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  1. I just saw Rosemary's Baby
  2. Sir Anthony Hopkins writing Hannibal IV?
  3. DVD Christmas List
  4. Phone Booth shelved 'indefinitely"...
  5. Warner Bros to Rock with "Johnny Bravo"
  6. Watchmen Script Review at AICN!!!!!!!!
  7. Figures and DVDs are LETHAL!
  8. Anyone walk by VHS movies in the store........
  9. So, where's a Spielburg collection?
  10. Richard Harris has died
  11. cousins Film
  12. Star Wars toys in E.T.
  13. name of movie
  14. Dear Lord...JackÔss is the #1 movie in America.
  15. James Bond Special Edition DVDs $12!
  16. The last thing you see before you die is....The Ring
  17. Christopher Lee in Harry Potter? He's In Everything!
  18. FIVE Minutes From The Two Towers! New Footage! (link to dl!)
  19. Seinfeld
  20. Signs Vista Series Cover
  21. Mighty Mouse movie coming
  22. Freddy Vs. Jason, Holy Macaroni!
  23. Iron Fist
  24. New release site??
  25. Fantasic Four (Not the Corman Version)
  26. Pac Man The Movie
  27. The New DD trailer
  28. The Simpsons/Futurama Commentaries
  29. Terminator 3 Website
  30. 8 mile, eminem's new film, 50 million weekend???
  31. Jeepers Creepers 2 Title
  32. The Two Towers: Double Disc Set?
  33. Pokemon The 5th. Movie
  34. Deleted Scenes From The Ring
  35. FOTR Extended Edition- review it!
  36. Stan Lee Sues Marvel Over Spiderman Movie
  37. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  38. Actor James Coburn dies at 74
  39. Deuce 2 and Dumb and Dumberer
  40. Hulk movie
  41. 007 Bond Movies and Fans
  42. Garfield making his way to the big screen
  43. Next Star Trek movie
  44. The Films of John Carpenter
  45. First Garfield, now Spongebob
  46. Extra Extra read all about the new pokemon movie.....
  47. Just when you were sick of hearing how "racist" Star Wars supposedly is....(LOTR's)
  48. Newspaper/magazine adds between George and Steve
  49. Friday After Next
  50. Lord of the Rings!!!!
  51. Best perfomance by these actors?
  52. Star Trek Continues to Satisfy America's Quest for Moral Clarity
  53. Nightmare on Elm Street Prequel!!!!
  54. lord of the ring clothing
  55. Star Trek: Nemesis Reviews
  56. the core.
  57. Bruce Almighty
  58. Dreamcatcher
  59. Review the Two Towers here!
  60. Something I don't understand in Star Trek Nemesis
  61. Back to the Future DVD fake widescreen???
  62. Goldmember features deactivated?
  63. gandalf and sauron are the same race???
  64. Catch Me If You Can: Movie Of The Year
  65. Friends: The Movie
  66. Best and Worst of 2002
  67. The Hobbit
  68. Kangaroo Jack
  69. Civilization collapses...Star Wars survives.
  70. X-Men 2 questions
  71. Two Towers: Was Gimli supposed to be funny?
  72. Yes!!!! 3 Stooges!!!!!!!
  73. All time favorite movies
  74. Favorite movies of 2002
  75. Reviews
  76. Favorite Bad Movies and TV shows
  77. The second Daredevil trailer
  78. Crossover Movies
  79. Malcolm In The Middle: Region 2?
  80. Has no one else noticed the "Stormtrooper scream" in the Two Towers???
  81. Sequels to Dominate 2003 Movie Lineup
  82. Some people wait a lifetime for a crap movie like this
  83. Rambo vs. Bin Laden?
  84. Frailty: the Matthew McConaughey/Bill Paxton film
  85. The Future of James Bond (merged)
  86. A Sound of Thunder
  87. Anybody else been lucky enough to see "28 Days Later?"
  88. the new japanese matrix trailer rocks
  89. Metroid=Good Movie?
  90. Just saw "Following"
  91. Matrix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  92. Any word on The Lion King DVD?
  93. Matrix Reloaded Discussion
  94. Spielberg's Next Movie
  95. MEMENTO director to helm next batman film
  96. opinions on Ali?
  97. WTH: Hot Wheels: The Movie!?!?!?!
  98. final destination 2
  99. Superbit DVDs
  100. PIERS ANTHONY FANS REJOICE!!! On A Pale Horse being made!!
  101. Anyone enjoying an academy award's dept. viewing DVD of LOTR:TT???
  102. Animatrix is here
  103. Wonder Woman: The Movie
  104. Go see Final Destination 2 , if you liked FD1
  105. Starship Troopers 2
  106. Patrick Stewart, Done as Picard? Say it ain't so.
  107. Oscars 2003
  108. Indiana Jones DVD By the End of the YEAR!!
  109. Driver, the latest video game to become a movie
  110. Iron Man: The Movie
  111. What movies have affected you emotionally?
  112. Van Helsing
  113. Women sues theater over pre-movie advertisments
  114. Old School
  115. Worst Movie Lines (merged)
  116. Am I the only person who's seen or has the DVD of Death of a Cheerleader?
  117. Elektra and DD2 are confirmed
  118. TNT's Salem's Lot
  119. The Life of David Gale..... with SPOILERS!!!
  120. Was 'Nemesis' that bad?
  121. Does anyone else not love LOTR
  122. Pulp Fiction
  123. Tears of the Sun
  124. the Ring 2?
  125. Any Puppet master fans?
  126. The Creature From The Black Lagoon
  127. Children of Dune
  128. Pre Movie Quiz
  129. Return of the Living Dead 4 and 5
  130. Your Favorite Spielberg Flick
  131. Star Wars in Thirty Minutes
  132. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty
  133. The Princess Bride
  134. Bulletproof Monk
  135. Dangerous Mind
  136. Horror fans rejoice!
  137. The adventures of Sherlock Holmes' smarter brother.
  138. Your DVD Collection
  139. 2003 Movie Checklist
  140. Jackson's King Kong Confirmed.
  141. Help - Name that movie
  142. What IS a Neubian?
  143. Is Aleay still going to be in matrix 2?
  144. The Punisher movie (merged)
  145. I Am Legend - What could've been, what could still be.
  146. Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses *Spoilers*
  147. Homey don't play dat!
  148. Harry Potter on DVD
  149. Starsky and Hutch
  150. As if one Street Fighter movie wasn't enough
  151. My patience pays off (The Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves thread)
  152. Donnie Darko
  153. Song of the South
  154. Ghost Rider
  155. At long last.......
  156. Aflac and J-Lo
  157. Scary Movie 3 the Wayans bros are out and Kevin Simth is in.
  158. DVD Wishlist/What do you want on dvd (merged)
  159. Ric Olie was in Wayne's World 2 ?
  160. Knight Rider
  161. Coolest Alien Species in any film
  162. Spirited Away
  163. the Whilly Wonka remake,Marlyn Manson may be the new Wonka.
  164. Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
  165. What's your favorite animated film?
  166. Alien Rerelease for Halloween (Merged)
  167. Actors you think have broken the curse of the typecast.
  168. Favorite Stephen King Story Turned Movie
  169. Any Chaplin fans here?
  170. Thundercats Hooooooo!!!
  171. Hulk TV movies
  172. Identity
  173. "A Mighty Wind" is Mighty Funny!
  174. Movie: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  175. James Bond X-Men Connection- can you spot it?
  176. Austin Powers 4 - For Your Thighs Only
  177. Are you Ready For "2 Fast 2 Furious"
  178. LOTR: TTT on DVD!!!
  179. American Pie 3
  180. Hey! Hey! Hey! CGI Fat Albert to Rumble onto the Big Screen!
  181. "Return of the King" (LOTR)- SPOILERS- let the fanboy whining commence!!
  182. What was the last film you felt like going back and seeing again?
  183. Comic Book Movies
  184. Vega Bros/Glorious Bast...
  185. Ready for anther Ewan McGregor movie
  186. The Lecter Variation: The Story Of Young Hannibal Lecter
  187. Neo vs. Luke Skywalker! Who'd Win?!
  188. Say it ain't so, Robert Stack died
  189. Is it X-Men 2 Or X2?
  190. Matrix Series ***Possible Spoilers***
  191. "Atlas Shrugged" the movie
  192. M. Night Shyamalan's The Village (aka the Woods)
  193. Art vs. Entertainment?
  194. UHF
  195. George Romero+Rob Zombie=?
  196. Thor movie- due out June 4th, 2010!
  197. What is the Animatrix?
  198. Finding Nemo
  199. No Thor, but Cage fans might be happy
  200. Helms Deep - Greatest Battle Ever?
  201. Fifth and Sixth 'Alien' Movie Plots Revealed!! (merged)
  202. Treasure Planet
  203. Anyone Have The New T2 Extreme DVD?
  204. Abysmal THX - 1138
  205. Live action Transformers movie.
  206. Indiana Jones DVD
  207. Cool stuff happening in my neighborhood!
  208. When are the other 007 movies getting released?
  209. Peter Pan
  210. Return of the King Teaser Poster
  211. 28 Days Later *SPOILERS*
  212. Turner Classic Movies
  213. Goodbye, Kate...
  214. Favorite Out of the 4 Summer Blockbusters: X-Men, Matrix, Hulk, or Terminator?
  215. Superman movie has Hayden Christiansen as contender for Clark Kent role
  216. The Gods Must be Crazy
  217. They are going to make a sequel to TRAINSPOTTING!!!!!!
  218. pirates of the carribean
  219. LXG-League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  220. No Final Destination 2 For Region 2?
  221. Mystery Men
  222. Another DVD question
  223. Gangs of New York
  224. Bob Hope on the road to..............
  225. American Wedding
  226. Dukes Of Hazzard (merged)
  227. Monkey Wars Episode I: The Phantom Taliban
  228. Indiana Jones DVD info
  229. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  230. Movie Attendance
  231. LOTR: The Return of the King thread
  232. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  233. The Last of the Mohicans
  234. Charles Bronson's deathwish finally cameabout....
  235. The Patriot
  236. "Predator 3" Arnold Schwarznegger replaced,and a littel Blade 3 news as well.
  237. The "Whatever Happened To" DVD thread
  238. Glory!
  239. The Order
  240. Actor John Ritter Dies at 54
  241. Gods and Generals
  242. Gene Hackman fans soundoff!
  243. Gettysberg fans soundoff!
  244. Let's talk "Underworld" (spoilers)
  245. Dances with Wolves
  246. Jersey Girl (spoilers)
  247. Lets Talk Bowling for Columbine
  248. Orsen Welles' Batman
  249. Halloween.....the Anime Version
  250. 'X-3' & 'Wolverine: The Movie' News!! (spoilers)