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  1. more new pics of darth maul carded......look!
  2. They confirmed Yoda lightsaber and Mace lightsaber
  3. the anakin force flipping figure looks like he's smiling for a camera
  4. Anakin and Watto
  5. How hard was it to find Shmi for u?
  6. Would like to see Assassin Droid
  7. New Darth Maul Question
  8. Collection 2 Wave 5 fig case question!
  9. R5-D4?
  10. Who's got a full colection?
  11. 10 reasons why i think the GR windu is funny/stupid
  12. Is this a HUGE error or a HUGE hoax?
  13. whats the rarest potf figure?
  14. I found alot of..
  15. List of Freeze Frames and Flashbacks anyone?
  16. what does this mean
  17. eh?
  18. deluxe Yoda and C-3PO pictures!
  19. What's After Teemto?
  20. Thoughts on Amanaman?
  21. Does anybody have these?
  22. Unleashed.......
  23. Red Battle Droid
  24. New Wave!?
  25. Ki-Adi Mundi Question?
  26. Saga Cinema Scenes??
  27. SAGA Database: Ki-Adi-Mundi Missing Pics!?
  28. Rubber bands
  29. They have been UNLEASHED
  30. What is the most HTF EP1 Fig?
  31. Confusion about the content of the Arena playset...
  32. Loose Action Figures are no longer cheap! (merged)
  33. Saga cards--all the same size?
  34. "Unleashed" figures review thread....
  35. Anakakin HD, Dooku, and Yoda
  36. Whats the newest thing you guys have been able to find?
  37. Rare AOTC figure--which?
  38. Republic Gunship...
  39. Rebelscum chats with Andy from Hasbro
  40. Fan Club Questions
  41. New Anakin Tatooine Attack pic...
  42. How well are the in store promos being distributed in your area?
  43. this really sucks! anakin fell apart!
  44. Question concerning final battle jango fett
  45. I kind of like GR Mace Windu
  46. I knew it, Hasbro DID IT AGAIN...
  47. Whats your F A V O R I T E Kenner Star Wars figure ever made from 77-2002
  48. So what do people think about the new Darth Maul figure?
  49. Who has 40? (MERGED)
  50. Coruscant Arrival Padme w/ ?
  51. European Stickers
  52. Luminara Unduli
  53. So who's....................
  54. My Lucky Day
  55. Unleashed Jango Fett question
  56. how many people still need jorg sacul?
  57. your thoughts on this new wave. (darth maul etc.)
  58. Mosespa Encounter Cinema Scene
  59. Will SAGA be the biggest line?
  60. Got me a Yoda!
  61. If hasbro sold a toy of you?
  62. Need Help w/ Kmart toy ad
  63. kit fisto is pretty cool!
  64. C3PO's Mask
  65. Jedi Star Fighter w/ Obi-Wan (Pilot) (MERGED)
  66. the most dissapointing figure yet.
  67. Well whos in????
  68. Anyone going to the San Diego Comic Con? Will you pick somthing up for me??
  69. Mace Windu Wave!!
  70. Pay more now, or wait 'till later?
  71. What's your secret?
  72. C-3P0 on Ben Kenobi card
  73. #47 - #52...Who goes where?
  74. Dioramas
  75. Would You Want Hasbro to Do this...take a look
  76. do you ever make STAR WARS dioramas?
  77. Want a Jorg Sacul?
  78. Jango Fett Unleashed question
  79. the sceond wave of cantina aliens is......come on in I got you covered
  80. Finally, finally...
  81. Something I Noticed About Royal Guards...
  82. Endor Raid Han action feature?
  83. Djas Puhr Question
  84. What's your approach?
  85. misc. saga jedi figures
  86. Whos finding Ki-Adi and Teemto???
  87. New Waves packed to Tight? What's the Deal?
  88. When does the Red BD his stores?
  89. Exclusive list
  90. Accesory Sets $40? What the........
  91. Anakin Skywalker Tatooine Attack
  92. Deluxe Anakin w/ Geonosian
  93. is the jedi starfigter worth it?
  94. What's the best Yoda sculpt?
  95. Who's found the new Anakin?
  96. Teemto Pagalies MiniReview
  97. Playskool's The Stompin' Wampa
  98. Lazy question about Han Solo DSE
  99. New HD Anakin Variation!
  100. did anyone find the yoda and 3PO deluxe packs?
  101. Why hasn't Hasbro flooded the market with Yoda, HD Anakin, and Dooku???
  102. Tiger games with figures
  103. Anyone else have the interactive Yoda?
  104. More Ewoks on the way?
  105. would you remmend the SLAVE-1 ?
  106. Boil And Pop...
  107. A couple Questions
  108. Chewbacca Thread (MERGED)
  109. Saga Ki-Adi-Mundi the same as Ep1 Ki-Adi-Mundi? (merged)
  110. Orange Card with Hologram sticker
  111. New Darth Vader variant/error!
  112. Rate the figure 1-10. Monday- Zam Wesell
  113. Count Dooku Running Change Found! ?
  114. You shouldn't dis HASBRO. They rock! Who's with me?
  115. Poll about video game figures
  116. To the Pittsburgh area card-bender...
  117. What are the new SW figure case assortment numbers?
  118. Late question about Padme...
  119. Promotional catalogs
  120. X-Wing/Landspeeder?
  121. Playskool Millennium Falcon
  122. Pegwarmers becoming "Rarer"?
  123. Droid with Pagalies
  124. Big honkin' displays for star wars figures!
  125. Djas Puhr: Alien Banjo Player
  126. Got the Acklay, but....
  127. a few figures that despratly need made!
  128. what is shipping with Ki and Teemto?
  129. Better Royal Guard
  130. What POTJ figures are left in your area?
  131. Anyone looking for Luke/Speeder?
  132. Soooo...whats on for December??
  133. Favorite EPI Figure
  134. Obi-Wan CC Question
  135. accessory packs
  136. Give Dejas Puhr Jango's Guns!!!
  137. Worst figure from the EP1 line?
  138. this rare?
  139. Attack of the Plastic Bubble Thingys!
  140. Opening Saga figures?
  141. Which saga toy would you be?
  142. Plo Koon Autographed??
  143. Yoda w Force Powers // C3P0 w Droid Assembly Line OUT!!
  144. Whats up with the extremely poor quality deluxe line?
  145. should i convert to a strickly loose collector?
  146. Wat Tambor
  147. has ANYONE got PERFECT Anakin Hangar Duel?
  148. What Expanded Universe figure do you want made most?
  149. Massif w/ Tusken Raider
  150. Carded Pictures of Lott Dod and Tusken Raider w/ Massiff
  151. 2 Day Sale at K-Mart!(MERGED)
  152. Whats that? Say you can't afford Zam's speeder?
  153. Shu Mai!!!! We Need A Shu Mai W/ Commtech
  154. Hasbro is doing a lot of recycling lately
  155. Main occupation for you Figures??
  156. Wow that is old!
  157. Padme Redone?
  158. Figures we haven't seen yet
  159. Who in his right mind would pay this much for Yoda?
  160. Bandontherun's Reviews of Random Figures in His Collection
  161. Hasbro's Ultimate Articulated Figure Plan.
  162. Will we finally get to see new pics at San Diego Comic Con?
  163. R5-D4 and Flashback R2
  164. Orphaned Accessories. Please Help.
  165. Orphaned Accessories. Please Help.
  166. i finally met a nice stock person!
  167. Djas Puhr variation!
  168. Great pics of Deluxe Yoda & C-3PO.
  169. How the heck do I stand up my Geonosian Warrior?!?!
  170. Zam & Anakin's speeder
  171. The Next Jedi
  172. Is This Rare?
  173. confirmed variant of HD ani w/ peg!
  174. Dozens and dozens of EACH new fig at my local Walmart
  175. Acklay and Deluxe Anakin: Recommended Buying?
  176. Does Hasbro reall think the Endor Soldier isn't half-way through its lifespan yet?
  177. Complete Galaxy Darth Vader
  178. some thoughts on the Saga Ki-Adi Mundi
  179. Yoda and Mace Windu...
  180. Japan PVC Mini AT-AT
  181. Which Jango came first??
  182. Wal-Mart *WILL* price-match the K-Mart sale!
  183. Weird New Wave
  184. My Saga Haiku
  185. Obi-wan Pilot
  186. my Djas Purr reveiw
  187. bloody luke with oil coming out of his mouth?
  188. Has anyone ever been to the Toys'R'US in Freehold raceway?
  189. 2 questions
  190. Plans for a new sand crawler!!
  191. Gunship and Arena Playset release dates pushed back??
  192. weird Kit Fisto anomoly
  193. did you realize?
  194. Question about the rebel trooper
  195. Where on the blister...
  196. Well it's been 3 months...
  197. Destined for Disaster or Proven for Progress?
  198. Fully Operational R2 Droid’s…
  199. Dissapointed with Republic Gunship
  200. New X-Wing
  201. Who else can't wait for Vader Unleashed?
  202. Some good and bad...
  203. A question for on card collectors?
  204. Any plans for more Battle Droids?
  205. Question about Massif
  206. New Saga Vehicles??
  207. Add Images with Your Post!
  208. The difference between a variation and an error
  209. Are Yodas still shipping?
  210. Much needed break?
  211. If Hasbro made one ship/vehicle of your choice, what would it be?
  212. New Luminara Unduli variation found!
  213. Price tags
  214. What's your opinion on my trade??
  215. Will Lott Dod warm pegs?
  216. Target Exclusive Accessory Sets Are Out Now!!
  217. Hoth Survival Accessory Set
  218. I want white Clone Troopers!
  219. Deluxe Yoda and C3P0? Who has them?
  220. ki-adi-mundi does not stand up!
  221. Do Ki-Adi or Teemto have any variations?
  222. Are these going to be made?
  223. Dexter w/ Pipe Prototype Picture
  224. New Unleashed Figures Found!!
  225. OT Deluxe Saga figures?
  226. Tactics on looking for figures
  227. anyone notice how they are pakageing ki-adi and teemto?
  228. Gearing up for the next waves or clearing the pegs for good?
  229. Whats this about Crix Madien
  230. Bespin Luke's Hand Variation?
  231. luke burned arm and regular arm comparison.
  232. Rumor about Padme Unleashed recall?
  233. will zam have a peg variant?
  234. Is the new X-Wing worth getting?
  235. Read This Page!!!!!!!!!!!
  236. who has all the jedi out of the pack?
  237. I've seen R3-T3
  238. Collector dreams
  239. AOTC Shmi?
  240. Most difficult to find aotc figure
  241. Deluxe C-3PO
  242. Reb battle droids still comming out?
  243. future waves, holding now hard to finds.
  244. R3-D3 "Error" ?
  245. POTJ List
  246. EP1 List
  247. POTF2 List
  248. tru.com coupon codes
  249. Clonetrooper Speederbike ?????s
  250. New idea: Figure Tracking