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  1. hangar duel anikan
  2. Brown battle droid??
  3. Target raised prices??
  4. I officially didn't do it
  5. Did anyone participate in "Morning Mayhem"???
  6. So, did you get nostalgic about Episode 1 Midnight Madness last night?
  7. What figures are you disappointed in?
  8. Well i went out today to get E2 figs, but...
  9. Lott Dodd & Nute Gunray Hologram??
  10. Dexter Jettster.....
  11. Backgrounds - Any Importance?
  12. Target and TRU. Any good finds???
  13. Zam's Button
  14. Royal Guard, Luminari, Taun We
  15. Are these online stores serious??? (merged thread)
  16. Jango's Grappling hook & string question??
  17. The next new wave of figures?
  18. Kit Fisto's Face
  19. Paint Problems
  20. SPOILERS Hasbro's new love of Magnets!
  21. why go to MM if you arent going to buy all the figs?
  22. Another Dexter Variant
  23. Zam Wessel's speeder
  24. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!
  25. Light Sabers
  26. Case Assortments ?
  27. Hardest wave to find here was.....
  28. Rebel Trooper(Unpainted chin strap)
  29. Very strange indeed...
  30. Can someone please tell me how's the Yoda figure overall... ???
  31. Who purposely avoided Midnight the 23rd?
  32. Thank you honey!!!
  33. Clone Trooper Question
  34. Next and Last Midnight Madness
  35. Best Figures ever! (small reviews and spoilers)
  36. New super battle Droid error / variation?
  37. Clone Trooper 10 meter sprint
  38. Cloning Chamber fun
  39. New sculpts....
  40. I don't understand these cases...
  41. Backdrop inserts ... putting together a set?
  42. Noticed a lot of Jedis had holes where hilts should be...
  43. Here's the loot I scored today....
  44. Jango Fett Variation
  45. Anakin Outland Peasant Variant?
  46. playskool kind of cool!
  47. Idea for R2 Sentry (Spoilers kind of)
  48. so...whats rare in your area?
  49. Kay-Bee's exclusive 12" Red Clone Trooper
  50. Actual Number of Figures?
  51. Battle Droid variations
  52. Anyone looking forward for more figures!
  53. Who got all 27?
  54. Backgrounds ruin bubbles
  55. Wave 1, Wave 2 Question
  56. Variations
  57. Midnight Madness: Another testament to shoddy Hasbro distribution
  58. variation madness...on eBay
  59. Grrrr, Hasbro did'nt paint Jango's arm connections...
  60. Okay, the toys are out! Who is you Favorite?
  61. How much is too much?
  62. On the HD Anakin blister...
  63. I need advice
  64. Excel Spreadsheet w/ Figures & Known Variations
  65. WM drops price on 12" Collection 2 days after release
  66. Does having the figures make the wait longer?
  67. Crix Madine in MAY!?!?!?!
  68. So, does everyone here play with SW figures?
  69. Opening the figure cards
  70. Believe it or not.. this is the rarest figure to find
  71. Deluxe yoda Q&A (SPOILERS)
  72. Question about STAR WARS stands. Please help.
  73. Why is Obi-Wan out of proportion???
  74. For variation freaks like me....
  75. Count Dooku on ebay!!!
  76. Oh-no, another figure to custom... Since seeing Hasbro can't make them right...
  77. Anyone here that was lucky enough to get a Crashed Snowspeeder wanna talk about it?
  78. bespin luke
  79. Ridiculous
  80. When does the Arena Playset come out?
  81. What's to come? What's left? SPOILERS
  82. Mace Windu Lightsaber!!
  83. Jorg Sacul Background Card!?
  84. Ack. Hasbro made LOADS of Jedis, but forgot Adi Gallia?
  85. Should I get the deluxe Ben and Dooku????
  86. Anyone have UPC/Bar Codes of all ATOC Figs?
  87. Most seen figure?
  88. Gimmicks=Kid$
  89. Anakin's 2 sabers
  90. Jango Fett Final Battle (Spoiler)
  91. Anakins Speeder
  92. Jango w/ mole???
  93. Whereforth art thou Acklay ???
  94. New AOTC UPC needed
  95. Basic Figures 2002 Collection
  96. Checklist?
  97. Rumored REBEL OFFICER???
  98. Crapawful paint job on Clonetrooper
  99. Jedi List
  100. Padme Mole Variation!! Rare or Not??
  101. Jango Fett and Yoda Review!!!!
  102. Something I noticed about Tattooine Attack Anakin-and it has to do with HD Anakin too
  103. Mea Culpa - R2 AOTC is Power FX R2
  104. What's the difference between the Sneak Preview and AOTC Jango and Zam?
  105. Will the republic gunship have a pack in figure?
  106. Will Pilot Obi Wan be soft goods?
  107. Was I Lucky??? Did I Do Well?
  108. Episode III Darth Sidious figure????
  109. Missing Saber Blades???
  110. Yoda text back text error?
  111. What is this Red Clone Trooper???
  112. I counldn't believe what I was seeing!!!
  113. Why can't we just go back to the simpler days when everything was .00, .01, etc.?
  114. What's the deal with Dexter? SPOILERS!!!!
  115. AOTC Sneak Preview Figures
  116. What do two wrongs make? More wrongs. - Spoilers.
  117. Obi-Wan Kenobi (jedi Starfihgter Pilot) NEW PICS!
  118. whats wrong with this pic?
  119. Lightsabers Don't Glow!!! ...the hell?
  120. All in all, what do you think??
  121. Have you smelled Padme's "Arena Column" yet?
  122. which should i get to take out of the pack?
  123. Luminara variant?
  124. More Info on Dooku.......
  125. 12" Mace question
  126. Do we know when the new figs (pilot Obi, Cor. Padme etc.) are suppose to ship?
  127. delux figures and normal figures
  128. 12-inch Clone Trooper
  129. what would you do oooh oh" ... for a Sacul toy.
  130. Wanna buy a case?
  131. Does anyone have news about th eupcoming Imperial Shuttle?
  132. Plo Koon Variant
  133. whos lightsaber is the best?
  134. just wondering.....
  135. Merged Ebay Threads
  136. Sigh... I pick my name for my most wanted figure--and it's the only one I can't find!
  137. Figure Size
  138. Got Yoda today...
  139. Which figures need made, but probably won't ever be made?
  140. How come people don't like the 12" Wave? I thought Anakin looked kinda neat...
  141. Padmé Amidala
  142. Watch for merged threads
  143. Electronic Qui-Gon Jinn Cracked Lightsaber problem
  144. Help Help Help
  145. Yoda, Dooku, Anakin HD in bay area?
  146. toy fair vader in celebration2 store?
  147. AOTC insert in K-Mart Sales Paper.
  148. Am I alone in thinking Taun We is a MAJOR Rip-Off?
  149. Why did we hafta wait so long......
  150. Youre Collections
  151. Is really sad when I'm the only one in this forum watching it's slow death!
  152. Find any good deals?
  153. AT-TE?
  154. down to 3 more on the "want" list...
  155. Opening cases at Walmart
  156. Well I've seen the episode II toys
  157. help
  158. Question about different packing
  159. r2-d2 aotc variation ep2
  160. Price List?
  161. Anakin's Speeder Question
  162. Mr. Dooku is a Big Man....
  163. Which SAGA figs have you opened up already?
  164. Jedi Master Points
  165. the best and the worst of the SAGA figs so far...
  166. Hey, are there gonna be any cool new droids in AOTC that could be made into figures?
  167. Was the Geonosian Warrior released?
  168. My haul
  169. Pointless Thread about Mace Windu
  170. Geonosian Guard?
  171. New Waves 2 & 3 AOTC Deluxe Figs. Case Assortments.
  172. Hasbor helps/ promotes scalping
  173. Anakin Hanger Duel and Count Dooku Review *SPOILERS*
  174. Toy Commercial for AOTC
  175. Got All/Most Figure Backgrounds?
  176. Shipping Question (Week 2)
  177. Top 10 "To Be Made" AOTC figures.....
  178. K-Mart Exclusive card watch
  179. Female Tusken Raider Variation???
  180. The Dooku Variation Possibility!
  181. Walmart and Target
  182. So what do you want from E2 that has'nt been made yet... (spoilers)
  183. Can a clone trooper fit in the capsule gun turrets of the gunner ship... ???
  184. What's your best hidden SW toy story?
  185. Falling Over
  186. AOTC Obi Wan Electronic Lightsaber
  187. Ep1 Obi Wan Electronic Lightsaber
  188. Foot stamp variation.
  189. What's Happening at Wal-Mart May 18th?
  190. Guess Who Fits In Anakin's Speeder!
  191. Possible solution to HD Ani's removable arm...
  192. Deluxe Mace Question - Please NO SPOILERS
  193. Scalpers: Friends or Foe
  194. AOTC figure availability at Celebration II?
  195. Deluxe Mace variation?
  196. how many variations do you have?
  197. Have you ever experienced "collector's guilt?"
  198. Collector's Databse Relaunched (Formerly Price Guide)
  199. How Do I remove the Sticker Residue?
  200. How Do I remove the Sticker Residue?
  201. Still not amused by the new lightsaber sculpt/style
  202. Is the Obi Wan jedi training gear worth getting?
  203. Merged Dooku Thread
  204. So how rare are R2-B1 and TC-14?
  205. What Figure has the Lamest Accessory?
  206. Dahs Puhr
  207. Tie bomber pilot.
  208. Star Wars Saga Poster
  209. 17 new figures out before the 16th?
  210. Darth Vader?
  211. New Fan Club Endor Soldiers & Stormtrooper
  212. Padme: Arena, How they could have made her so much better.
  213. FF Fett
  214. Targets Prices?
  215. Finally got Yoda, Dooku, Anakin-HD...whew!
  216. Anakin gun error / variation picture
  217. collecting morals
  218. Darth Vader Dagobah POTJ ... backwards head error
  219. POTF2 Luke X-Wing Short Long Saber SLS... it exists...
  220. I give up
  221. So what's the Best new Improvement.
  222. Is the Captain Typho figure getting enough credit?
  223. is the bespin wave out now?
  224. AOTC Sabers vs. Ep1 Sabers
  225. Clone Trooper "error"
  226. Hard to Find Figures aren't going to get any easier to find...
  227. PN Number system on New Figures
  228. Holographic Sidious: Best Bet?
  229. Where are Star Wars Figures Made?
  230. Pictures of my Midnight Madness Experience
  231. Kit Fisto saber w/update
  232. Super Battle Droid (red dots...)
  233. Anyone notice this about Jango Fett (Kamino escape) ?
  234. Has the 12" Mace windu been released?
  235. Anyone know of any Boba Fett variants?
  236. where is hasbro's d...............
  237. I wanna open them, but should I?
  238. Super Battle Droid
  239. Does Luke Bespin's saber hilt attach to his belt?
  240. Jango Fett Deluxe paint variant?
  241. Do Any Of You Think This....
  242. New User--R2-D2 Question...HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  243. Question about the Stormtrooper building kit?
  244. Slave I wings a little loose?
  245. Episode 2 toys
  246. Why the price difference?
  247. My Count Dooku really hates his cape.
  248. After the Movie....
  249. Backgrounds rarity
  250. Any suggestions for other figure backgrounds?