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  1. More older Jedi Like Dooku?
  2. The Darkside?
  3. Yoda in AOTC vs TPM
  4. Prowse.
  5. Are these Asian DVD's actually "Official"?
  6. Circle of Jedi Healers
  7. Who Is Your Favorite Jedi?
  8. New light on Boba Fett
  9. is it just me, or does lama su sound evil?
  10. Jawa Juice or Java Juice
  11. Jay & Silent Bob influence Clones?
  12. what does wuher shout when obi gets his lightsaber out?
  13. Yoda strikes back
  14. What was the plan?
  15. Original Radio Drama not bad for free.
  16. A bearded Mace Windu?
  17. Sparkle in Dooku's eyes?
  18. will boba's armor be blue or green?
  19. Who is Sifo-Dyas/Sido-Dyas?
  20. Survey. Not to take but to make.. Please Help!!!!!
  21. What happens to Naboo?
  22. Okay Who Liked The Ewok Movies?
  23. Was Anakin hinting at something....
  24. Ewok Holocaust...
  25. That's No Universe . . . It's A Galaxy!!!
  26. Rank the Duels.
  27. Final Battle of the Clone Wars...
  28. About Jango...
  29. Parallels Between Jedi And Priesthood...
  30. Just fixed my THX-ANH tape!
  31. Parts in the movies we can't get enough of.
  32. Most disturbing/sad moments.
  33. The Aotc Radio Show!
  34. Greeting the wounded Jedi.
  35. Where were the Red Guards in AOTC??
  36. TPM Radio Show
  37. Revenge of the Jedi
  38. Christmas Special
  39. Jedi Species
  40. Things that need clearing up.
  41. Jedi Temple come tumbling down
  42. Did Maul assassinate Qui Gon and Sifo Dyas?
  43. 2 questions
  44. Do you want to See Royal Guards in action?
  45. A new Amidala debate.....(?)
  46. The Next Generation of Digital (From StarWars.Com)
  47. Ben
  48. Is Amidala a Sith?
  49. Just Wondering....
  50. Will the Sith employ Assassins and Bounty Hunters to kill the Jedi
  51. whos Bariss cegg
  52. why did sidious need the treaty signed?
  53. Palpatine's Plan Boiled Down
  54. Why didn't George Lucas fix this in ROTJ?!?!?
  55. Palpy kept em fooled.
  56. Force used by Leia and Han?
  57. Or worse?
  58. Is AOTC still playing in your theater?
  59. Did Dooku sense Obi-Wan on Geonosis?
  60. Wary special effects.
  61. how many times have you seen it so far?
  62. To whoever deleted my post
  63. tv spot critic commercial
  64. Lucas SHOULD Make the duel/fight scenes better
  65. Episode III to be 3 hours long? Rated..?
  66. Have ya'll seen this AOTC interview?
  67. Did the Genosians fight in the arena?
  68. Weird thought
  69. lightsaber gimmicks
  70. Fashion Model Casting Call?
  71. Strange listing on sw.com - obvious weequay mask
  72. Pre-Order Attack of the Clones
  73. Help in understanding Palpatine's, Gunray's, and Dooku's motivations
  74. This is the last time.................................
  75. This is the last..................................
  76. Are Clonetroopers actually Stormtroopers?
  77. who all did yoda teach/who tought yoda?
  78. Palpatine in a lightsaber battel,who wants to see it
  79. Yoda's Clothing
  80. C-3p0 Who Finished Him
  81. "Thank the Maker!"
  82. Are we in Danger?
  83. Just how good were the Endor Rebel Soldiers???
  84. How long does Luke stay on Dagobah in ESB?
  85. Autopilot on the Naboo fighter.
  86. Was Qui-Gon wrong about MidiChlorians on purpose?
  87. The One Thing I Hate
  88. Bloopers
  89. Named Jedi
  90. Anakin's Episode 3 injuries.
  91. qui-gon spirit
  92. lightsaber/ blaster colors
  93. How would you reference AOTC?
  94. My favorite Geonosian
  95. yoda in action one more time?
  96. Exactly how long is a parsec?
  97. r2 is in love with padme'!
  98. The Imperial march!!!
  99. will you get AOTC on dvd AND video?
  100. The Lesser?
  101. Classic Trilogy music in adverts
  102. Natalie And Ewan
  103. Casting!
  104. Staas Allie And Adi Gallia
  105. How dark do you think it will be.
  106. Who's JIN
  107. Episode III plot guessing
  108. song
  109. anybody know where i can find additional aotc music?
  110. Where in the World is "1138" in AOTC
  111. Han Carbonite
  112. Cinemascape: Lucas speaks, Fett and Qui-Gon to return in Episode 3
  113. Wonder what Vader thought at that moment?
  114. Ep I & Ep II should have been 1 movie?
  115. Ewoks and Droids: Good DVD News??
  116. Character Names
  117. Will we see the mandalorian armor in Episode III?
  118. Are R2 and Jango related?!
  119. Why didn't Palpy fight back?
  120. Rusty Goffe - who is he, what has he done?
  121. astromech roll call
  122. Episode III Select
  123. Trilogy Deleted Scenes
  124. Other Deleted Scenes
  125. Your Thoughts Before ESB
  126. Did Jango loose a gun?
  127. An interesting scene opporunity missed?
  128. Who's Returning?
  129. Kit Fisto (Merged)
  130. Did Senator Palpy seem paler in AOTC than in TPM?
  131. Creame-colored Battle Droids in AOTC?
  132. If Jango is so good why does he need Zam?
  133. Slave I's modifications
  134. Favorite Bounty Hunter?
  135. CG Effects: Still Not Right
  136. Phlutdroid heads in the Cantina?
  137. The Acting in the Trilogy
  138. AOTC Opening Crawl
  139. Who wants some SPOILERS??!!
  140. Duel of the Fates
  141. Jedi Vanish Trick??
  142. why was Aalaya in AOTC and not Qunlian Vos?
  143. Return of the Jedi's ending song
  144. REAL Archival Editions
  145. 1138 In Return Of The Jedi?
  146. Differences in thought viewers/charachters
  147. Greedo shooting first was a bad idea, but...
  148. Where are....?
  149. Jedi That Survived?
  150. At what point does Vader realize Luke is his son?
  151. SE Added Scenes
  152. Was anyone spoiler free when seeing yoda duel?
  153. Who was the other Hutt?
  154. Sorry I just came back from the movies...
  155. Is it just me or there is a pattern here???
  156. Jedi Council question
  157. Yoda
  158. Master Yoda D' Kana the Whill!?!?!
  159. Why is R4-P17's "voice" of an astromech and a mouse droid?
  160. Mace Windu vs. Darth Tyranus...
  161. Aotc:dotf
  162. Yoda vs Anakin!
  163. Anakin Killing Jedi?
  164. Tie and X-Wing fighters in AOTC
  165. DVD images!
  166. does obi-wan ever become a jedi master?
  167. Wupi Upi...
  168. what happens to yoda's lightsaber...
  169. Why not import water to Tatooine?
  170. How did Vader know? Was it the force?
  171. Age of Owen Lars?
  172. why does everyone hate episode 1!
  173. Did Clone Pilots double as gunners?
  174. the jedi's ship and pilots
  175. Haley Joel Osment should have been Anikin.
  176. Which planet/area was your favorite?
  177. Who is "Ambu Fett"?
  178. A gradual or sudden fall?
  179. Pics needed of Bespin
  180. Deleted scenes
  181. What happend to the blockade of control ships?
  182. Why does everyone like Episode 1? (merged)
  183. Editing Room: Attack of the Clones
  184. The Torture Chamber
  185. Underwater? Why?
  186. I wonder if Luke knows...
  187. Luke/Leia Kiss? Ugh.
  188. Ep2 Table Vs Ep4 Table
  189. How Spoilered or Spoiler Free will you be for Ep 3?
  190. Sith Infiltrator??
  191. Luke recognized Ben Kenobi...
  192. What was that?
  193. who has more lines in AOTC than TPM?
  194. Why Didn't Luke Use The Force When...?
  195. Original Trilogy out on DVD?
  196. Why didnt luke use his lightsaber when...
  197. Was the Emperor a JEDI??
  198. Kevin Smith talks Clones
  199. Arm Chair Jedi. AKA: Monday Morning Jedi
  200. Ways GL could shock us!
  201. Why the Droid Ship raid was cut? (Officially answered.)
  202. Jango Fett Question
  203. obi's death
  204. Whats Paply think of the 1st Deathstar
  205. ESB chain of events confusion
  206. Dooku's Solar Ship
  207. A weird dream I had about the Death Star...
  208. Ki-Adi Mundi Question?
  209. Palpy In ESB
  210. Ooh, That's A Bit Different!
  211. Anakin Killing Cliegg
  212. Jedi Council Languages
  213. The Lightsaber Battles!!
  214. OT:AE in Theatres?
  215. Try to explain this!!!
  216. The Senate
  217. What if Luke DID use his lightsaber?
  218. movie posters
  219. C-3PO and Luke and Leia
  220. My Episode 2 Haiku
  221. Anakin Will Fall into Lava!
  222. Where do jedi come from????
  223. When U C Vader do U C Anakin??
  224. How did Palpy escape Jedi detection as a baby?
  225. What lightsaber color would you want?
  226. Are blue lightsabers cursed?
  227. Would you agree??
  228. Digital Projectors not ready for prime time?
  229. ROTJ Trailor Question
  230. Any info about Nabrun Leids?
  231. Some things i hadn't noticed...
  232. Missing scenes
  233. The most popular movie of all time?
  234. What questions do you want answered?
  235. Ultimate Soundtrack
  236. what is the code for the outakes?
  237. Tikkes vs. Tessek
  238. How many of your own predictions for EPS 1 came true?
  239. What did you predict for EPS 2 that came true.
  240. What if Christopher Lee died?
  241. Why couldn't Darth Vader sense...
  242. Vader Vs. Dooku???
  243. Possible Spoilers in SW: Galaxies
  244. Attack of the Clones DVD - Official News and Specs!!(MERGED)
  245. Lott Dod???
  246. 3 months later, how do you feel about the film?
  247. Battle Droids Based On Geonosian?
  248. How did Ponda Boba sneek in his blaster?
  249. They must not have SEEN EPS II
  250. episode 3, my views, and thoughts