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  1. Wal-Mart and Count Dooku
  2. Mace Windu (Geonosian Rescue)
  3. figure case please?
  4. Obi Wan Coruscant Chase
  5. 4th fan choice fig? -aka- Who did you vote for? (merged)
  6. Anyone have any luck getting ZAM to stand on her own?
  7. Endor Rebel Soldier Wave is out NOW!!!
  8. Amanaman and the Bespin Guard
  9. Rubies Lightsabers
  10. Underneath her robes!
  11. Bo Shek & co.
  12. Fun with Clones!
  13. Kit Fisto's magnet came out... it fits in his belt hole!!!
  14. Bespin/Windu wave... Next week?
  15. brother in rotj
  16. Questions
  17. Cantina Showdown Cinema Scene
  18. Dexter with Background
  19. JEDI MASTER POINTS for figures?!
  20. I Found The Bespin Wave!!!
  21. Help
  22. Ep2 Twi'lek Jedi, Aayla Secura next year!
  23. Battle Droid (Pilot) ?
  24. Is the R2-Q5 wave still out there?
  25. For anybody at Celebration: How big is Ephant Mon?
  26. Anyone still havent opened their figs?
  27. How many Arena Playsets will you buy?
  28. Star Wars Figurine Stands
  29. Favorites so far...
  30. Good Imperial Shuttle news?
  31. Lott Dodd hologram??
  32. List of AOTC Figures
  33. Jango Fett commercial
  34. Why doesn' t the fan club have an exclusive vehicle?
  35. Why did Hasbro abandon the Internet Exclusive Figure?
  36. Vintage Imperial Dignitary
  37. Has anyone confirmed there will be a new R5-D4?
  38. Anakin's Arm!!!!!
  39. Brown Battledroid Deluxe?
  40. Question about REEK:Might contain spoiler.
  41. Could Count Dooku be like Darth Maul?
  42. I'm looking for a certain EXCLUSIVE figure...
  43. Carded Orn Free Taa!
  44. Deluxe R2-D2?
  45. Battle Droid Questions? Should we stock up?
  46. Free Star Wars Saga pins at Wal-Mart....
  47. Jorg Sacul or whatver it is? what is it?!
  48. How do the Deluxe figures work?
  49. New Endor Rebel Soldier(s) ?
  50. Thought I had'em all but 1!!!!!
  51. Display Question
  52. Questions about SAGA figures
  53. A great find, and a nice story
  54. 2nd Wave is here!
  55. Dang! Weakening Willpower Here.
  56. KMart scratch-off promo pays off!
  57. Ewwww! What's the point in making a new Qui-Gonn if he's gonna suck this bad?!?
  58. Question on Tie Pilots
  59. For crying out frickin loud! (Endor Rebel army builder set)
  60. ZAM WESELL Bounty Hunter
  61. What Happened to the Twin-Pod Cloud Car?
  62. E2 Watto Figure Revealed!!
  63. Jango fett final battle
  64. Insane (aftermarket) Prices For New Figures
  65. I know its not Saga, but B-Wing/Y-Wing questions
  66. Deluxe Obi-Wan Question?
  67. Geonosis Rescue Mace
  68. Wait... Geonosian Mace's eyes are TOTALLY closed?? What's up with that?
  69. Spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi
  70. Sio Bibble
  71. Taun We
  72. Deluxe Mace Windu Variation Found!
  73. New Bespin Luke
  74. Damn Amazon.com
  75. darth maul lightsaber
  76. Unique Kit Fisto Variation?
  77. Arena Playset and Republic Gunship... Please NO SPOILERS
  78. Kamino Escape Jango Fett... NO SPOILERS Please.
  79. Saesee Tiin/Chewie Dejarnik
  80. Padme variant can't be too rare.
  81. I asked Hasbro about the Reek's uh.... button???
  82. How do you read the "date stamps" on the cards?
  83. now that they have been out for a while, who's...
  84. SWEET! More Clones coming!
  85. Future Dooku figs you guys would like to see made?
  86. More basic white clonetroopers?
  87. I missed the Film (ATOC!!!) because I was out "trying" to buy figs!!!
  88. Look what I found (Merged thread)
  89. Bent lightsabers?
  90. Bespin Duel Luke
  91. The Royal Guard Possible variant?
  92. never to get the Tonnika Sisters
  93. wrong place but right time! Movie tickets online!
  94. www.fandango.com NOW SELLING tics for EPII!
  95. Ronto & Jawa Question
  96. Is there a figure #34?
  97. Padme arena escape, Kit Fisto & Anakin Outland
  98. Jango Fett Final Battle (spoiler question)
  99. Thrawn
  100. Yoda in repulsorlift chair?
  101. Sideburns are Cool!!!
  102. Mace Windu (G. Rescue) and Jango Fett (Final Battle) Review - Please NO SPOILERS...
  103. Luke/Vader shipment
  104. Can anyone actually get thier Geonosian Warrior(s) to stand?
  105. Do Not Buy Figures From Amazon.com Unless You Like Severely Damaged Figures
  106. Slave 1
  107. Luke, Vader, Mace, Jango Final out???
  108. How are you helping promote AOTC ?
  109. Saw Massiff for the first time at Wal-Mart... Odd. I didn't see ANY articulation...
  110. Non Japanese/Euro Eopie!
  111. New figures scheduled
  112. eBay people make me laugh
  113. Koto Vader Soft Vinyl Vader.
  114. Dexter and Luminara question
  115. New Use for Amanaman Accessories!!
  116. My Pictures from Celebration II
  117. Slave 1
  118. Wal-Mart and their damn bins full of figures
  119. Resculpts or all new
  120. Hasbro spoils Episode II (Merged Thread)
  121. TIE BOMBER is the Best Ship . . . EVER!!!
  122. action figures.net
  123. Where are you finding Bespin wave?
  124. troop builder too little too late
  125. At ST and speeder bike
  126. hello! i'm new and... (Palpatine Release Date?)
  127. Who has ideas for new Cinema Scenes if Hasbro plans to revive the line?
  128. Ephant Mon release date?
  129. Still looking for Dooku??
  130. Wal-Mart clearing pegs?
  131. Super Battle Droid Variation
  132. After the "First Forty": Who's Next?
  133. Carbon Freeze Chamber
  134. Bespin Duel Playset?????
  135. What If!!!
  136. Uhhhh... anyone else get a Kit Fisto with feet pointing in opposite directions?
  137. Palpatine accessoryless?
  138. Backgrounds
  139. Givins
  140. Saga Check list (help with the #'s)
  141. Stupid Wal-Mart Layaway : (
  142. Mace's Lightsaber - wassupwiddat?
  143. Realscan: Skinny Head syndrome
  144. Any Speculation on 400th figure?
  145. Endor Rebel Soldier (merged)
  146. Jedi Starfighter Obi-Wan
  147. How bad is Luke Bespin's lightsaber?
  148. Fans Choice #5
  149. Check List
  150. Lightsaber Peg help
  151. Bespin Stump variations shipping together?
  152. K-Mart Sale
  153. well, i finally got dooku out of the pack and...
  154. Imperial Officer
  155. Bespin Wave
  156. Senator Orn Free Ta review
  157. Toy Fair Vader......what sculpt is that?
  158. anyone know when Nute Gunray comes out?
  159. Jackpot!!!
  160. Rotj Final Duel Luke
  161. Think of the fun with Jango Ke
  162. Who's making the Walmart Snowspeeder? Kenner or Hasbro? The figures say Kenner??????
  163. Padme Unleashed looks . . . pretty leashed.
  164. Jabba's Skiff Guards Cinema Scene
  165. Tru Pushing Backgrounds?
  166. Expanded Universe?
  167. Quality of the new line
  168. Droideka (Hologram)
  169. Jango Fett Jetpack Variation
  170. What is the rarest figure?
  171. Evil Walmart!!! You have got to read this!!!
  172. Padme' variation
  173. Killing Jango is fun!
  174. Notice Similarities between Epic Duel and Saga?
  175. Figure Checklist
  176. Has Hasbro addressed the possibility of a Jawa Sandrawler for the Saga line?
  177. Deluxe Obi-Wan and Darth Tyranus
  178. R2-D2 Leg Variations
  179. kit fitso error
  180. For those of you STILL having trouble with the Jedi Starfighter....
  181. Figure release/ new wave question
  182. Wow. 3 dozen Tesseks at one store...! And not *one* R2-Q5! Stupid case ratios...
  183. this poster here...
  184. What do you think of Cinema Scenes??
  185. New exclusive figure possibility
  186. K-Mart Sale
  187. Battle Droid and Endor Rebel Soldier Variations
  188. ANOTHER Bespin Duel Luke Variant!!
  189. Glow in the dark sabers
  190. Any one get their free comic and poster at TRU
  191. Darth Maul
  192. Geonosian Rescue Windu?
  193. Clone Trooper rank dots.
  194. Fan Club store Link
  195. Something to think about concering magnets...
  196. Screwed up Jorg Sacul on ebay
  197. Dooku Strikes Back
  198. Padme Pilot.....Out This Summer?
  199. Royal Guard, Taun We, etc
  200. Falumpasets in KB ToyWorks
  201. New Special Figure with Old Style Card ?
  202. keep those receipts
  203. Hasbro, should start to use 2 ups for sculpting dammit...
  204. helping kid out with SW problem
  205. Stormtrooper Troop Builder Set is available for pre-order only at the fanclub
  206. Waves & Collections
  207. Freeze Frames
  208. Newberry Comics Prices
  209. Lots of Dooku, Yoda, HD Anakin, Royal Guard ON THE RACKS!!!
  210. Cartoon networks Custom action figure Contest
  211. Blue Visor Deluxe Jango Fett
  212. Several AOTC figures reviewed. (spoilers)
  213. Endor Rebel Soldier- Builder Set
  214. Kmart Promo has started at bluelight.com
  215. Anakins speeder bike?
  216. Hasbro did a really good job this time!
  217. Endor Rebel Soldier MiniReview
  218. Zam Wesell MiniReview SPOILERS!
  219. Pod Racing builders set....
  220. Toy List
  221. MOC FanClub/ToyFair DarthVader trade value?
  222. Reviewing my ATOC Collection
  223. Petition... Celebration 4 in UK ??
  224. Possible Royal Guard Variation?
  225. Looking at the Saga figures...
  226. More rare??
  227. Bespin Luke in Dallas
  228. favorite jedi fig
  229. This Just In From Hasbro
  230. Canadian variations
  231. Quick Sacul Question
  232. Okay, I want to start a POTJ collection... what are some of the BEST figures?
  233. POTJ Clearance at TRU?
  234. Wanna Good Laugh?
  235. Final battel jango too soon?
  236. Screw R5-D4... I want Obi-Wan's R4-Unit!
  237. WHAT IF: What if you had to buy one Star Wars toy...
  238. Am I Blind ???????
  239. Dejus Puhr -- in Ep. II?
  240. A Saga Collector Ranks the Franchise! ATOC is easily my Third favorite SW film!!!
  241. which figures do you want made from AOTC? (Merged)
  242. Massiff with the wrong figure?
  243. I finally got Dooku!
  244. When are we gonna get 'spoiler' Threepio?
  245. Dejus Puhr
  246. Reek Question
  247. Geonosians with blasters
  248. Non-proteceted Lightsabers
  249. Hyperdrive for starfighter/Slave-1 questions (Merged)
  250. Upcoming Episode II Vehicles?