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  11. What do you think?
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  18. How about some COSTUME replicas?
  19. Does anyone have a FX Anakin lightsaber?
  20. How 'bout some licensed SW paintball guns?
  21. Does anyone have Luke's ROTJ saber hilt?
  22. Original Darth Vader helmet on eBay
  23. FX Anakin Lightsaber for $79.99
  24. MASTER REPLICAS- What numbers do you have?
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  27. Display Cases for Darth Maul Saber & Jedi Training Remote
  28. Armor Help...PLeaseeeee
  29. Some urgent FX lightsaber help please
  30. Mr Luke Esb Saber
  31. Code 3: Millenium Falcon Images!!
  32. Star Wars Lithographs
  33. Anyone Have an ICONS X-Wing or Tie?
  34. Problems with FX Lightsaber
  35. Difference between the TOMY Lightsabers and those from Master Replicas
  36. Original Movie Posters
  37. MR Obi-Wan ANH vs. Icons Obi-Wan ANH
  38. Displays for multiple sabers?
  39. Broken Vader Master Replica???
  40. Clonetrooper Blaster Replica
  41. Places to buy?
  42. How much should I expect to pay for?
  43. Custom Saber
  44. Blade Help!!
  45. Register Your Master Replicas Lightsaber Edition #'s Here!
  46. Jango Fetts Blasters
  47. Need a Display Case
  48. force fx sabers
  49. MBNA Chrome Darth Vader Mini Bust
  50. Master Replicas Jedi Training Remote - $99!
  51. Thermal Detonator Revealed
  52. Vader FX saber - defect?
  53. What is your Limited Number Master Replica?
  54. Screen Used Darth Vader Helmet
  55. What should come next from Master Replica?
  56. Luke FX saber with holes in the blade
  57. Mini Replicas
  58. Darth Maul Battle Damage Lighersaber
  59. Damaged Mace Lightsaber
  60. FX Anakin lightsaber
  61. where can buy MR obi-wan AOTC lightsaber
  62. Need help from anyone who has the Luke ESB Master Replicas lightsaber!
  63. 5% of all the Scaled Replicas will be Gold plated!
  64. $34.95 MR Vader Saber on sale at FAO Schwartz!
  65. well done master replicas indeed
  66. Check out this AT-ST!!!
  67. vader fx blade question
  68. Armor Questions..
  69. Has Master Replicas gone too far? Emperor's Cane, Yavin Ceremony Medals.
  70. Code 3 Collectibles - Slave I!!!
  71. link to E-11 replica Stormtrooper blaster
  72. Code 3's Slave I - is it 12"? Update - not even close
  73. Officially licensed Armor?!?!?!
  74. Has anyone gotten the Code 3 Falcon or X-Wing?
  75. Question about Master Replica Luke F/X Lightsaber
  76. Master Replicas Toy Fair 2004 Coverage
  77. WAH......expensive shipping cost for Jedi collection -MR
  78. Prop/Replica party
  79. Ships/Vehicles/Transports you'd like to see Code 3 do next.
  80. Medal of Yavin shipping soon!
  81. Force FX Lightsabers in Australia
  82. 2004, What high-end collectibles are you getting? (MR, GG, etc.)
  83. GG Chewie statue pic
  84. MR at Wally World
  85. Know the price for the Icons X-Wing Fighter Replica?
  86. May I Talk Mr Product - Lord Of The Rings Fx Sword
  87. Trouble for Master Replicas?
  88. MR Stormtrooper Blaster production run lowered.
  89. News Release From Mr
  90. It's Going To Be An MR Summer!
  91. Wa.....OBI-WAN AOTC $820 in ebay
  92. ebay have new FX
  93. han solo ESB blaster
  94. Basement Display
  95. Rattling in Vader FX Saber?
  96. Mr Blaster Pre-order Day July 1
  97. Mini-Lightsaber Size?
  98. Mr Blaster On Sell Now
  99. Bad Service from MR, what happened? (merged)
  100. OT: MR Alien vs Predator
  101. SW Clone Wars ARC Trooper Maquette preorder @ TFAW
  102. Luke esb & windu fx sabers!
  103. Gentle Giants 7" Sandtrooper on Dewback Statue Diorama
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  105. Luke esb and mace fx sabers NOW SHIPPING!!!:)
  106. Republic Gunship and 18" Imperial AT-AT Walker next for Code3?
  107. Suprise Mr Obi Wan 45% Gold Saber All Brother Quick Quick To Pre-order
  108. Master Replicas At-At In last call
  109. Luke ESB Force FX Lightsaber from Master Replicas
  110. Display Case Help
  111. Master Replicas to make SnowSpeeder
  112. Mace FX blade problem?
  113. MR .45 Scale Sith Lightsaber Collection
  114. MASTER REPLICAS-Elite Editions
  115. any plans of making a dooku force FX saber?
  116. Did Anyone Get An EE Luke?
  117. MR At-At Sold Out
  118. Masterpiece Replicas
  119. Vader FX power down question
  120. Ebay Exclusive .45 Luke Now Available
  121. Another Lightsaber Replica on the way! SPOILER!
  122. MR At-At Has Arrived
  123. Walmart Exclusive Mini saber now available
  124. Stormtrooper Blaster Pushed Back
  125. Master Replicas 2005 Plan of Attack!
  126. Master Replicas Snow Speeder
  127. Length of Lightsaber Hilt
  128. UK Toy Fair pic
  129. .45 Scale Blaster Replicas Anyone?
  130. Anakins Lightsaber in ROTS
  131. Master Replicas Revenge Of The Sith On Sale Now
  132. Toy Fair Questions for Master Replicas
  133. Experiments with Force FX
  134. New Master Replica Website
  135. NEW Master Replicas Thread
  136. Code 3
  137. Help needed to remove force fx blade
  138. Hello From Master Replicas!
  139. Smoked Darth Sidious lightsaber Best Buy EXCLUSIVE
  140. Best Buy has the FX sabers in.
  141. UK Obi Wan Kenobi .45 Weathered Lightsaber available at WalMart.com!
  142. question about luke jedi fx
  143. Darth Vader Sweepstakes
  144. Where can I find....
  145. FX Lightsaber problems?
  146. Finally getting a replica!
  147. MR told me something at C 3
  148. Thank You!!
  149. Master Replicas Ramblings
  150. Master Replicas Scaled Lightsabers
  151. MR Trivia Giveaway!!
  152. Question about the Steve interview and the Obi ROTS Fx, a Amy, Steve, any info on ..
  153. mace fx light saber???
  154. Wal-Mart carries Master Replicas
  155. Scaled Rep. Questions
  156. ROTS Anakin Mini Saber Question
  157. Any plans to make a Episode II Anakin Mini?
  158. Is Best Buy going to be a regular MR reseller???
  159. Obi-Wan "As First Built By" saber question
  160. MR Authorized retailers
  161. Yoda Mini?
  162. The Official Star Wars Masks & Helmets Thread
  163. Just ordered my first full size lightsaber
  164. Come Play With Master Replicas!
  165. Official Supersize Approved Reformed CS Thread
  166. Authenic Costume Replicas - $100!!!!
  167. 1:1 scale saber display cases
  168. New Vader LE lightsaber (poss spoiler)
  169. Edition sizes for the ROTS lightsabers???
  170. FX...what the?
  171. FX blasters?
  172. Cases for the .45 lightsabers
  173. Vader lightsaber question
  174. Just got two LE lightsabers in one day
  175. Need Master Replica's Replacement Parts?
  176. My collection pics
  177. What's this gold mini EpIII Anakin lightsaber I found??
  178. NEW Collector's Society launch date?
  179. MR .45 mini Lightsabers
  180. Yoda Mini Saber
  181. CS full Maul .45 mini saber
  182. Yoda ROTS Lightsaber??
  183. ESB Han Solo Blaster
  184. Just Arrived in the Mail
  185. Mr Announcement Coming Soon!!
  186. Which FX saber should I get first?
  187. Deconstructment.
  188. Vinyl Models
  189. MAster replica confused????
  190. AT-AT SE pics on MR Blog
  191. Force FX display stands? (merged)
  192. Ok, So what's the best place to get...
  193. Obi-Wan weathered has gone through the roof
  194. MR Authorized Dealers
  195. Any Suggestions for Displaying?
  196. Which Vader LE?
  197. A little help from the board?
  199. Exclusive Black Chrome Anakin .45 Lightsaber
  200. FX Lightsabers
  201. Why Master Replicas suck...
  202. Anyone else who bought At-At and is sour...
  203. Obi-1 and Anakin LE
  204. One more 45 in the pile
  205. Time is ticking for the Luke EE
  206. Question for those "in the know..."
  207. Clone Trooper Blasters
  208. New Vader LE ROTS
  209. Has anyone gotten their MR Membership kit?
  210. Master Replicas vs. ICONS
  211. Scout Trooper pistol
  212. Reselling older models
  213. New LED Luke Jedi Saber - Front SSG News
  214. My Wish List
  215. Master Replicas Helmet
  216. ROTS Edition Sizes
  217. Mace Windu FX is in the HOUSE!!!
  218. No minis for me...
  219. Price Check for Scaled
  220. Everywhere you looked at Comic Con - you saw Master Replicas lightsabers
  221. Batman and Van Helsing would be cool places for Master Replicas to go
  222. Dear Master Replicas...Need Darth Vader Reveal
  223. Potential Starter
  224. Got the Sidious Mini in the stack now
  225. New Collectors Society Member
  226. FX Luke Jedi from Borders
  227. Just wanted to drop in and say "hello!"
  228. Stormtrooper Blaster
  229. Scaled Mace on MR
  230. The Star Corps Trooper Helmet on sale!
  231. Matching Numbers
  232. How do you display your .45s?
  233. Master Replicas Trivia and More on 8/5 @ 3:00 PST
  234. Ebay & FX
  235. Known upcoming releases and dates of Master Replica items
  236. Kick Borders Books to the curb!!!!!!
  237. Sites to Watch Out For
  238. What's next with .45 Scaled?
  239. Here it comes!! MR Collectors Kit on the way!
  240. 2004 Collector's Society Saber for Sale!
  241. Studio Scale Helmet release dates
  242. Is the Luke Skywalker ROTJ .45 worth getting?
  243. Should I get back into Minis?
  244. Mini's lifespan
  245. MR Shipping Question
  246. What's up with releasing EEs first?
  247. more than one helmet?
  248. uncool helmet sales
  249. .45 sacle ROTS Obi-Wan saber...
  250. Dream want list