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  1. triple variant/or error
  2. Who thinks Hasbro should make...
  3. ok, who has Anakin Skywalker - Tatooine Attack?
  4. Exclusives
  5. New Darth Maul (sith training) and Anakin (tatooine attack)
  6. To Open or not to open
  7. New Gas for the Fire
  8. When Will We See?
  9. I wanna see an Aayla Secura figure!
  10. Who here has Darth Vader Unleashed???
  11. help (subject also) Bad toy Luck.
  12. ComicCon Pictures (MERGED)
  13. Best and Worst POTF Figs
  14. POJ Figures still regular price where you are?
  15. Epic Force Qui-Gon
  16. can anyone anser a question
  17. who is going to sell like hotcakes in the coming waves?
  18. I cannot believe.....
  19. Red BD
  20. Carded Image - Endor Rebel Soldier #2
  21. We got the Pilot but.......
  22. Anikan figure i found
  23. is it just me? or is the unleashed Mace Windu
  24. Can't wait till the Arena set is $7.99
  25. Your opinions on window boxes for vehicles
  26. Get Silver Anniversary R2-D2 by buying ATTACK OF THE CLONES on DVD or VHS?
  27. Who thinks Hasbro should make...
  28. Jedi Master Points
  29. Short Darth Vader Unleashed Review!
  30. Star Wars AOTC Checklist
  31. Fuzzy on the whole date code thing.
  32. New Tusken Raider?
  33. Rate the figure.
  34. Destroyer Droid Should Be Droideka
  35. Gunner pods for Gun Ship
  36. Kit Fisto saber packaging variation!
  37. cinema scene thoughts
  38. Carded Image - Watto
  39. Carded Image Of Padme CA
  40. Nute Gunray and Lott Dodd Hologram Figures!!!!!!
  41. Dark Horse Mini Busts
  42. Carded Image - Ephant Mon
  43. Destroyer Droid
  44. Source material behind '95 resurgence wave
  45. What Numbers Are...
  46. Target exclusive Death Star Accessory Pack. Why is the Mouse droid so HUGE???
  47. Any news about poor R5D4
  48. Deluxe C3-P0 Review
  49. Geonosian Picador with Orray Petition and Appreciation Thread
  50. went to the yestertoys store
  51. New Jango Pilot no HELMET?!?! what the F...
  52. Dooku/Tyranus Lightsaber
  53. More Pod pilots!
  54. Clonetrooper w/Removeable Helmet!
  55. about the CT dot "errors"
  56. Target Scout Trooper vs. POTJ Scout Trooper
  57. Stop
  58. Buyers that have to have something have to make you laugh.
  59. Official series # thread
  60. Peg on Anakin?
  61. POTJ Anakin Old and Young
  62. I've started collecting UNLEASHED figures!
  63. What Unleashed would you like to see?
  64. Target Accessory Sets: How many to a case?
  65. Why is the UNLEASHED line so unappreciated???
  66. E.U. Characters you want as toys...
  67. Early plans for power of the jedi?
  68. The Lott Dod Pic....
  69. Lott Dodd Small Review
  70. POTF2 Stormtrooper error!
  71. Arena Battle Accessory Set
  72. Anyone spot the new Unleashed somewhere??
  73. female tusken error?
  74. Vehicles and Beasts
  75. Vehicles and Beasts
  76. Yoda's toes
  77. Republic Gunship Release Date?
  78. Arena Conflict Accessory Set error
  79. Are SW figure/toy petitions effective?
  80. Stupid Jorg Sacul dilemma....
  81. Re-emergence of 2-packs
  82. Which Characters Are We LIKELY To See In 2003?
  83. Green Clone Trooper
  84. Why in the world are they releasing a repackaged Jedi Starfighter?
  85. Boy Am I excited!
  86. Can I get an update?
  87. Anyone Seen Royal Starship Lately?
  88. Did anyone actually get the Epic Force figures?
  89. Is Sidious (can't spell) supposed to become a figure soon??
  90. Fan's Choice #5?
  91. Who number 41???
  92. We have the cantaina bar set,now my idea for a Jabba set.
  93. Saga stuff!
  94. Jedi,The needs,the wants,and the Offical
  95. question about new figures
  96. POTJ 25 years Anniversary Scenes
  97. Wal Mart Cantina sets
  98. They TRICKED me!!!?
  99. Will there be a new line for Ep3??
  100. Odd new stock trends...
  101. What figure is going to be made next? Just check the cast sheet for starters.
  102. Death Star Set Conspiracy!
  103. Some Questions Answered by someone who works at Hasbro!
  104. Hoth Accessory lameness....
  105. Convention Exclusives: Yes or No?
  106. Aayla Secura Figure info please!!!
  107. Possible delays in Walmart shipping preordered Gunships?
  108. Sick Of Variations
  109. The blue battel droid?
  110. European Power of the Jedi carded figures
  111. Still Need Yoda? Try Your Local K-Mart's
  112. A pic request please!
  113. Unleashed Markdown!!
  114. New figs for december.!
  115. Is anyone besides me STILL missing Teemto and Ki Adi!?!
  116. What does RB/SUB mean in collectors db?
  117. Question about Jorg Sacul
  118. Deluxe Yoda...!
  119. Thoughts on the landspeeder..
  120. Wal*Mart CANTINA SETS - info from someone who's got them LOOSE!
  121. What is up with the Gunship?
  122. Fett
  123. Boba Fett
  124. What vehicles would you like to see re-made?
  125. Truth, Rumors and Hopefuls
  126. 25th anniversary tie fighter - happening or just B.S?
  127. Catina Bar Sets - Fantastic!
  128. New mace windu and darth tyranus unleashed
  129. rarity
  130. Episode II vehicles and playsets???
  131. When do you think hasbro will do the ships fan poll.
  132. Thank You Wal-Mart!!!
  133. Accessory Ideas
  134. Kmart Sale Experience
  135. Target Accessory Set Review
  136. Luminara Unduli
  137. Royal Guard
  138. Bom Vimdim and Myo Cantina Sets?!
  139. Is new stuff EVER coming out?
  140. Show us your appreciation for the Geo Arena!!!!!!
  141. Sometimes it pays to be behind. And a question
  142. Best Playskool Set of this Year!
  143. TA anikan can ride the reek!!!!
  144. 25th Landspeeder -- soso
  145. Hasbro's Ultimate Collector Search! (merged)
  146. A Question Regarding the Saga Exclusives
  147. non-completist collectors Sound Off!
  148. Destroyer Droid
  149. Who is the biggest pegwarmer in your area?
  150. How do you store your figures?
  151. Mace Windu Battle Droid Variation?
  152. I think i found another Variation on the Arena Conflict Set
  153. This is getting ridiculous.... Anyone seen the new Unleashed yet?!!!
  154. Deluxe Figures I Wish Hasbro would make
  155. Is the AT-ST still available?
  156. New Boba Fett (Jabba's Palace) coming???
  157. Your thoughts on removable saber blades.
  158. Thoughts on ultimate pack-ins.
  159. Any News on Concept Stormie
  160. e-mail from Wal-Mart
  161. Are these the same figures?
  162. Endor Soldier Army Builder
  163. More New 2003 Figures!!!
  164. Boba Fett's Slave 1 for next year!! Yippee!!
  165. Wal*Mart To Lower Prices Again?
  166. Please share your thoughts about accessories, materials and packaging...
  167. Question
  168. FAO Imperial Shuttle
  169. Interesting experience with the new figures
  170. question about price/package
  171. padme' CA with her helmet on looks like crap!
  172. oh, boy......fashion show dooku....unleashed...
  173. #47, #48, & #49
  174. Sick and Tired of Cloakless Jedi
  175. Arena Kit Cloak...
  176. toys r us . com
  177. Vintage translations.
  178. i had a dream
  179. Why doesnt Jedi Knight Luke get any appreciation???
  180. Any info on the 2003 Cloud Car & Sandwrawler ???
  181. this would make an awsome figure!
  182. Who's entering...
  183. ok, only official figures posted
  184. what are likely figures?
  185. new figures or just nonsense What you think?
  186. AT-AT question
  187. Saga yoda cloak
  188. Clone Trooper & Jango Pilot Pictures
  189. Zutton w/ Decapitation Head Peg
  190. Need info on Life-Size Yoda!
  191. The Hunter-Gatherer Notion: A short essay on collecting
  192. The Ewok Movies
  193. Any TRU employees?
  194. new obi-wan. we don't need it.
  195. Padme Unleashed Variation
  196. Soooooooo....we might be getting a new Jabba.
  197. What makes a figure become a pegwarmer?
  198. X-mas figures
  199. Attention Scalper Haters!
  200. holiday edition r2 and 3po?????
  201. New Han in Hoth gear?
  202. Wal-Mart????
  203. Is the Shuttle sold out?
  204. Yoda Jedi Council figure
  205. Ki-Adi, TA anakin, Darth maul
  206. Dark Armor Jango with no background
  207. Padme CA error sticker fix... was this Hasbro's fault?
  208. Stormtrooper troop building set
  209. your opinion on darth maul ST.
  210. THX Leaflets
  211. Best Unleashed Toy of this Year!
  212. Deluxe Clonetrooper and Geonosian carded...
  213. Received My Shipping Confirmation from Wal-Mart
  214. Need an opinion on something...
  215. Zam Wessel's speeder
  216. Is the new Shuttle really worth it?
  217. Venting about the Scout Trooper
  218. New R5-D4 ??????
  219. Does anyone know if WM cantina sets are going to come with curved sections?
  220. When are they coming?
  221. SILVER ANN. R2 D2 Toys 'r' us
  222. When Clone Trooper with Speeder bike due out???
  223. Photos of SSG Member's Collections
  224. What ever happened to the red Battle Droid?
  225. Very embarrassed to ask
  226. Naboo starfighter
  227. Lott Hologram - Why???
  228. Two versions of the TRU "25th Anniversary" R2-D2
  229. When is deluxe clone coming out??
  230. Jedi Cloak
  231. Shuttle Questions
  232. The Imperial Shuttle is not retooled!
  233. Question: Is Lott Dod as Tall as he should be?
  234. Gunship Rip-off
  235. Did you buy the new Cantina sets?
  236. Darth Maul "no ears error"
  237. Luminara Unduli "Variation/Error" Question?
  238. Eeth Koth Error?!
  239. Is TA Anakin NE Good?
  240. Yoda's Force Lightning....
  241. Who here has not found the Acklay?
  242. Is the new TRU 12" Tauntaun and Speeder worth it? I say yes.
  243. So the next new waves are:
  244. Arena?
  245. Boba Fett watch at Fossil.com
  246. X-MAS C-3PO & R2, Hasbro????
  247. REPUBLIC GUNSHIP LOOSE - and reviewed!
  248. Things I'm not buying
  249. 12" Luke Skywalker and Tauntaun
  250. Arrrrgh !!! The holiday C-3PO & R2 set is true...