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  1. New AOTC pics!
  2. The Trade Federation Vehicles & Maul's ship?
  3. Question about a character....
  4. Princess Leia Crash Lands onto SNL!
  5. Palpitine and Sidious- same, clone, or other?
  6. Full realizations of event unfoldings COOLNESS highs
  7. Vader huntinng down the Council
  8. Visual Treasures on slow motion
  9. Who the heck knew what a clone was in 1977?
  10. Now that U know more about the movie do U still hate the name AOTC?
  11. Could Mara Jade be Luke's sister?
  12. Jar Jar and the emergency powers.
  13. Carnivorous Reek?
  14. Cantina Alien physiology...
  15. R2-D2 with Booster Rockets .... ?
  16. Japor Snippet
  17. What is up with that look Shmi gives Qui-Gonn when Anakin goes to bed?
  18. Instead of DNA from Jango for the clones, why not DNA from Darth Maul... ?
  19. Creepy Inspiration for Yoda?
  20. Jango Fett & the Mandalorians
  21. Why have an astromech on the Jedi Starfighter?
  22. Clonetroopers + genetic drift = Stormtroopers?
  23. Prequel Cameos : Part 2
  24. EpisodeII Plot Outline
  25. Luke's Robes
  26. Baktoid Armor Workshop?
  27. Episode II line has Begun
  28. The Longest Movie of All?
  29. Attack of the Clones BOOTLEG!!
  30. EU question. Sith existing after OT?
  31. Will the Biggs on Tatoonie footage be in ANH DVD?
  32. Script
  33. Why Didn't They Just Blast It?
  34. Ewan's makeup in Episode III
  35. Will Darth Maul Return?
  36. 2 questions...
  37. Quick question
  38. Intelligent life on Dagobah?
  39. I know I'm going to get killed over this.
  40. Super Mega Spoilers!!!
  41. Sith vs. Jedi question
  42. Unload on Darth Maul..Terintino Style?
  43. Don't they have CNN in outer space?
  44. Geonosis, my favorite place......
  45. clones troops
  46. Shades of Akira???
  47. ESPN makes fun of Star Wars fans
  48. Jedis are dead meat
  49. Funniest moments (flubs) in SW movies
  50. Will we see the 'Creation' of Vader?
  51. Obi-wan's lightsaber
  52. A design inconsistency I've noticed...
  53. Things I've noticed about SWEII
  54. Anyone notice how much Capt. Typho resembles Jango Fett and the Clones?
  55. Aint It Cool News Review of AOTC
  56. Those little critters on the hill?
  57. Vader on Death Star II
  58. How Phantom Menace was robbed for an Oscar!
  59. STAR WARS...MST3K Style!
  60. New pics (to me anyway) from AOTC
  61. Interview with Anthony Daniels!!
  62. Predictions for Episode III
  63. Need help with my DVD!
  64. Huey Snootles and the News...
  65. SWEII Comic Book
  66. Attack of the Clones pictures.
  67. Clone Trooper markings / rank / color
  68. Ep III comedy idea
  69. HoloNet News: Birth of the TIE Fighter
  70. Making E2
  71. Possible Origin of Anakin's Name??
  72. Jango the Fett
  73. Lucas Talks Boy Bands & Holiday Specials
  74. No Lightsabers after ROTJ?
  75. Watto, Anakin's Father Figure?
  76. Jar Jar Saves the Universe! No this is for real!
  77. Falcon In AOTC (MERGED)
  78. Entertainment Tonight...
  79. Funny situations with clueless family members/friends on SW prequels
  80. Clonetrooper Speeder Bikes.
  81. Natalie Portman ashamed of her Ep1 performance.
  82. FAKE E2 review online - don't fall for this
  83. FAKE E2 review online - don't fall for this
  84. EpII desktop pic for you guys.
  85. One busy week in the USA...! (23.4 & 25.4)
  86. Obi-wans injuries?
  87. Does anyody
  88. New AOTC TV Commercial(s)
  89. Would you want to be in a Star Wars movie?
  90. Is George Lucas Timeless?
  91. Do we really know it all? Trivia Forum.
  92. What's the deal with ROJ?? (merged thread)
  93. Who is the guy...
  94. Kamino in the OT?
  95. radio dramas
  96. Origins of the names Cliegg and Whitesun...
  97. Anakin's conception.
  98. The AOTC Ending Pic and Art.
  99. Favorite OT moment?
  100. Last Movie 'Did Not Live Up to Expectations;' Director Lucas 'is Now Much Smarter Abo
  101. Jango wears different Jet Packs?
  102. Anakin's hatred towards the Sandpeople hinted at in OT?
  103. Astromechs on Royal Starship
  104. Ep II Movie Line Etiquette
  105. What are the 5 changes you could make to the OT...
  106. "I don't seem to remember ever owning a droid"
  107. Across the Stars
  108. Boba in ROTJ
  109. When do presells for Episode II tickets come out in the states?
  110. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (Soundtrack)
  111. So, does Anakin turn in AOTC?
  112. Across the Stars
  113. Natalie Portman
  114. A few questions (spoilers)
  115. Looking for someone who was over 8 in 1977
  116. AOTC action figure Spoilers?
  117. Princess Leia is DEAD... (A denouncement of EII by a female friend of mine.)
  118. Classic Trilogy or Special Edition?
  119. Mockumentary?
  120. New Trilogy 3.0 !!!!!!!!
  121. possible event in EIII
  122. Big Time Spoiler Question & Comments
  123. No Fast-Food Tie-in
  124. Did Boba Fett Die in ROTJ?
  125. When are the tickets going to sell?
  126. Who did Boba Fett's voice?
  127. Who has Qui-Gons Lightsaber in E2... ???
  128. What Happens to Kit Fisto?
  129. The Kamino Battle: Who wins? Jango Vs. Obi-Wan?
  130. Basic Storyline?
  131. That sounds like an R2 unit?
  132. Question about Anakin with 2 Blades
  133. So let me get this straight....
  134. Clone Wars question
  135. Ep. II Footage with R2 and C3PO
  136. CloneTrooper T.V. Spot
  137. How much money did it take to make AOTC?
  138. Corsurant Plauged By Flying Reindeer?
  139. Aayla Secura
  140. I just finished the book-on-tape...
  141. I just finished the book-on-tape...
  142. Who are these people?
  143. Super Battle Droids.......
  144. Watch for merged threads
  145. Trailer music?
  146. Question for those that have the AOTC novel?
  147. What kind of Droid is that?
  148. Deformity of Emperor in ESB?
  149. What is the creature???
  150. Big Name Stars - Do They Bother You?
  151. Why didn'r Qui-Gon disappear?
  152. Are Original trilogy Characters appearances in AOTC Necessary?
  153. Do you like Luke?
  154. Bruton meet Reek. Reek, Bruton
  155. DEBATE/POLL: who is more powerfull in the long run? vader or skywalker?
  156. AOTC Soundtrack Songs
  157. Where is Aura Sing?
  158. Droid Memory Issues
  159. Coolest Shots from AOTC
  160. Awwww, Rick "loves" us.
  161. Why the Old Republic Fails
  162. Peter Pan in AOTC?
  163. What's the deal with the Twi'lek????
  164. Immediately after the opening scroll.
  165. Who's Stass Ali?
  166. Walmart Trailer
  167. is there going to be midnight showings of AOTC?
  168. Question about disappearing Jedi and midichlorians
  169. When are you going to see AOTC?
  170. ANH spec edition greedo misfire
  171. Wonder if the kids understood?
  172. What is Electrum?
  173. The Blindshield helmet
  174. A sickness
  175. How much did Lucas use?
  176. TV Guide confirms how many years between Ep II & III.
  177. See-through Jedi?
  178. And you thought "Yippie!" was bad...
  179. Dooku's Death
  180. Just how many commercial spots are there? 11 or more?
  181. Is Anakin's AOTC's Saber and Vader's ANH Saber the same?
  182. What OT vehicles will be in EPIII?
  183. A Jedi's strength flows from the force....
  184. That's why the Tuskins are scared of Old-Ben...
  185. Do you think the Annihilator Droid should have been in EII... ???
  186. Foreign Language Star Wars Movies
  187. Tarkin in Ep. III?
  188. MAJOR SPOILER!!!! dooku is yoda's.....
  189. EP2 showtimes
  190. Home Theater Forum E2 Review!!
  191. Digital theater listing
  192. Toy Giveaway @ Theatres May 16?
  193. Needles and Probing.......
  194. Why does everyone hate Jar Jar? (merged)
  196. Where's Joe Johnston in ANH?
  197. How crazy is it gonna get in 2 weeks?
  198. Predict Rick McCallum's cameo !
  199. Jar Jar - the only Gungan in AOTC ?
  200. Yoda's Fight Scene
  201. May 15th midnight or 16th??
  202. Yoda's species addressed in Ep3?
  203. How much money will AOTC make.
  204. Interesting News on those line Guys in seattle
  205. From the Mouths of Babes
  206. Something I've never heard before
  207. Why must we wait????
  208. Episode III hints from Celebration II!
  209. Neimoidians in RotJ?
  210. presale on the tickets tomorrow???
  211. Geonosia Destroyed?
  212. Does Luke know about his Grandmother?
  213. The Emperor and Vader not knowing that Obi-Wan & Yoda are alive?
  214. Anakin must return to Tatooine in Ep III also.
  215. This has bothered me for awhile......
  216. Leia's Torture
  217. Star Wars Episode II Computer Background
  218. T- 240 hours
  219. Red Carpet Premiere next Sunday on E! network
  220. Anyone in Hong Kong with a digital camera? [GREAT new AOTC poster]
  221. Geez, it shows how much attention I pay.
  222. Wicket speaks English?
  223. Where is all the publibity??
  224. These concept Clone troopers would have been better...
  225. begun, this countdown has!
  226. Live from Skywalker Ranch: Countdown to the clones.
  227. Who else DIDN'T want to go on the first day?
  228. anybody else in U.S. pick up the TV Guides?
  229. Is the Emperor a Droidist?
  230. "I can't see a thing in this helmet"
  231. Howard Stern ripped AOTC
  232. MOVIE TICKET ONLINE! purchase now!!!!!
  233. Bad news for us Brits (aka - Ep2 PG)
  234. That 70's Show & ANH
  235. Sebulba and Aurra Sing?
  236. What becomes of Boba.
  237. AOTC movie reviews.
  238. Poof and Yaddle are Dead. (MERGED)
  239. Cinemark and AOTC
  240. Press Screening
  241. Batman and ESB
  242. EIII Ramblings
  243. Random thoughts on AOTC.
  244. AOTC Cut Scenes.
  245. Tusken Raider Significance?
  246. Coruscant Chase awesomeness (Spoiler)
  247. Where is the Mist Hunter?
  248. Info from those who saw AOTC early. (Merged)
  249. Thank you, Thank you, very much!
  250. Find Your Star Wars Twin