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  1. Oh No! ATOC totally rocks! Now I've got more toys to buy . . .
  2. Saga Variations list
  3. Is the Pit Droids 2-pack worth the big bucks?
  4. Which Mace Windu Figure Should I Get?
  5. ouch TRU juicing us
  6. Peasant Disguise Anakin
  7. 3 variations to the Bespin Luke?
  8. I got freeze frame Weequay! Here's the badnews..
  9. Spirit of the Jedi gets no respect!
  10. Did you know who the AT-ST Driver really was?
  11. Red Clone Trooper opinions (merged)
  12. Where were R3-T7 and Orn Free Taa in the movie?
  13. Super Battle Droid?
  14. Figures without Backgrounds
  15. Midget Jedi (do i need to say "Spoilers" still? I mean it came out yesterday!)
  16. ahhh what happed to planetactionfigure?
  17. TM lightsaber text issue (merged)
  18. Finally got my Primal Scream Mace Windu. Wow, does he suck...
  19. Darth Vader: Emperor's Wrath
  20. Boxed Images of the TRU Exclusive ESB X-Wing
  21. Deluxe Jango error, no lines on the helmet...
  22. lightsabers
  23. WHOA! Why did the price of Tan Vest Jedi Luke PLUMMET?
  24. Carded Chewie (Bespin Escape)
  25. Contest: Free Bespin Vader/Kamino Playset Q/A
  26. Odd error on Geonosian Warrior card
  27. Millennium Falcon Adventure - looks like a great set
  28. jedi training academy display
  29. Figures you want, no listing, OOM9, Padme Pilot, or ANY resculpts, new costumes OK
  30. Anyone else want Orn Free Taa's "ladies"???
  31. Star Case Question - Please help
  32. Saga - Deluxe Figures
  33. Saga - Action Collection 12" Figures
  34. Saga - Vehicles
  35. Saga - Beast Assortment
  36. Saga - Miscellaneous
  37. Backgrounds valuable/rare??? (merged)
  38. Deluxe Nexu has a bendy tail
  39. Hello- I'm new here. Oh and i have some news and new figures so please read...
  40. What's your favorite Saga Accessory?
  41. Aalya Secura question
  42. Bespin Wave and figures standing up..
  43. TRU poster?
  44. Greatest Idea for a new Anakin
  45. R3-T7 variations
  46. Hangar Duel Anakin lightsaber variation
  47. MMC Question
  48. My Gripes...(SPOILERS)
  49. What role play stuff would you like to see produced in the future?
  50. How About A New Figure/small Vehicle Assorment????
  51. Please help with my new favorite Sith...
  52. My Experience with AFA/Toygrader.com
  53. The girl in the pink thong and stockings standing in the AOTC Coruscant Cantina
  54. SKU Numbers ?
  55. A few questions about upcoming figures from the new guy...
  56. Ships???? Vehicles???
  57. R3-t7
  58. R2 unit from Queen's Starship
  59. One of Every Figure Club?
  60. Rubies EP II Lightsabers?
  61. Why haven't there been anymore EU figures?
  62. The Figures have been out for a while now, out of what you have, what is the best?
  63. Anyone see Hasbro's ACTION FIGURE THEATER? New A New Hope!!! It's AWESOME!
  64. Final battle Jango head, is actually 300th Boba Fett...
  65. What was I thinking???
  66. Deluxe Yoda Idea
  67. Plo Kloon
  68. Figures you wish they'd do a resculpt of..list em here
  69. Quick questions....
  70. Which Jango is the Best???
  71. What figures are expected after Teemto?
  72. I found Palpatine and Djas Puhr today...so what's next?
  73. Which Figures are Potential Peg-warmers?
  74. FIGURE IDEA: C3PO/Battle Droid 2-Pack with interchangeable heads ! ! !
  75. Dookus a plenty...
  76. Toy Fair Vader re-release????
  77. More Clones, maybe clone pilots?? (merged)
  78. Transports and other Clone ships
  79. Does Dr. Seuss care about errors?
  80. Jedi Dex
  81. TRU Poster
  82. Just picked up the Orn Free Taa figure and its lacking...
  83. Saga - Basic Figures
  84. Ephant Mon...
  85. What's up with the force???
  86. Amazon.com prices back to $5.99 - Dooku & Yoda in Stock
  87. who remembers the new super dooper life like scans for the new toys?
  88. Question about Bespin Duel Luke
  89. What is the stick on the end of Obi-Wan Coruscant's droid?
  90. what figure has hasbro made the most of gor saga?
  91. Your Collections Part 2
  92. anyone
  93. No more POTJ at Target?
  94. A few more quick questions from the semi-new guy
  95. Figure Pricing
  96. Question about Kebco toys and Epi 2 figs...
  97. AOTC Jedi and E1 Cloth Cloaks
  98. figures with inserts
  99. What ever happend to Battle damaged Qui Gon Jinn?
  100. Overwhelmed
  101. I found a use for those "electro effects"
  102. Why is there no good Jaba figure from ROTJ?
  103. Anyone calling WM / TRU for new fig info?
  104. Best time and place to buy figures.
  105. Figure Poster
  106. Jedi Starfigher now $14.88 @ Wal Mart
  107. Ep2 Boba Fett figure - why isn't he darker-skinned?
  108. Why did they do this?
  109. When is Jedi Starfighter Pilot Obi-Wan coming out?
  110. What Figures can we expect for June?
  111. New Han Saga idea, how about....
  112. Yellow Clonetrooper? Look again....
  113. Final Thoughts on POTJ?
  114. when do they put new figs out?
  115. So, how good is Bespin Vader?
  116. Coruscant *The Toy*
  117. Children
  118. I have a Yoda "Jedi Master" without a sabre hilt?
  119. New line = bad news for MOMC collectors.
  120. question....
  121. What's with Mace Windu's sleeve?
  122. Ep 1 odds and ends
  123. Fist fight over figures...nasty!!
  124. Latest Insider *52 Figures 2002
  125. Why can't they seem to get Artoo's dome right?
  126. Wal-Mart shelves only Chewbacca can reach
  127. What will be on clearance?
  128. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Another Clonetrooper variation!!!
  129. now that POTJ is done, which were the best/worst of this line?
  130. Where the heck is the Imperial Dignitary figures!!!!
  131. Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo)
  132. Favorite Figure Thus Far
  133. Just got my Mace, let me say, greatest figure ever!
  134. Least favorite AOTC figure?
  135. The Best Figure (merged)
  136. Who opens and who keeps 'em sealed?
  137. GAH!! Help with HD Anakin's blue lightsaber...
  138. HD Anakin Variations..
  139. Fan Club Store has new figures in!
  140. Is this figure real?
  141. Wrong way Hasbro has taken!!!
  142. Did something I wish I didn't
  143. Republic Gunship
  144. The Ultimate Death Star Playset
  145. Geonosian Warrior-No Warning Label
  146. New Saga Figures, Pictures? read
  147. boba fett variation...
  148. Why does Dooku come with a green Lightsaber?
  149. I got back at that evil Walmart today!!!
  150. Anyone else notice this?
  151. my deluxe jango doesn't stand up
  152. Are these figures Rumored or Confirmed, asking the authorities for answers please...
  153. Hoarding/Scalping Runs Rampant!!!
  154. Darth Tyranus?
  155. what's your funniest/weirdest hunt yet for the SAGA figs?
  156. I need a custom sticker for my custom Luke and Vader 2 pack in a Kabe and Mutak box
  157. The Two POTJ Vaders Totally Rock!!!....
  158. Hee Hee
  159. Vader
  160. Darth Maul have any value?
  161. Plastic Wasteland
  162. Han Solo in Stormtrooper outfit mail order figure
  163. Anyone know about this Jango version?
  164. Imperial Shuttle pre-orders
  165. The most disapponting POTJ figueres
  166. Question about the POJ Darth Maul (Break apart)
  167. Collectors gone cold Turkey Annoynomous
  168. Should I buy this Clone Trooper variation?
  169. Bespin Duel Luke Skywalker
  170. AOTC vehicles and playsets
  171. Is the TIE Bomber and Luke's Snowspeeder worth $85?
  172. Luminara figure variation(s)
  173. AOTC Action Collection wish list....
  174. Does anyone know...
  175. Palpatine - most boring figure of the saga line yet (merged)
  176. to the poor: Layaway!
  177. The Saga toys are now starting to fly off pegs!!
  178. Reek- Playability questions?
  179. Are both Endor Soldier versions out yet?
  180. This guy must be a big Star Wars collecter
  181. Good Idea!
  182. Will working at Toys R Us give me an advantage
  183. Should people be hesitant to buy up certain "RARE" figures right now???
  184. Chewbacca or Han Solo out yet?
  185. Obi-Wan (Jedi Starfighter Pilot) looks BAAAAD.
  186. Guess Who Fits In Anakin's Speeder!
  187. New Jorg Sacul Variation Info
  188. Saga Darth Maul?
  189. My Count Dooku sucks. (Incredibly mild film spoilders.)
  190. The massiff is not Goenosian but Tusken!
  191. Saga Tusken Raider figure
  192. Who else thinks... (rant)
  193. WHY! i STILL can't find these with a background!
  194. Am I nuts if I do this? Let me know. lol
  195. New royal guard is pretty cool
  196. Where have all the CC Obiwans gone?
  197. Palpatine DID have accessories...
  198. new or what???
  199. Playskool AOTC Sets?
  200. Good Anakin is what we need
  201. The head sculpt on POTJ Luke XWing sux! look here
  202. POTF Commtech thoughts
  203. are they going to make a yoda electronic lightsaber?
  204. Use caution when ordering from action-figures.net
  205. Predictions for Episode 3 figures (merged)
  206. Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter Attack Mode
  207. Star Cases? Best plastic case for figures?
  208. Variations or screw ups??
  209. Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty
  210. when is..
  211. $125 Imperial Shuttle
  212. Star Wars Unleashed figures (merged)
  213. The new Ki figure
  214. Got my first Cinema Scene today
  215. New Lightsaber Colors !!!!!????
  217. Scalping goes to NEW low...
  218. Whats the deal with the new packaging!!
  219. Hasbro Mocks the Collector?
  220. Tallest Figure ?.
  221. New Accessory Sets!
  222. Clone color mystery SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Shmi and Sabe figures
  224. Where are you finding the Playskool sets?
  225. EU or not EU? (merged)
  226. Help Me Please!!!!
  227. C3-PO on a Jango Fett card
  228. Anakin Naboo Pilot Error / Variation?
  229. freeze frame sand trooper?
  230. My Design for a Deluxe Hoth Luke
  231. Evil Fig Versions!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. Are the carded SAGA figures falling off pegs more easily?
  233. Is your Royal Guard having paint problems w/ pike?
  234. Geonosian picador!! To be or Not to be
  235. Variations My Butt
  236. Scalpers in action at Celebration II!
  237. Right way Hasbro has taken???
  238. Mas Amedda
  239. my idea for a final duel luke and vader
  240. For those wondering about R3-T7
  241. What the h#!! is up with Amazon
  242. Commtech/talk query
  243. Where did you get your R2D2 w/ holographic Leia?
  244. Advice Column: OFF w/Nikto Jedi Cloak
  245. SAGA Figs: Best, Worst, Wishful Thinking
  247. 2nd Deluxe Anakin Skywalker & Deluxe Yoda.
  248. Under-Cover Bad Guys...
  249. Overkill?
  250. I'll never be able to find Chewy or Han