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  1. Sir Steve Figure!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Death Star Or Hoth Base With Ion Cannon
  3. Please Pack more SAGA and less Clone wars
  4. Why is General Rieeken a deluxe figure?
  5. 12 Inch Wish List
  6. No more Star Tours figures please!!!
  7. Idea for Saga Scene Assortments
  8. Luke jedi cloak
  9. How did Hasbro do for 2003??
  10. Saga trooper 3pks.
  11. Hasbro, please give us a update on the 12" line?
  12. Where are the Super Articulated Clonetroopers?
  13. More Animated-style!
  14. HOF Series-Chance to release Ephant Mon again
  15. Now that you're heading the right way with SW, let's talk your other lines
  16. Hasbro, give us a really really good Darth Vader!
  17. More podracers please
  18. OTC playsets please
  19. Hasbro, I refused to buy it.
  20. More Jabba's Palace Figures please.
  21. How about some more vehicles for the OTC
  22. More beasts please
  23. 5 Figures that MUST be made! (Please!!)
  24. Hasbro vs. stocked pegs!
  25. Ball-jointed Hips???
  26. More SW Figs from OTHER (EU) Sources!!
  27. What EU Ships to make?
  28. Super Articulated Stormies
  29. Any hope for a larger, more accurate AT-AT?
  30. More Accessory Packs!
  31. ...what gives with the 2004 shipments?
  32. Think of the marketing power you wield with the Transformers Alternators!
  33. Silver Clone Trooper...where the Fu Are they?
  34. The Super Articulated Battle Droid Plan
  35. Hasbro, You really should read this !
  36. Thank You, Hasbro!
  37. GIJoe Transformers and Vice Versa
  38. Regarding 2004 Saga Hoth Trooper
  39. Commtech Han reissues
  40. The Figure that has eluded us...
  41. Thanks Hasbro! No-Show at Chicago Comic con
  42. Some ideas for more Toys R Us 4-packs
  43. Future 12" figures
  44. OTC 12" Chewbacca
  45. Hasbro Collector's Club and Jedi Points
  46. Where's the rest of the OTC???
  47. Transformers and G.I.Joe wishlist
  48. Please Read Hasbro
  49. VOTC Stormtrooper case
  50. SA Clonetrooper re-issue
  51. I've been good all year...gimme ROTS toys, now!!!
  52. Galactic Heroes artwork
  53. Han & Luke as Stormtroopers using VOTC Stormtrooper mold
  54. We need a new Wicket resculpt
  55. More Vintage Please
  56. The mistakes of the Corporation
  57. Howsabout showing some love for Qui-Gon?
  58. Army building sets
  59. Okay, you blew a perfect chance to give us what we REALLY want!
  60. R5-d4
  61. Troopers
  62. Expanded Universe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. 2005 Toy Fair Exclusive
  64. Are we still on that 4/2 kick, Hasbro?
  65. General Rant and Comments...
  66. Hasbro Early Bird Question
  67. ROTS cards need 2 elements: accessories list and better instructions
  68. Mini Unleashed!
  69. At-te....please!!!!
  70. Definitive versions of prequel core characters please
  71. It's the 25th Anniversary, where are my ESB 2-packs?
  72. The Web site, the Flash animation... too much.
  73. Unleashed Ideas (merged)
  74. Cinema Scene Ideas! (merged)
  75. Its the 15th anniversary for Droids/Ewoks Adventure Hour, where are my D/E two packs?
  76. SA Jedi
  77. Checking in on the SA Clone Trooper (#41)
  78. Dear Hasbro: Can we gets figs that are FROM the movie please?
  79. Dear Hasbro
  80. How about a Box of Battle Droids?!
  81. Hasbro needs to release this canceled Destroyer Droid.
  82. Hasbro, please make nice 3"3/4, NO SOFT GOODS, NO ACTION FEATURES, ROTS figures!!
  83. Expanded Universe Again
  84. Distribution: My Sincere Gratitude
  85. Dear Hasbro, your missed figure opportunities
  86. Clone Decal Idea For Hasbro.
  87. Memo to Hasbro on an anniversary...
  88. New stock, re-stock N.O.W.
  89. More ROTS Deluxes Hasbro!
  90. Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions
  91. Thank you Hasbro! From the bottom of my heart!
  92. Still shipping to the USA?
  93. Holiday Special
  94. We need new accessory sets!
  95. Please release some vehicles and playsets for TSC!
  96. Luke Evolutions Set?
  97. "Ultimate" Luke and other Deluxe/Ultra ideas (merged)
  98. The Burly Mustafarian!
  99. Please continue the Evolutions line!
  100. Stop the Exclusives
  101. Ideas for a New Expanded Universe Line.
  102. Saga 2 Wish List
  103. Concept Figures
  104. Build Your Own Clone Troopers
  105. More Clone Battlepacks, please
  106. Price Controls and Re-stocking
  107. Lay Holiday Vader to Rest
  108. ROTS Suggestions
  109. Prequel vehicles/ships needed. (LARGE POST)
  110. Disembodied, proper scale vehicle SECTIONS
  111. Try this case assortment on for size
  112. should ship a "main characters" case to retailers
  113. Clone Collection
  114. Republic Commando for 2006?
  115. Obi-Wan Starfighter Decals
  116. One Diehard fans want list ...
  117. Report Card for Hasbro Canada (ROTS)
  118. More Separatist Leaders and Aides!
  119. Bring back the Princess Collections
  120. clone fire pilot
  121. Micromachines
  122. Homing Spider Droid
  123. ROTS 2-1B Medical Droid.
  124. More Neimoidians!
  125. make them movie correct Hasbro
  126. Exclusive Anakin's (Green) Starfighter
  127. Hasbro Collector's Club
  128. Custom Choppers: Why?
  129. Hasbro, you can make humans other than white!
  130. Clone Turbo Tank / Juggernaut
  131. An end to balljointed-necks on helmetless figures...please
  132. THANKS FOR THE: Hologram Pack-Ins
  133. THANKS FOR THE: Unleashed Battlepacks
  134. Thoughts on the Carkoon Wave
  135. Thoughts on the Hoth Wave
  136. Thoughts on the Titanium Series
  137. SW Transformers...not very good execution
  138. Some general kudos for you, Hasbro
  139. Animated style for the OT
  140. Dear Hasbro: Case Assortments, Making Figs Cheaper, and SW TFs
  141. Army building sets
  142. Where'd everybody go???
  143. Thanks for GI Joe and GI Jane. Now can we get Billy?
  144. Thank You for the Toys R Us Double Packs
  145. Sun Fac: A lesson in how it should be done
  147. I'm having a "bad Hasbro" day
  148. Ideas for the Future Saga Waves
  149. Can we have a break?
  150. Old Kenner Mega Force Toys From the Eighties
  151. Battle Droids
  152. Because I can I will. WANT LISSSSSSST!
  153. Same ol figure, new card! I am not buying it!
  154. Build a figure/beast/vehicle waves!!!
  155. Utapau Utai workers. And other stuff
  156. Bring Back the Deluxe/Ultra lines
  157. Original Human Jabba
  158. PLEASE Tread Gently with the EU Stuff!
  159. Ultra Battle Droid
  160. Hasbro, just take ten damn seconds . . .
  161. Yavin base suggestions
  162. Jabba's dias. And other stuff.....
  163. Pod Racer Flag Bearers
  164. Deleted Scene figure packs
  165. Please give us this! (Homing Spider Droid)
  166. Okay now that a fan figure poll has been done how about a vehicle/ship poll??
  167. How about a Playset Poll!!!
  168. Behind the Scenes Figures
  169. SOTE: WtF?
  170. Since we're getting the OT on DVD......
  171. Non-SW: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make Circuit Breaker!!!
  172. Canceled figures that need to be released!
  173. Death Star PlaySet Re-Release
  174. Some ideas for more 'vintage-carded' figures...
  175. Q and A
  176. $300.00 At-at!
  177. New Jedi Spirits
  178. It's entirely possible we need more gunships
  179. The lack of VOTC-style Stormtroopers is disturbing
  180. An AT-AT wash playset!
  181. New Ideas for Original Trilogy Battle packs/Multipacks
  182. New Battle Droid like the 30th Anniversary Super Battle Droid.
  183. RE: A message you never sent.
  184. Concerning the cantina characters dear Hasbro
  185. Just in case you need it spelled out for you
  186. Pack-in accessory wish list!
  187. Thoughts on a few Vehicles I've recently opened
  188. Titanium Wish List
  189. VOTC Stormtrooper hands could be more rubbery
  190. Transformers Classics: Keep 'em coming, Hasbro!
  191. Clone Wars Battle Packs ideas.
  192. Titanium want list from Wizard's Starship Battles
  193. Toy packaging
  194. Galactic Heroes wishlist
  195. After TAC, can we not do movie-specific waves?
  196. Hasbro, I'm serious here: You're in trouble
  197. One word: JAXXON!!
  198. hasbro phone number
  199. Concerning Jabba's palace.....
  200. $20 Vehicles
  201. Resculpt the Shadows of the Empire figures
  202. Let's talk Marvel Legends, Hasbro
  203. Marvel Legends Showdown
  204. Saesee Tiin's astromech droid
  205. Why do you put so much effort into garbage...
  206. Thank you for the prop accessories, keep up the good work!
  207. No love for Palpatine/Sidious in that Senate battle get up?
  208. Please ease up on the Titanium Series 3" Vehicles repaints
  209. Yet another ROTJ Jabba thread......
  210. Take a Cue from Wizards of the West Coast
  211. Stormtroopers with Legion Markings
  212. The Ultimatum
  213. Your Celebration IV exclusives leave some in the COLD!!!
  214. A big sarcastic thank you from the Galactic Heroes fans
  215. How come the 30th Anniversary is such a mixed bag?
  216. Small speeders.
  217. I want a new Bespin Guard...and...
  218. The Militaries of Star Wars: a proposal for Hasbro
  219. Hasbro you have alienated collectors for the last time!
  220. Stop shipping The Saga Collection
  221. ALL-NEW SCULPT Luke Skywalker snowspeeder pilot figure
  222. we need ALL NEW SCULPT X-Wing Pilot figures!
  223. want list!
  224. we need an ALL NEW SCULPT Jango Fett figure
  225. Battle Pack or Multipack Imperial and Rebel Officers
  226. we need an ALL NEW SCULPT Nien Numb figure!
  227. we need an ALL NEW SCULPT Ten Numb in correct pilot suit!
  228. we need ALL NEW SCULPT Snowspeeder pilots
  229. Jedi Spirit Yoda
  230. Han Solo Ceremorial
  231. need more figures for the saga legends!
  232. Booooo!!!!
  233. New Walrusman/Ponda Baba Please
  234. Vintage 2008?
  235. X Wing Rebel Pilot Army Builders!
  236. retooled and repaint Plo Koon!
  237. OT Troopers need better left hand sculpts
  238. Action Figure Checklist
  239. want a han stormtrooper repaint for ANH!
  240. The A-Wing Pilot helmet
  241. X Wing Pilot with a retooled VTSC Luke X Wing Pilot figure
  242. ALL NEW SCULPT Zuckuss figure!
  243. new sculpt Hobbie snowspeeder pilot!
  244. New Arvel Crynyd figure with a reused a wing pilot figure
  245. repacke and retooled Lando from VOTC
  246. new B Wing Pilot from ROTJ
  247. Jerba. Beast of burden.
  248. How About a Camie & Fixer 2-pack?
  249. Bobble headed 3 3/4 - good or bad?
  250. Stop the Madness : No More Exclusives !