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  1. Need Help with my U-3PO Build-A-Droid
  2. BMF...has anybody customized theirs
  3. All-new Dewback!
  4. Hoth Rebel Soldier & Ugnaught V2
  5. FU Stormie Cdmr. up at SWShop.com
  6. Target Geonosis 2-Packs
  7. New stuff at Comic Con
  8. SD Comic Con
  9. Comic-Con Luke X-Wing
  10. Walmart 2009 Droid Factory sets
  11. When Will You Stop?
  12. TLC Wave 8 Return of the Jedi
  13. How should we do this Top 30 figures thing for Hasbro?
  14. Comic-Con Hasbro panel write-up
  15. Fans Choice, your top 30 lists
  16. Beardless Hoth Trooper?
  17. FANS CHOICE POLL, Round 1
  18. Ugnaught Review (Apron Variant)
  19. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 72
  21. Help please- x-wing batteries?
  22. FANS CHOICE POLL, Round 2
  23. What are your Build-a-Droid statuses?
  24. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - August 10th
  25. TLC A New Hope Wave
  26. TLC 2009 Revenge of the Sith wave
  27. Let's do a poll on Funeral Pyre Vader!
  28. Fans' Choice Poll - Toyfare Voting
  29. Anybody else annoyed at this McQuarrie boxed set?
  30. New Comic 2-packs are out!
  31. Hasbro cleaning out the pegwarmers?
  32. FANS CHOICE POLL, Round 3
  33. HAN SOLO BESPIN - NO skinny legs!
  34. What are the figures you absolutely DO NOT want to see made?
  35. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - August 20th
  36. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 73
  37. SSG's Final Results for Both Polls!
  38. Second 2009 ESB wave (with Willrow Hood)
  39. Would You Buy A Gungan Bongo Sub Vehicle?
  40. My Eopie check already cleared
  41. Fan's Choice Poll - a look at all the sites.
  42. Would You Buy Count Dooku's Solar Sailor Vehicle?
  43. Wave 8 - The Phantom Menace
  44. Cantina & jabba Aliens
  45. Would You Buy The Droid Gunship?
  46. Would You Buy The Tantive IV (Rebel Blockade Runner) Vehicle?
  47. BAD question (and maybe a bad question too)
  48. Galactic Heroes Wave 8
  49. Walmart Exclusives
  50. Would You Buy An Updated Cruisemissle Trooper?
  51. Would You Buy The Twin Pod Cloud Car Vehicle?
  52. Would you buy an updated Power Droid figure?
  53. Does anyone think we'll ever get a decent han figure
  54. Evolutions question
  55. Would You Buy Jabba The Hutt's Sailbarge Vehicle?
  56. Pictures of Jaina and Jacen Solo (and K'Kruhk) figures!
  57. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - September 10th
  58. Would You Buy Cade Skywalker's Mynock Vehicle?
  59. A Community Wide Question: DS2 Luke Jedi
  60. ForbiddenPlanet.com?
  61. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 74
  62. Would You Buy The Trade Federation's MTT Vehicle?
  63. 2009 Repacks
  64. The best Han Solo headsculpt I've seen
  65. Would You Buy Senator Amidala's Star Cruiser Vehicle?
  66. I hate the Clone Wars figures
  67. Would You Buy The Wookiee Catamaran Vehicle?
  68. How about a new Outrider?
  69. worst figure ever, and you can't beat this one!
  70. Argos Question for UK members
  71. Would You Buy The Lars Family Landspeeder?
  72. Leia Organa (Slave Outfit) - B.A.D. 2009 #17
  73. How Do You Like / Rate The Action Figure Waves?
  74. Star Wars collection posters (figures not movie)
  75. You Can Make Padme "Birth of the Twins" from the Geonosis Padme Evolutions Figure!
  76. ROTJ wave showing up at TRU
  77. Could anybody help me out?
  78. Battle at the Sarlacc Pit (ultimate battle pack)
  79. what figure is this?
  80. Would You Buy An Imperial Star Destroyer Vehicle?
  81. would you buy a new improved carbon freezing chamber
  82. Is POTF2 "Vintage?"
  83. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 75
  84. My 2010 Predictions
  85. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - October 2nd
  86. Pegwarming figures "destroyed"?
  87. Tie Interceptor TRU exclusive version
  88. Would You Buy The Mon Calamari Star Cruiser?
  89. Would You Buy A Yuuzhan Vong Corral Skipper Fighter?
  90. Would you buy a separatist shuttle vehicle?
  91. Fun ways to get more use out of your bmf and at -ae
  92. New Revenge of the Sith wave found!!!
  93. Would You Buy The Radiant VII Republic Cruiser?
  94. A picture of every star wars figure ever made
  95. Fans' Choice Poll - Official Top 30
  96. The Value of your Collection?
  97. Would You Buy Padme's StarSkiff Vehicle (from ROTS)?
  98. Galactic Heroes Vehicles Hasbro Needs To Make
  99. Jango - Purple or Blue?
  100. Evolution sets $12 at Walmart
  101. Heaviest Figure!!
  102. Star Wars Collecting 2010: Your Predictions
  103. The thrill of the hunt?
  104. How do you organize/inventory your collection?
  105. Walex blissex should get made into a figure?
  106. Laudica figure?
  107. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 76
  108. G.Heroes Slave I on HTS
  109. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - October 23rd
  110. In defense of the new DS2 Luke figure
  111. Would You Buy A New Rebel Transport Vehicle?
  112. New Galactic Heroes in 2010
  113. Would You Buy A Re-Release Of The Imperial Shuttle Vehicle?
  114. Wave 10 - A New Hope
  115. Would You Buy Mara Skywalker's Jade Shadow Vehicle from NJO?
  116. What do you guys do with all those pilot figures?
  117. IG 88 is the coolest droid
  118. What's the largest ship/vehicle ever made?
  119. Why are we still waiting for good likenesses on Leia, Han, the Emperor, etc.?
  120. Would You Buy The Gian Speeder From TPM?
  121. Picked up new TLC figs: Plo Koon, Scanning Trooper, Boba Fett, Ep 2 Padme
  122. What vehicles do you think need to be REdone?
  123. The AT-ST is mine, bwa ha ha!
  124. Shorter Jedi?
  125. Question about release date of Build a droid series 10................/11?
  126. Would You Buy The LAAT/c Gunship Vehicle From AOTC?
  127. Walmart and the legacy collection
  128. Has sculpting reached its peak?
  129. Big Mammajammin' Falcon at Ross?
  130. Dewback
  131. Would You Buy Palpatine's Shuttle From ROTS?
  132. Figure Lightsaber design...why?
  133. Rendar Lives' EU Q&A offshoot thread
  134. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 77
  135. Rank the modern vehicles
  136. Saga Legends still shipping....
  137. You reckon we could put together a BAD parts checklist?
  138. Online figure/accessories image database?
  139. GH ROTJ Millenium Falcon
  140. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - November 16th
  141. Would You Buy The Imperial Landingcraft Vehicle?
  142. Spiker and Big Gizz as comic packs?
  143. New ROTJ Jabba
  144. New 2010 packaging
  145. Which chewbacca is considered "best"?
  146. Would You Buy the Echo Base / Home One Rebel Personnel Carrier?
  147. GH Vehicle Repaints? Anakin's, Jango's, etc?
  148. Ack! Saga and Newer figures yellowing badly
  149. Would You Buy A New Speederbike?
  150. Found the Empire Wave.
  151. Would You Buy Lando Calrissian's Lady Luck?
  152. Joker Squad
  153. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 78
  154. Battle Pack Question
  155. Resurgence of the Jedi Battle Pack
  156. Whats with Anti-Background character sentiment from longterm adult collectors??
  157. Legacy Millenium Falcon - what's it worth to you?
  158. Would You Buy The Battle Droid Carrier Skiff Vehicle From TPM?
  159. Definitive 3.75 vehicles?
  160. Ideas for a Star Wars as Build A Character?
  161. Yavin Scramble BP
  162. Articulation is overrated!
  163. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - December 10th
  164. Luke in pilot jumpsuit figure idea?
  165. Picky Collectors - Why Even Bother?
  166. Fans' Choice PREDICTION as to who will win.
  167. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 79
  168. Some Figures Need Realistic AND Clone Wars Treatments
  169. What the hell has Saesee Tiin done to deserve so many figures?!?
  170. SSG's Tri-Weekly Hasbro Q&A - December 21st
  171. Remodeled AT-RT?
  172. Utapau set?
  173. Deluxe Line Coming to Legacy
  174. SA Luke Jedi Jabba's Palace?
  175. Star Wars Delta Squad
  176. Anyone Else's AT-ST Leg break off?
  177. Would You Buy The Rickshaw Droid And Cart From AOTC?
  178. NEW TO FORUM..super hero squad questions please help!!
  179. New MF Episode VI
  180. What did you like about SW collecting in '09?
  181. They need to make a Galactic Heroes video game.
  182. Comic Packs Question
  183. Would You Buy Anakin's Airspeeder From ROTS?
  184. Would You Buy The Escape Pod Vehicle From ANH?
  185. Pegwarming Legacy Figures?
  186. Your BMF Crew & Display
  187. Would You Buy The Imperial Probot Pod And Droid From ESB?
  188. TRU Force Unleashed sets
  189. Would You Buy An Updated Tatooine Skiff Vehicle From ROTJ?
  190. New Pics: I like that the podracers and Mos Espa have gotten attention over the years
  191. Resurgence of the jedi battle pack
  192. Anyone else missing the backpack in the Legacy Walmart Dewback?
  193. Would You Buy The Skipray Blastboat From HTTE?
  194. How about a better Sith Infiltrator and other Sith vessels?
  195. New Pics: I like that we got young Owen and Beru, now we need Cliegg Lars very badly!
  196. Hannibal Colton???...
  197. Would You Buy Senator Amidala's Flying Wing From AOTC?
  198. EU wave to become TRU exclusive, released in May
  199. SSG's Monthly Hasbro Q&A - February 3rd
  200. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 80
  201. Which Coleman Trebor is more accurate?
  202. I Should Be Bringing Home Display Cases To Make Some Dioramas Soon
  203. Would You Buy The Invisible Hand If Hasbro Made This Separatist Flagship?
  204. The SSG 2009 Year In Review has been published
  205. Would You Buy A Super Jawa Sandcrawler From ANH If Hasbro Made One?
  206. Jedi Vs. Sith Battle Pack wrong...
  207. Galatic Heroes ARF Trooper and AT-RT
  208. Toy Fair coverage tidbits, live info now
  209. Toy Fair 2010
  210. What is a Transition Tray Variation
  211. If there could only be ten more EU figures, who do you want and why?
  212. Would You Buy The Hoth Echo Base Ice Laser Drill?
  213. BAD droids extra holes...
  214. I have discovered the true joy of Galactic Heroes...
  215. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 81
  216. We need a new ANH Han Solo
  217. AT-AT spotted (along with some other figures)
  218. Dllr Nep and Plourr Ilo Comic Pack - Internet Exclusive
  219. TFU Kota's Militia Elite figure
  220. The Galactic Heroes Diorama Thread
  221. What's Your Favorite Galactic Heroes Vehicle?
  222. In case you missed it: Some GH Questions answered...
  223. Obi-Wan Longsaber worth?
  224. Just scored Utris M'toc w/ BG-J38's leg... at Target (?!?)
  225. EU Wave Sightings and Findings
  226. Star Wars Galactic Heores TV show?
  227. New General Grievous with 4 sabers a must-have!
  228. TFU boxed sets first impressions
  229. Middle Tennessee EU finings on Saturday
  230. Joker Squad for only $12.99 at TJ Maxx in Tennessee
  231. New Pics of Jaina and Jacen Solo with their family
  232. Amazing Finds At Ross Stores....Target and Walmart Exclusives!!!
  233. I just totally lucked into my last YVH part!!!
  234. Happy 15th Anniversary POTF2!
  235. Hello. I am a 36 year old married man and I have a new addiction
  236. Target's sudden lack of figures
  237. Millenium Falcon problem
  238. Very sad find at TRU
  239. Final comic packs - Entertainment Earth exclusive
  240. The Ol' Switcheroo - Gelagrub for $12.90
  241. Probably been asked before, but....
  242. At-at available on Hasbro site
  243. 2010 Legacy Collection Figs???
  244. Accessory Help
  245. Last year's Battlepacks at Costco, 2-for-1
  246. SO GLAD the scramble on Yavin battle pack will be released again....
  247. LEGACY two-packs available online at TRU....
  248. The Legacy Collection - Millennium Falcon online at TRU!!!!!!!
  249. NEW battle packs preview.....
  250. found the hk 47 droid parts wave