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  1. The Osbournes - Best New Show !
  2. Band of Brothers, OZ, The Sopranos
  3. Six feet Under
  4. Star Trek: Enterprise - This Week's Ep
  5. Dead Zone TV Series - Worth Watching!
  6. Crank Yankers!
  7. 80's TV/Movie cable network
  8. Sci-Fi Channel Cancels Farscape!!!
  9. RATS! ...on fox
  10. Push, Nevada......
  11. Smallville's Season 2 Premier is tonight!
  12. Celebrity Daredevils Live
  13. Fastlane!!!!!!!!!
  14. Do Over
  15. New He Man cartoons
  16. Birds of Prey (Batman / Catwoman's daughter) Premiers Today!
  17. Favorite SNL skit
  18. Treehouse of Horror
  19. 24 Season 1 is out on DVD!
  20. The Simpsons Season 3, Please Reply (Jar Jar)
  21. New Ninja Turtles Theme
  22. Spider Man cartoon.....
  23. 20/20
  24. George Lucas vs. David Spade ? (Just Shoot Me)
  25. Clone Wars: The Animated Series (merged)
  26. DANG South Park was HILARIOUS last night!!!!!!
  27. Confirmed?? - CLONE WARS cartoon
  28. What TV shows do you watch?
  29. CSI: First Season Cover and Disc Art
  30. Sci-Fi Channel Programming: What the hell?!
  31. Droids and Ewoks cartoons on DVD?
  32. Steven Spielberg presents "TAKEN"
  33. French & Saunders present...
  34. Anime shows
  35. The Funniest/Dumbest show you never saw...
  36. Cast a brand new Star Trek crew! Who should be on the next ship?
  37. George Lucas on Carrie Fisher...LOL...the TV show!
  38. Holiday Special
  39. NE1 ever watch the Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles?
  40. GI Joe: Wow this is cool!!
  41. Anybody watchin' Firefly?
  42. John Ratzenberger
  43. Sci-Fi Channel is pulling an "MTV" on us
  44. Battlestar Galactica is coming Back! Whoo-hoo!
  45. Favorite Seinfeld moments
  46. I need help form some DC comic Superman Fans (related to Smallville)
  47. "Thumb Wars" on TV again
  48. favorite shows
  49. Married with Children
  50. Anyone try watching "The Shield?"
  51. twilight zone
  52. Digimon: Gone or Back?
  53. Is Power Rangers to Old?
  54. Ted Danson
  55. Am I twisted, or what?
  56. Anybody know if and when...
  57. What do you watch
  58. V (the tv show)
  59. Since when do Transformers have lightsabers?
  60. Anyone watch 'BRIDEZILLAS'
  61. 'Fess up! Who's watching American Idol?
  62. Family Guy
  63. Kingpin
  64. Michael Jackson Documentary
  65. The Most sensational, inspirational, celebrational...
  66. Don't make me Angry...
  67. What Happened to NBC Tuesdays??
  68. Six Feet Under, DVD
  69. New TMNT Cartoon
  70. GIJoe on DVD!
  71. Dragnet, just the facts... or not
  72. Who watched "Are you Hot?" ?!?
  73. Simpsons 300th episode
  74. On-screen graphics getting out of control!
  75. da jimminy krimminel show ;)
  76. Alias Star Jennifer Garner is married to a goofball!?
  77. Animation Style- weak.
  78. Mr. Rogers, rest in peace.
  79. What else could be made into a movie?
  80. Stargate SG-1
  81. Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt
  82. Reality TV, where shall it draw the line?
  83. Anyone Watching "Profiles From The Front Line"?
  84. Count Duckula...?
  85. Your favorite show on DVD!!!
  86. Lynne Thigpen has died
  87. Farscape: Series Finale Airs Friday!
  88. Rock & Roll Hall of fame
  89. The Muppet Show
  90. Sci Fi Pictures: Riverworld
  91. Sopranos Season 4 DVDs?
  92. Are you enjoying the war? Can I get you some popcorn?
  93. 24 is back on today, it's about time... What happend again?
  94. All time favorite SNL host?
  95. What is your favorite Sitcom or Comedy Show?
  96. George Lucas on A&E's The Directors on 4/3
  97. Anyone catch The PITTS! What did you think?
  98. Emmy-Winning Actor Michael Jeter Dies
  99. Sci Fi Channel New Shows & Stuff
  100. Who Shot Mr. Burns???
  101. Graham Norton in the US
  102. Should the US gov't have asked Geraldo to leave Iraq?
  103. NBC's David Bloom dies
  104. for all you WWE fans or WCW fans GoldBergs Back!
  105. Family Guy on Cartoon Network
  106. Beauty and the Beast
  107. Funny commercials
  108. Oliver Beene
  109. The Flash!
  110. Speed Racer DVD's
  111. American Chopper
  112. 'I Love the 80's' on VH1
  113. Cowboy Bebop DVD's
  114. Anakin on the Eco-challenge
  115. Rurouni Kenshin
  116. The Incredible Hulk meets Thor and Daredevil !
  117. X-Men Evolution
  118. That 70s Show SW references (merged)
  119. Futurama Cancelled
  120. Buffy DIES!!
  121. The Amazing Race 4
  122. Do you need your house remodeled?
  123. Crime and Punishment
  124. Ahnuld hosts 100 Heroes & Villains
  125. MTV movie awards?who watched it?
  126. V: The Second Generation!!!
  127. Anybody watch "Keen Eddie"?
  128. Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly K..E..L..L..Y
  129. Star Wars reference in Liquid Plumber commercial
  130. Spiderman
  131. Cartoon Network is really making me mad!!!!!
  132. Under Grads
  133. TV Critics Association gets Clone Wars preview
  134. Wouldn't it be awesome if Cartoon Network did a Shadows of the Empire Cartoon?
  135. Anybody catch "Teen Titans" cartoon?
  136. Can Star Trek Be Saved?
  137. The Tick comes to DVD!
  138. Fuse
  139. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
  140. The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson
  141. Sam Jackson on TBDSSP
  142. I Love the 70s on VH1
  143. Forever Knight!!!
  144. New Battlestar Galactica. Seen anything?
  145. Family Guy: The Thread!!! (merged)
  146. Enterprise Season 3 premiere!!!
  147. Smallville Season 3
  148. The Flash (Aka WB Plans to Butcher Another Classic DC Character!)
  149. "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter" will continue w/o Ritter
  150. Er
  151. An All Horror Channel
  152. Goodbye Whitey
  153. My Ed got stolen.....I NEED ED (and want others)
  154. ReBoot Cartoon
  155. Battlestar Galatica DVD set
  156. Clone Wars Counting Down Screen Saver
  157. Threat Matrix
  158. Are they that bad?
  159. 24 Season 3 (merged)
  160. alias: season 3
  161. CLONE WARS Cartoon Network site is ONLINE!!
  162. I love the 80s Strikes Back
  163. Clone Wars World Premiere in Plano, TX This Weekend!
  164. TiVo
  165. Batman: The Animated Thread
  166. NIP/TUCK on FX
  167. Super-duper mega deal on the new Looney Toons DVDs
  168. OK, so where is the cartoon schedule?
  169. I can't watch Clone Wars on Website?!?!
  170. Choose Your Jedi: a Hammerhead, Wolfman, or Talz (Muftak's species) - for the cartoon
  171. When Zombies Attack or the P.M.A.C.
  172. DR. WHO is coming back to television
  173. WB to cast new DARK SHADOWS
  174. The fate of FARSCAPE will be revealed tomorrow
  175. The Simpons tick off FoxNews and they threaten to sue
  176. 'Family Guy' may return
  177. MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: The Final Schedule
  178. Clone Wars toon Marathon - all 10 episodes, date and time!
  179. The Flintstones & The Jetsons on DVD 2004
  180. The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.
  181. DVD Awards on FX
  182. Star Wars Kid-esque Ed episode
  183. Please help with X-files final Season name list
  184. The Simpsons so bad my dad called
  185. HELP- "Tomorrow People"- old UK show on DVD
  186. The "CG Dinosaur Nature Documentaries" Thread
  187. The Young Ones
  188. Favorite Simpsons quotes
  189. George Lucas does a Japanese commerical w/Stormtroopers
  190. Ab Fab is back!
  191. GALACTICA TV-series given greenlight?
  192. TMNT: Classic First Season DVD - April 20th
  193. Star Trek The Original Series
  194. what are the best sitcoms ever?
  195. Original Spider-Man Cartoons on DVD
  196. "The Batman" swoops onto Kids WB!!
  197. The WB's Charmed
  198. The WB has cancelled Angel
  199. Quantum Leap Coming To Dvd!!!
  200. latenite chitchat
  201. Will they make another Beast Wars series?
  202. Sealab 2021: Season 1 and ATHF V.2 DVDs!!
  203. Top ten canceled TV shows
  204. Justice League revamped into Justice League Unlimited!!
  205. Oscars Sold Out to Lords Trilogy
  206. West Wing....help!!!!!!!!
  207. The Apprentice
  208. The Sopranos Season 5
  209. The Shield: Season 3!
  210. I miss Tales from the Crypt. (Now with DVD news!)
  211. Days of Our Lives
  212. What are good new sitcoms of late?
  213. Simpsons Season 4 DVD announced for June 04!
  214. Chappelle's Show
  215. Who watched The SImpsons tonight?
  216. New director, first casting for DARK SHADOWS
  217. DOCTOR WHO: The ninth Doctor is in!
  218. "Sex and the City" Comes to an End....
  219. Simpsons actors walk out
  220. Anyone watch the premier of Deadwood?
  221. Make the Ultimate Star Trek Crew
  222. With the success of the Clone Wars, How about...
  223. Yea! "Laverne & Shirley" is back on TV!!!
  224. I'm spicy! The funniest commercial of all time!!
  225. King of the Hill
  226. Live action SW series in the works? (merged)
  227. "Ghost in the Shell" sequel
  228. Does anyone else not care about Friends ending?
  229. "A Wrinkle in Time"...
  230. Survivor: All-Stars - you choose who wins $1 million
  231. The Olson Twins are hosting SNL this week.
  232. Does anyone not care, Part 2: Frasier ends tonight
  233. I Love The 90s on VH1
  234. Clone Wars Season 3 (and beyond?)
  235. Boost Mobile Phone Commericals
  236. SW made for TV movies
  237. Favorite/least favorite reality TV personality
  238. Alright Citibank, that's enough out of you.
  239. "Nightmare on Elm Street:Real Nightmare" reality show coming to CBS
  240. That Jeopardy Guy, Ken Jennings (merged)
  241. No Daleks in New Doctor Who!
  242. TV show theme songs
  243. WOOT!! Home Movies: Season 1 on DVD - 11/16!!
  244. Jimmy Smits on Conan
  245. Stargate Atlantis
  246. You Eediot! - Ren & Stimpy Season 1 & 2 DVD Set!!
  247. It's a Festivus miracle!
  248. What TV shows would you like to see released on DVD?
  249. ABC's Lost
  250. Why am I watching my 5th straight episode of Full House ?