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  1. Scalping Not By Money But By Trading
  2. Funny-Looking Dooku.....
  3. E2 Nute Gunray and Viceroy
  4. Has anyone seen an EP2 figure on the wrong card?
  5. Amoktime Was Going To Screw Me Over!!!
  6. Go to Your Local KB Toys !!!
  7. StarWars.Com Cargo Bay Lists New Basic Figures
  8. Cantina Aliens 2 packs?
  9. Question about Chewbacca Dejarik Champion figure please help! ahh
  10. The Tri-Pod gun with the Red Clone Trooper?
  11. Weak-handed Yoda!
  12. who do you think will be in the......
  13. New Face Sculpt on Yoda?
  14. Tusken Raider With Massiff pictures?
  15. MSRP going higher???
  16. Celebration II figure at R2dtoys.com
  17. Great playset ideas!
  18. Deluxe Dooku's saber handle
  19. the shelves are full!
  20. Future Release dates for other toys
  21. Tell me if this is a big DOOKU variation
  22. Zam's Speeder?
  23. Fav. Geonosian figure?
  24. Most unnessessary resculp.
  25. Incorrect features on figs
  26. Review of my collection (20 figs)
  27. I have beef with Count DookU
  28. What are your thoughts on this...?
  29. Do People Honestly Think That These SW Figures Will Be Worth $??
  30. Would the real Geonosian Handler please stand up?
  31. New Deluxe Clonetrooper
  32. Unleashed Jango Fett
  33. Orn Free Taa?
  34. When is Tatooine Duel Anakin coming out?
  35. Hefty Bags For Storage?
  36. Hasbro and GL petitions. Stop the exclusives and give us a voice!!
  37. new zam variation!
  38. Are you a variationist?
  39. Can You Help Me?
  40. hello help me with some information
  41. Would you want a Hermi Odle figure?
  42. Why Isnt Yestertoys Workin?!
  43. Who's Your Favorite Jedi?
  44. Stormtrooper 4packs? (merged)
  45. Hasbros avoidance of Neimodians...
  46. Now that Episode II is out...
  47. Do you want a Eidley Teem Gran from Malastare figure???
  48. Master Replicas Stinks!!!
  49. TIE Bomber error?
  50. Luke Skywalker (Bespin Duel) MiniReview
  51. Red Clone Trooper's gun
  52. Saga Qui-Gon Jinn (Aka: Should I be worried?)
  53. Do you every find yourself going crazy on spending??
  54. These are some of the characters you can put in the CANTINA.
  55. favorate new figure
  56. Most Detailed AOTC figure?
  57. "I'd give my right arm..."
  58. Saga Blast Effect Question
  59. Wal-Mart Lowers Prices (Merged)
  60. Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers!!
  61. Yellow Clone Trooper?
  62. Cool Ep 2 Display
  63. What I want out of 35 figures for 2003!
  64. HASBRO SAGA: Concept Stormtrooper Wins Hasbro Fan Choice Poll #4
  65. When does the han solo,chewie, and obi-wan line hit online stores?
  66. Imperial Scanning Trooper
  67. Hasbro Release Dates for 2002!
  68. Free? AOTC Deluxe Figures
  69. Mounting Frustration........
  70. Are the stores starting to thin the figs?
  71. Wal-Mart Gunship and Arena Playset Pre-Order- NE1 getting 1?
  72. The Definitive Vader
  73. is Kebco reliable? (merged)
  74. Luke jedi, tan vest blue saber variation?? (merged)
  75. Ep. 2 Queen Amidala Figure Variation
  76. Target lowers prices
  77. Lott Dodd Hologram?
  78. maul or dooku?
  79. Guide To Buying Figures
  80. How do you order Direct from Hasbro
  81. Arena Playset Question? (merged)
  82. 12" Ultimate Jango Fett is awesome!
  83. Acklay question?
  84. Something that is plain ole disgusting!!
  85. Walmart Price drops and availability ?
  86. Tru To Lower Prices On Saga Toys
  87. starfighter pilot obi-wan or coruscant chase obi-wan?
  88. best upcoming saga figure.
  89. I wonder what will be more "rare" Bloody or Metal Peg Luke Bespin?
  90. So you want to order directly from Hasbro??
  91. on a scale of 1-10...
  92. Ralph McQuarrie's Stormtrooper
  93. Best place to buy AOTC toys online?
  94. Jango Fett room alarm
  95. Cool Saga Poster Download
  96. Can someone tell me why Kit Fisto has his own figure?
  97. Jorg Sacul's background
  98. POTF2 Flashback Anakin $7.99 good price?
  99. Thrawn's Just the Faqs?
  100. Saga 2-Packs out at BJ's
  101. just got Death Star Droid sucks
  102. Death Star Trooper rocks
  103. Not enough known aliens for me.
  104. No Deluxe Destroyer Droid now?
  105. 12" Ki Adi Mundi Review
  106. Thoughts on Jek Porkins
  107. POTJ EP1 figs are so cheap and crappy
  108. Best C3P0 and Best R2-D2
  109. BEWARE: HASBRO SAGA: Rep Gunship & Arena Playset on Wal-mart Site - UPDATE
  110. You might hate Darth Maul Final duel but...
  111. Have I done something Idiotic? sigh...
  112. My Waning Interest in Collecting (warning: Lengthy)
  113. dexter jettster is a bad figure!
  114. K Mart, Free Light Saber RIP OFF!
  115. Price Cuts at KB Toys?
  116. Don't open your Bespin Vaders!
  117. My collecting Padawan
  118. Droids in EP2
  119. What Do You Think Of The Bo Shek Wave
  120. How hard would it be too do this????
  121. Tatooine Skiff and Skiff guards 3 pack for $60 a good deal?
  122. Mace's swinging arm
  123. Why don't stores pull excess figures
  124. Fantasy Wave
  125. Han Solo: Endor Raid Variation
  126. Nexu...
  127. Got My Nexu and Deluxe Anakin Today...
  128. Quick question about R2D2 sentry I need answered NOW!
  129. Who was looking for a potj rebel trooper in their Signature?
  130. Deluxe Anakin...
  131. Jedi Starfighter Pilot Obi-Wan
  132. KB has Djas Puhr and Palpatine in stock
  133. KB's free stuff?
  134. Super Battledroid's blister correction
  135. Anybody found Cloud City Chewie yet?
  136. Bespin Luke (when good figures go bad)
  137. Straghten the Shelves!!!
  138. So, yeah, the Acklay????
  139. New Anakin And Obi-Wan
  140. Are the rumored Endor Rebel Soldiers Army builders set confirmed?
  141. Chances
  142. Did Anyone get the Sith Lords 2-pack?
  143. just got a job....but i have a great delima...
  144. Unleashed Darth Maul
  145. What's up with this crap?
  146. It's a new record...but not one I like
  147. Packaging Error?
  148. Special Clone Trooper
  149. Nikto : Jedi Knight?
  150. Views about purposely damaging figures to deter scalpers?
  151. The Story of the End of the Saga Line
  152. Who thinks this will be.........
  153. How exactly does one FIND a scalper anyway?
  154. who has been made from Jabbas palace
  155. What does the Nexu want with Jargo ?
  156. Should Ephant Mon be brown?
  157. Can't find the Figures you want? Get a Hot Chick to ask!
  158. Question for those who open figures
  159. Han & Chewie @ Amazon.com
  160. WM Finally got the Han/Chewie wave, but...
  161. Anakin Skywalker Tatooine Attack Question
  162. No free figures...lil' brother will pay
  163. Hiding Figures
  164. Duel of the Fates Cinema Scene
  165. Who do you have to kill for an Orn Free Ta?
  166. Disappointed at Wal Mart
  167. It pays to go to Target at 8 in the morning!
  168. thoughts on the Commtech Stormtrooper
  169. Djas Puhr=Really cool figure
  170. Admiral Motti
  171. KEBco Announces next wave of figures for Late JULY!!!
  172. Wal-Mart Snowspeeder worth anything?
  173. Next Week'sTarget Ad
  174. Something Funny!
  175. AOTC Queen's Royal Starship
  176. What figures are coming out the rest of the year
  177. Question!!
  178. Tracked Poll: E1 Queen Amidala 4" Figures
  179. Star Wars Saga Figures - MIA
  180. Red Arena Battle DRoid?
  181. Clone trooper ankle snap action
  182. SuperBattle Droid the wrong color?
  183. What Would You Do.......
  184. Luke, Vader, Han, Chewie at TRU!
  185. hay who wants these guys/gals..........
  186. SSG poll asks "Do you want a Hasbro 12'' forum?"
  187. Power FX Obi-Wan
  188. Scalpers Raided Every Store I Go To!!!!
  189. I'm beginning to have an obsession...
  190. Jango Final Battle =bad figure
  191. How far would you go to get a figure?
  192. Collection of Star Wars SAGA Figures
  193. Djas Puhr MiniReview
  194. Dexter Jetster
  195. Rate the figures 1-10. (MERGED)
  196. BJ's 2 Pack
  197. Damaged Vaders Luke Bespin
  198. 3-PO Idea.
  199. Which figures are hardest for you to stand/Breaking sabers?
  200. Crap Accessories
  201. For those wondering what happened....
  202. R2-Q5 questions
  203. Scalpers don't make me angry, they make me laugh...
  204. When Stores Get New Stuff?
  205. Does the new battle droid suck or what...
  206. Yellow Clones
  207. curiosity...
  208. Things Can Only Get Better...?
  209. nexu beast is a pretty cool toy!
  210. Is Yoda a hard figure to find or what?
  211. stuck limbs
  212. The REAL Phantom Menace...European SCALPERS!!
  213. The REAL Phantom Menance, Euro-Scalpers!
  214. Endor Han only 1 per case???
  215. Front Page Available News Accuracy?????
  216. R4-M9 Questions
  217. Since when does "exclusive" mean "available everywhere?"
  218. clone trooper
  219. Exclusive Celeb II WERE!
  220. Possible Error/Variant on Bespin Luke packaging?
  221. If you were given the chance...
  222. New Kit variation?
  223. No one on SSG should pay more than retail.....
  224. Help me figure out this Ben Kenobi variation
  225. A quick question..........
  226. Hasbro ships in strange amounts...(MERGED)
  227. head swap windus
  228. Greetings and as my first Thread... Ki-Adi Mundi Jedi Master, June 17?!
  229. They don't make 'em like they used to...
  230. Batteries
  231. Someone get Palpatine some Calamine lotion quick!
  232. Why I'm such a nice guy
  233. How do conventions get exclusive Figures from HASBRO?
  234. Somebody tell me what this IMPERIAL SHUTTLE exclusive thing is all about
  235. Figure Finding Services?
  236. Aotc Playbility - Nice to see the kiddies enjoying the toys.
  237. your predictions on the best/worst of next month.
  238. Teemto Pagalies
  239. Why R2's kouhuns don't match the film versions
  240. Which figure is most worth opening?
  241. Arena Set
  242. that did not sound good. the lawn mower ate my figures!
  243. So i went to TRU on a sat night...
  244. Why haven' t Hasbro release these figures on cards?
  245. Green Card D. Vader
  246. Chancellor Palpatine
  247. Walmart figured out (no pun intended)
  248. Did I make a stupid choice?
  249. Whats wrong
  250. More Bespin Luke "Variations"!!!