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  1. Ann and Tann Gella
  2. EU Top 10 Want list
  3. what Bail Organa figures you want to see made?
  4. $20 A-Wing Fighter rereleases
  5. The ultimate Saga Collection
  6. I want my favourite character. (Please).
  7. Female Neimoidian
  8. VTAC Figures
  9. 30AC Stormtrooper
  10. repaint scout trooper to create biker scout from ROTJ
  11. x wing pilot helmets with or without working visors?
  12. Top 10 Resculpts
  13. Needed a retooled Dutch Vander mold
  14. New Comic Pack possibilities.
  15. List of Star Wars Characters for future 3 3/4" Star Wars Action Figures!
  16. Obi Wan Kenobi In Clone Armour.
  17. I hate soft bendy plastic!
  18. Funeral Pyre Vader
  19. No Yarna is 2008 - maybe I'll just quit collecting.
  20. what palpatine in outfits to be made into figures?
  21. Absolute Must Haves before the Line Folds
  22. Han Solo in TIE Pilot uniform
  23. Aliens in Pilot uniforms
  24. Dewback rerelease with new Sandtrooper rider
  25. Holiday special figures
  26. Death Star 2 Space Battle - what gives?
  27. ESB - What's left?
  28. Playsets?
  29. 12 inch figure line?
  30. All right... ENOUGH WITH THE DARTH VADERS!!!
  31. New TIE Fighter Pilots please.
  32. mcquarrie vehicles??
  33. More Ultimate Battle Packs
  34. The Hasbro Conspiracy
  35. Boxed Sets Ideas
  36. Bring out the "Vintage" Snowtrooper and Tusken Raider for Legends '08!
  37. Confused about 4-LOM
  38. ROTJ - What's left?
  39. ANH - What's left?
  40. luke, han and chewbacca ewok capture
  41. Galactic Republic AT-AT?
  42. Lovers
  43. We need a Zorba the Hutt figure
  44. No more Clonetroopers please
  45. Gunship Dropship
  46. If you can make that AT-TE...
  47. Dear Hasbro, please do NOT make the Clone Turbo Tank
  48. Deleted Scene figures, Awesome!!!
  49. Playsets??
  50. Ackmena - The Action Figure
  51. Droid Factory Build-a-Figures
  52. Enough with the shallow foot-peg holes, Hasbro!!!
  53. TX-130 Saber class fighter tank, PLEASE!
  54. Build-a-Beast assortment?
  55. Concerning Mos Espa. (A work in progress...)
  56. Give Wedge Antilles his due!!!
  57. Please keep the Vintage collection coming!
  58. Dear Hasbro: Legacy of The Force (The Novels)
  59. SA Rebel Pilot
  60. Throw Me a Bone Hasbro
  61. Build-A-Droid Concerns
  62. Cut out wasteful packaging elements and practices!!!
  63. black rebel pilot in rotj
  64. Neimoidians and Separatists
  65. Clone Gear Suggestions
  66. Thanks for the new type of head articulation on Bane Malar
  67. Clone Wars animated figure want list
  68. More EU Hasbro
  69. I knew C-3PX, and that ain't C-3PX
  70. End the build a droid, liars
  71. why do they keep making han solo wrong?
  72. Better soft goods for Vader please!
  73. Hasbor sucks
  74. Clone Wars figures you would like to see made
  75. make figures of vaders apprentice in his different costumes from the game
  76. Hasbro can you Help me?
  77. New Jedi Order and beyond EU figures
  78. Desperately Needed Cobra Army Builders
  79. E-3po
  80. Marvel Universe 3 3/4" wishlist
  81. Needing product descriptions!
  82. Dear Hasbro, can we get the new ROC Stands in a SW style?
  83. Who are your top 30 most wanted figures?
  84. Dear Hasbro, please use bubble wrap
  85. Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder with new head?
  86. Why we need a new AT-AT
  87. Jedi figures need soft good robes!
  88. SA Endor Rebel Troopers
  89. Hasbro, please stop with the removable helmets!
  90. Howsabout making Galactic Heroes more kid-friendly?
  91. Suggestions for future Saga Legends assortments!
  92. I love you, man!
  93. New Figures that need to be made...
  94. what's up with vader's red saber?
  95. Naboo Star Skiff
  96. Saga Legends that I would like to see
  97. TFU: Rogue Shadow???
  98. Dear Hasbro - Here is my idea for the vintage series
  99. Thanks Hasbro
  100. I missed out on Darth Malak, and darth revan, can we see these again?
  101. Shortages and Scalpers
  102. Retail is way too expensive
  103. Separatist boarding craft aka Pod Hunter.
  104. More Force Unleashed multi-packs
  105. 2011 Vintage WEDGE ANTILLES... and that GAMORREAN GUARD...
  106. Star Wars: TFU ll in 2012?
  107. Riff Tamson (Possible SW:TCW Season IV Spoilers)
  108. Star Trek Figures - Now That Hasbro Has The License.
  109. How Hasbro could make collector target figures