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  1. FX-7, RFT (TIVD), ImpO, Zutton, and the improved articulation
  2. The Eopie Campaign (repost)
  3. Jedi council members should have the new RFT's knees!
  4. Bucket O' Stormtroopers revisited
  5. Handmaidens anyone???
  6. Han Hoth
  7. ROTJ Jabba & Yarna D'al Gargan
  8. Y-wing and skiff revisited
  9. EU 12" anyone?
  10. Resculpts we still need (merged)
  11. want a real braid
  12. Starspeeder 3000
  13. Vintage figure catch-up
  14. Army Builders...
  15. Pack-ins, Pack-ins, Pack-ins!
  16. Hooray for Zutton!
  17. An idea for how to do EU
  18. We still want a new R5-D4! (merged)
  19. Is there a Dr. Evazan in the house?
  20. TOP TEN Phantom Menace Redux
  21. Deluxe Wave 2-The Next Big Things
  22. Who's up for a game of Dejarik?
  23. Droids Droids Droids
  24. Star Trek Micro Machines
  25. Dirty Scout Trooper good, CLEAN K-3PO even better!
  26. new beast assortment?
  27. Two-Pack Revival!
  28. Next release... Other lines
  29. Death Star!!!!
  30. TOP TEN A New Hope Redux
  31. New playsets, and don't skimp on the doors! (merged)
  32. Star Wars: Your top three (unproduced) must haves from all 4 films?
  33. Mos Eisley "Top 10"
  34. Star Destroyer!!
  35. Bring back the Collector's Fleet
  36. Jabba's Palace/Sail Barge Top 10
  37. Droids (not the cartoon please) TOP FIVE
  38. 12" Gonk Droid
  39. Better/New Accessory Sets (merged)
  40. Takeel and Momaw Nadon 12"
  41. Baby Ewoks
  42. The Zoology of Star Wars
  43. And now...SUPER Deluxe!
  44. 25th Anniversary Packs (Droids!!!)
  45. my version of new playsets
  46. Funeral Pyre Vader!!
  47. im late on the subject, but however
  48. ESB 25th Anniversary 2-Packs
  49. Wedge!!!
  50. ROTJ 25th Anniversary Two-Packs
  51. What is after Teebo/Boshek wave?
  52. Hey Hasbro! Listen up and Listen Good!
  53. Episode I 12"?
  54. Why the Zutton?
  55. Indiana Jones Line.
  56. FAO Exclusives
  57. TOP TEN Empire Strikes Back redux
  58. Sarlaac, white Luke and Dianoga
  59. Dagobagh R2-D2
  60. Top 5 Jabba's Palace
  61. More Palm Talkers, please!
  62. Please don't screw it up.
  63. Please Confirm!
  64. Rebel Officers
  65. Hasbro, If you're reading this.....
  66. More 12 inch bombs!
  67. Emperor's Wrath Luke Skywalker
  68. What ever happened with this rumor?
  69. Another Yarna D'al Gargan thread here Hasbro...
  70. Jango Fett with (*WARNING - AOTC MOVIE SPOILER*)
  71. Imperial Shuttle petition
  72. New 12"
  73. Head sculpts
  74. Great Idea for a Fan Club Exclusive
  75. Reissue HTF Figures
  76. bring back micro machines!
  77. Freeze Frame Set
  78. What are we going to do with all the points?
  79. Price Fixing
  80. Jango Fett, a chance for Hasbro to redeem itself? (SPOILERS)
  81. Reissue Figure Pack-Ins
  82. What's the deal with this exclusive figure?
  83. Not enough characters to last until 2005?!
  84. Camouflage Stormtrooper
  85. 12" Jek Porkins
  86. Droids Escape Pod
  87. Death Star Hallway
  88. My Brilliant Idea
  89. C'mon - give us Micro Machines collectors a break
  90. Whatever happened to Holographic Nute Gunray?
  91. My Christmas Wish list...
  92. Sith Infiltrator
  93. Expanded Universe Figures (merged thread)
  94. MMT Carrying Case
  95. Do you like Hasbro?
  96. Will Hasbro ever give us what we want?
  97. Bad HASBRO! Eeth Koth the crippled Jedi!
  98. Stop it with those horrid LEGS!!!!
  99. Just how do we voice our opinions to Hasbro??
  100. for the love of god, come on hasbro!
  101. More droids please
  102. Articulation
  103. Lords of the Sith toy line
  104. Canadian Releases
  105. Don't forget the Trilogy When E2 comes
  106. general rieeken figure
  107. u-3po where are you?
  108. Jedi Council Set
  109. Short Packing
  110. "SW Unleashed" Didn't you learn from Epic Force's failures?
  111. Does Hasbro ever actually see any of this? (merged thread)
  112. "Action Stands"
  113. Rebo Band
  114. Pilot Battle Droid with PK Droid.
  115. How about re-releasing figures we missed?
  116. New Droids
  117. Trade Federation Repulsorlift Sled.
  118. AotC basic sabers.
  119. 12in Imperial Probe Droid
  120. 12" Fans' Choice?
  121. Lott Dodd?
  122. When did Hasbor take over Kenner?
  123. Thanks for the TF exclusive Vader fig--jerks.
  124. Ephant Man ?
  125. Look at the clear stands for ships at Toy Fair...couldn't we use them?
  126. Please Get Your Act Together
  127. Why is the rest of the world treated differently?
  128. Proliferation of resculpts so soon?
  129. So you want a Toy Fair Vader?
  130. Dear Hasbro, If you really want to make money...
  131. Emperor Palpatine.
  132. Snowtrooper.
  133. Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight
  134. ROTJ Jabba! Please!
  135. Re: Fan Club membership requirement?
  136. plastic for guns,droids, rubber for tires, PLEASE!
  137. Mace Windu Electronic Saber
  138. Gungan Scout.
  139. Captain Needa's little ship?
  140. Where Is Ephant Mon!
  141. New figures.
  142. The future of Star Wars depends on you Hasbro!
  143. Concerning Jurassic Park, Star Wars etc. Read this Hasbro!
  144. New C-3PO
  145. 25th Anniversary C-3P0 and R2-D2
  146. Two General Veers please (merged)
  147. Dear Hasbro, thank you for the Jedi Starfighter.
  148. Y-wings
  149. New TIE Fighter
  150. Yarael Poof
  151. where are the 12"er's robes?
  152. Ideas for "Emperor's Death" Playset
  153. Perfect Scheme for Hasbro for more money
  154. Seriously. Thanks for the Droids, Hasbro!
  155. 12in Droids?
  156. How to get older figures still needed to complete a set?
  157. 12" I'd like to see happen!
  158. Hasbro release the OOM-9 from the canceled Trophy line.
  159. EWOK MOVIE Figures
  160. Stoop making resculps!!!!!!!!
  161. Where's my Villie?
  162. One little thing . . . .
  163. The Final Darth Vader!!!
  164. Pod Racers: Another Plea!!
  165. Hasbro case contents
  166. Comment about Troop Builder Set
  167. Non-Star Wars related question: NMBC reissues
  168. More on the price of exclusives.
  169. The New Hasbro Website
  170. Star Wars Playskool
  171. Imperial Shuttle
  172. Thanks Hasbro, Thanks Alot! UGH!
  173. "Stop the Exclusives, Hasbro!" petition.
  174. you cheap b@st@rds! (lightsabers)
  175. removable bandolier Chewbacca please Hasbro.
  176. Stop making figs and accessories from rubber Hasbro!!!
  177. Open Belly Rescue Tauntaun perhaps?
  178. AOTC Toys
  179. Hasbro make Joe Johnston in Death Star Trooper outfit.
  180. Ideas for JediMaster Points
  181. Deluxe Han Solo!
  182. Sell accessories!
  183. Top 10 Toys I want Hasbro to make!!!
  184. Hasbro Stop Making Bat Wars Figures!!!
  185. Ultimate Chewbacca Figure
  186. Thanks to Jorg Sacul I'm done!
  187. Bring Back Micro Machines
  188. Please make Hem Dazon / Arcona
  189. Please release more 25th Anniversary Darth Vaders
  190. anyone care for a death star playset?
  191. Theed Hangar Playset???
  192. cloud city playset anyone?
  193. Consumer Demand for Accuracy in Detail & scale
  194. Celebration II AKA The great Jorg Sacul DEBACLE
  195. Jabba's palace playset
  196. star wars catalog
  197. Cannot stress enough how much I love cloth Jedi robes.
  198. Dear Hasbro, a line for Concept characters that never made it to the movie...
  199. An all in one R2.
  200. Hasbro, your fan choice voting system is easy to corrupt...
  201. Make the Rebel Trooper set please
  202. Yaddle petition
  203. Re Card Old Figures!!!
  204. Dear Hasbro! Thanks for the Tie Bomber!
  205. Dear Hasbro, hows that Sith Infiltrator coming along... ???
  206. Battle Droid (Pilot) Petition.
  207. Jedi Council
  208. X-wing damage R2-D2
  209. 3-Packs
  210. Ep2 wishlist - figures, vehicles, playsets (merged)
  211. New Battle Droids...
  212. Quite a few Saga figure ideas
  213. Petition to Bring Jorg Sacul to the Fan Club
  214. EP II diecast MicroMachine starships ?!
  215. New figures and 3-packs.
  216. Stands included with Figures
  217. New idea for Obi-Wan
  218. So I'll just plan on never seeing a fig of Elan Sleazebaggano . . .
  219. New Luke Jedi Knight Revisited!
  220. Petition for SW MANGA Figures!!!
  221. Carded Figure Display Cases
  222. Motion Blades!
  223. Interchangeable arms!
  224. Wat Tambor...if it's not too late...
  225. Ball-Joints?
  226. Since we are getting concept figures....
  227. More Ep I & II Gungan figures Hasbro!
  228. 12" Wish Lists
  229. Figures in Europe
  230. Idea regarding plain clothes clones.
  231. Not Happy with Some Figures "Loose"
  232. New Endor Stuff...
  233. Dear Hasbro, please stop using V-shoulder articulation
  234. Expanded Universe Top 10 Redux
  235. Hasbro make a Massiff 2 pack!
  236. Dear Hasbro, make a new Dagobah playset
  237. new jedi
  238. Hasbro if you want to make certain things Exclusive, why not do it this way?
  239. Lightsaber Hilt suggestion
  240. Exclusives
  241. wheres my Bongo?
  242. Hyperdrive Frame-Jedi Star Fighter Petition
  243. Shaak, lets have one
  244. facial hair - please do less sculpting
  245. Figures I want that have never been made before!
  246. wouldn't it be cool.....
  247. HASBRO this is What we REALLY WANT!!
  248. A "collector's" Zam speeder?
  249. Colour-changing Lightsaber?
  250. AWESOME 2 Pack ideas for you hasbro