildly amusing thoughts
  129. Whinge: ROTJ revisited
  130. It isn't friendly, whatever it is...
  131. Obi Wan to Luke: "I won't be able to help you..."
  132. CZ4...relative of Vader?
  133. Why does C-3PO not remember who Princess Leia is?
  134. boba fett, confusing things!
  135. Lucas wearing Han Shot First t-shirt
  136. luke made a boo boo
  137. Remakes of the Prequels
  138. If you STILL like the Prequels, then....
  139. If Dooku escapes....
  140. Where Are they Now?
  141. "When I left you, I was the Learner..."
  142. "I haven't gone by the name Obi Wan..."
  143. Original trilogy dialogue that should have been the basic framework of the prequels.
  144. Snow Walkers and the Ground Assault
  145. "Feel like what?"
  146. "No ship that small has a cloaking device."
  147. Where is Threepio's off switch... and why?
  148. Now that Oola is dead....
  149. Leia's Bikini!
  150. Scout Troopers...are they blind!?!??!
  151. "Let me look on you with my own eyes..."
  152. "This station is now the ultimate power in the universe."
  153. "They're using a very primitive dialact"
  154. "Shuttle Tyderium, you're clear to land"
  155. "Back door, huh?"
  156. How would you save Anakin's soul?
  157. Biker Scouts in the middle of the woods
  158. Evacuating Cloud City
  159. Zam Wesell - Changeling or Missed Opportunity?
  160. What was REALLY only in the movie?
  161. Anybody STILL a Darth Vader fan?
  162. How do the Ewoks get C-3PO across to the Ewok Village?
  163. Who the underdogs represent.
  164. Panaka the bad guy? Did I miss something?
  165. Is Star Wars the Greatest Movie of All-Time?
  166. Did the Rebellion give Chewie a rank?
  167. Parking far from the homestead
  168. Star Destroyers v. 1.0
  169. The Sith Plot and Prequel Trilogy Explained
  170. Probe Droid or Probot?
  171. while we're at it, "Snowspeeder" is probably a misnomer, too.
  172. Hayden as Darth Vader
  173. Whats with all the fancy vehicles?
  174. AOTC doesn't fail because it's a love story...
  175. Are you a Star Wars Critic? Why do you critique? For fun? For enlightenment?
  176. Woah, woah, woah, hold up... Wicket talks?
  177. Vader and Tarkin - friends?
  178. FX-7.... what are those arms for?
  179. If Ani can build a robot....
  180. How does a laser blast actually kill?
  181. What were the Ewoks hunting?
  182. "If that is your destiny...."
  183. Force Lightning and the Makeover
  184. "Father, I won't leave you."
  185. "Why didn't they use the old Anakin?"
  186. Galaxywide Cleanup
  187. Five best and five worst Prequel Trilogy moments
  188. Memory Wipe: Why not R2 too?
  189. Dear George Lucas
  190. The People vs. George Lucas
  191. What happened to Porkins?
  192. When you watch the movies now....
  193. Clone Intelligence Units on Utapau?
  194. Bloopers
  195. How could Porkins eject?
  196. Herding the Rebels
  197. Hand me another charge!
  198. Meanwhile, away from the Ewok Village....
  199. Real stuff in original films is annoying.
  200. Describe your love life using a "Star Wars" quote
  201. Need info on ESB Scene
  202. What were you doing in 1977, 1980 and 1983?
  203. TIE fires...then drives right on by.
  204. "Make sure it speaks Bocce!"
  205. Lenticular Poster!!
  206. Who was Jedi Master Sifo Diyas?
  207. Have you ever wondered what the chants meant in "Duel of the Fates"?
  208. Why is it "Den-Gar"?
  209. Cloud City is run by a bunch of Scabs!
  210. Who is financing the Rebellion?
  211. "An entire LEGION of my BEST TROOPS awaits them!"
  212. Happy Birthday Ani!!!! You little....
  213. ESB denied!
  214. The Prequals Are Too Clean
  215. Naboo - Rise and Fall of an Ancient Society?
  216. 1983: ROTJ in the news
  217. Lucas dooms from the beginning Phantom Menance
  218. Prequel Documentaries
  219. Been watching Ep3 on Spike and.....
  220. ROTJ Deleted Scene
  221. EIII Deleted Scene
  222. Alien Languages and English
  223. What the hell happened to Kit's head?
  224. 2 ESB questions ...
  225. Clone Troopers
  226. Anakin's "Tattoo" ?
  227. Seismic charges in AOTC: love 'em or hate 'em?
  228. Who's on the Jedi High Council in Episode 3?
  229. 6 Degrees of Star Wars
  230. I would like to read....
  231. Star Wars on DVD yet again
  232. Star Wars Episode IV Revisited Mega Fanedit
  233. Empire Vader/Luke Question
  234. Walking in Death Star Circles
  235. Let's not ruin a good thing
  236. What is Star Wars
  237. "Chewie, get down here!"
  238. "Form up, we could run out of space real fast."
  239. Darth Vader was NOT using the Dark Side!!!!
  240. Inside Vader's Meditation Chamber
  241. Was Yoda acting or ....
  242. Styles of the Star Wars Galaxy
  243. Do you think Lucas would ever let someone RE-DO prequel trilogy?
  244. Padme Should Not Have Lost The Will To Live (and just died)
  245. Are You Disappointed In What The Clone Wars Are Versus What You Thought They Might Be
  246. I Just Watched All 6 Of The SW Movies And My Current Favorite Is:
  247. "I cannot interfere"
  248. What is the Time?
  249. Prequels=****
  250. Clone Trooper Rankings