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  1. Diorama Backgrounds
  2. Sweet Han Idea...
  3. 3'' 3/4 figs I wabt made!
  4. Tosche Station Cinema Scenes!
  5. The mock Hasbro thread
  6. Hasbro We Want a Hermi Odle figure
  7. ATTENTION HASBRO these are THINGS you need TO MAKE!!
  8. I want new species??!!
  9. R2-D2 accessorises y'know hasbro.....
  10. Vehicles
  11. Why can't we get Marmit quality 12" figures from Hasbro?
  12. A new Lando would sweet
  13. Yaddel and even piell 2 pack theory.
  14. If you want a good cinema scene to make - MAKE THIS
  15. Beast re-releases
  16. A new Kyle would be awesome
  17. Please Hasbro, no more action features
  18. Hasbro, you're in danger
  19. Millennium Falcon Lounge Cinema Scene
  20. This is my 1138th post...
  21. Rebel Pilots!
  22. A quick "Hey Hasbro" thread
  23. Larger Millenium Falcon
  24. Make this Builder set...
  25. HASBRO make a Sergent Doallyn figure
  26. Deluxe Expanded Universe ideas
  27. TO Hasbro: This is the ultimate RETURN OF THE JEDI WANTLIST!!
  28. Still unsure about Rebel Trooper and Imperial Officer #2?
  29. "Why I have stopped collecting." or "Thanks for saving me money, Hasbro!"
  30. Dear Hasbro Please Cut off Target Stores
  31. all metal hilts
  32. Hey Hasbro, where's my Dianoga?
  33. Landspeeder Obi-Wan
  34. Jawa Sandcrawler Petition
  35. Make the Ultimate 15" Chewbacca Please!
  36. 12" Scale Episode I Padawan Ani assortment - please?
  37. Life Size Toys!!
  38. ANH TIE Fighter Pilot
  39. More correct B-wing, please?
  40. Unleashed Yoda
  41. Wat Tambor
  42. a batttel damage Qui-Gon perhaps?
  43. Hooded figures
  44. A young obi-wan
  45. Dear Hasbro, Some more droids!
  46. Saga Cinema Scenes (merged thread)
  47. Time For a New Luke and Han in Stormtrooper Disguise Figures
  48. More reoffered items and STILL no Han on Taun Taun!
  49. new "vintage" figures
  50. christimas list for Uncul habsro
  51. Cliegg Lars
  52. Star Wars Beasties! PLEASE!
  53. A plea for Neimoidians, especially Ep 2 Nute Gunray....
  54. new Bib Fortuna
  55. New C-3P0
  56. my dream
  57. Figures that would be my dream!
  58. Star Wars cast member toy line.
  59. Emperor Palpatine
  60. My AOTC wishlist...
  61. Dexter Jettster
  62. Cinema Scene Compromise
  63. Hasbro, don't rerelease the HTF POTJ figures!
  64. Excellent Job on Cloud City Chewie
  65. A New Mace Windu Please
  66. Who wants this guy.
  67. ACtion Fleet E-wing
  68. Could You Please Try This Hasbro
  69. Just a small little hope
  70. Super Great Job, Hasbro!
  71. More Magnets!
  72. My Name Is Jargo And I'm An Addict... AKA - my TPM wishlist
  73. My Classic Trilogy Wishlist...
  74. Darth Sidious's spider projector
  75. Jango Kamino Battel.
  76. thankyou hasbro
  77. Hairy Bantha
  78. Hasbro, make all the Holographs you can!!!
  79. More Aayla Info, please Hasbro
  80. Hasbro please read!: This has gotta stop!!!
  81. Rogue Squadron
  82. Thinking about beasts again.
  83. Dear Hasbro...
  84. Unleased this:
  85. I don't know anymore. Please read
  86. What would YOU like to see in 2003.
  87. An idea just crazy enough to work
  88. Hasbro knows articulation???
  89. Endor Chewy
  90. New DeathStar Gunner PLEASE!!!
  91. Dear Hasbro, PLEASE no more rehashes
  92. Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot
  93. Make the MOUSE DROID UNLEASHED Please!!!!
  94. Skiff Guards, you have work to do, Hasbro.
  95. Cloud city playset!!
  96. Perfect AOTC Yoda.
  97. 12" Count Dooku, well done!!!
  98. More Playsets Please :) Sandcrawler Please
  99. Female Jedi/Characters
  100. Can you PLEASE finish the Rebo Band/Jabba's Dancers, Hasbro?
  101. New Boba Fett Idea... Slightly Insane, Though
  102. Hasbro, what are you doing? Have you forgotten to ship?
  103. Random ideas and thoughts on playsets
  104. Poggle the Lesser.
  105. Hasbro bring back Complete Galaxys!
  106. New Biker Scout - shouldn't be necessary, but it is
  107. Electronic 12in. C-3PO & Battle Droid 2 pack.
  108. 12" Scale Lama Su and/or Taun We and how to do it...
  109. Kamino playset and Dexsters restaurant!!
  110. Darn you!! Remember POTJ
  111. Ultimate Figures!
  112. Deluxe Imperial Probe Droid with Hyperspace Pod.
  113. 2003 - An Open Letter to Hasbro
  114. Obi-Wan Kenobi : Hanger Duel.
  115. Screen scenes
  116. Come on hasbro
  117. Hasbro Do it Right or NOT AT ALL!!!
  118. Hey Hasbro! Make with the pictures, already!
  119. Finish the Cantina Packs With a Bang!
  120. Tatooine speeders
  121. New Ideas for Troop Builder Sets
  122. Me Waot A
  123. Metal Hilts
  124. Luke Jedi Knight
  125. I don't mind exclusives, but.......
  126. The perfect action figure
  127. Thanks Hasbro (the suck up thread)
  128. Time for a large assortment
  129. ROTJ Time!!
  130. Dear Hasbro, Please: Do Not 'Action-Feature-ize' the upcoming Luke Jedi
  131. Rebel pilots.
  132. More Officers for our Gentleman!!
  133. Shuttle Tyderium upsettedness
  134. Unleashed Leia
  135. I knew it would happen...
  136. The INVESTMENT of Star Wars Toys
  137. Wanted: Ultimate Boba
  138. Jedi temple playset modules
  139. Re-issue trend!
  140. Resculpts needed
  141. The Sack Randy from Hasbro thread
  142. The Magic is gone
  143. Holiday Edition - Nowhere, Southern California
  144. Dooku's Solar Sailer
  145. Thanks for my Gunship, Hasbro!
  146. Poster Figures, An UnLeashed Alternative
  147. Hasbro, here's the thoughts of a 13-year-old
  148. More Astromechs!
  149. Cane Adiss?
  150. Hasbro, more authenticity please!
  151. Stop the spread legged stances!!!!
  152. What's With All The Rehashes And Poor Distribution Hasbro!
  153. We need to get veers out of hoth and onto a card!
  154. More Cinema Scene 3-packs!
  155. parts is parts
  156. Not Reaching The Walmart Shelves!!
  157. Please make Luke, Leia, and Lando from the end of Empire Strikes Back!
  158. Remake every figure.....
  159. 2003: Time to beat the EU dead horse again!
  160. What...the...
  161. please help hasbro
  162. Hasbro, why no love for C-3PO?
  163. Screen Scenes
  164. Hasbro 'til 2018
  165. What Are You Doing ???????????
  166. Begging for an R5
  167. How about a Proof of Purchase reward like the old days?
  168. Will we see a new Leia in Boushh 3 3/4?
  169. Leave the gimmicks and action features to the accessories please.
  170. Make Figures That Can Actually Hold Their Accessories!
  171. The future? The end?
  172. Hasbro: Padmé needs some attention!!
  173. Figures that fit in vehicles
  174. Luke X-Wing Pilot
  175. Did we win?
  176. How the heck...
  177. 2004 could be good
  178. When will R2 get his due?
  179. Hasbro - Listen to the Collectors!!!
  180. Make BIGGER versions of vintage micro collection playsets!!
  181. Keep Up The Good Work
  182. 2003 Collection 2
  183. PETITION for ESB cinema scene
  184. New R5-D4 petition
  185. Official HASBRO repackaged survey
  186. More Small Playsets!!!
  187. Hasbro Contact reposnses
  188. R5-D4 a Star Tours exclusive!?!? DIE Hasbro DIE!
  189. Just a few from new jedi order please!
  190. A figure subscription service.....
  191. New scene pack/cinema scene ideas.
  192. reasurance of 2004 Luke jedi
  193. check out this thread.
  194. Expanded Universe Rehash
  195. Jedi master points
  196. You've got a problem Hasbro...
  197. 2004 Press Release
  198. Hasbro Official Responses to Collectors
  199. Hasbro Mission Statement: Are they looking at you?
  200. Hey how about rereleasing some that did not recieve wide distribution
  201. My Vision of the Future of Hasbros Star Wars Line
  202. New Lightsabers
  203. Packaging is important
  204. NEW Dwarf Spider Droid Hasbro!
  205. Action Fleet Techno Union Hardcell-Class Ship.
  206. !!! Thanks for R5-D2 Hasbro !!!
  207. Fans' Choice Figure Candidates
  208. Hasbro's Jedi Point Auctions Suck!!!
  209. Cantina Bar Sets still possible?
  210. Bring back Star Wars Playskool sets!
  211. How bout a MTT deployment carrier with fold-up Battle Droids?
  212. Future Scene Pack suggestions
  213. Luke Jedi Knight
  214. Features of a basic figure.
  215. More Geonosian Figures!
  216. Knights of the old republic figures.
  217. Free Market Research
  218. Future of ACTION FLEET
  219. General Veers in Gray Imperial Tunic with Hat
  220. Paploo
  221. More Vintage Playsets
  222. Please Hasbro.... Kitik Keed'kak and a curved bar section
  223. Torture Rack Han
  224. Episode 2 Dugs?
  225. Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.
  226. Padme's Royal Starship: AOTC
  227. Proof of Purchase Vs. Jedi Points
  228. Waitress Droid
  229. Jedi Master Points Auction a total joke!
  230. I want Kitik Keed'Kak
  231. What should Hasbro auction off, in your opinion?
  232. What's up with your packaging?
  233. How about a decent Obi-Wan?
  234. more vehicles please!
  235. StarWars.Hasbro.com -- what a joke!
  236. An Unleashed Battle Droid & Super Battle Droid.
  237. The V-19 Clone Fighter from the Clone Wars 'toon!
  238. Why are my Clone Trooper's eyes red?
  239. Straight Cases of Clone Troopers (Super Articulated)
  240. Bring Back Plo Koon (12" Scale)
  241. New Saga Han Solo in Carbonite...Please!!!
  242. Make a Clone Trooper Obi-Wan!
  243. You dropped the ball with the Jedi troop builder set!
  244. More Realistic Clone Wars Figures!
  245. Boy, did you blow it
  246. More Playsets
  247. New Ideas For You !!!! Please
  248. Lightsaber color shades
  249. Why cant i find the r2 d2 interactive droid?
  250. Big thumbs up for General Rieekan!