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  1. Your Favorite Musical Acts.
  2. Tom Jones rules!!
  3. Crazy Joan Osborne question
  4. The Nightwatchman: One Man Revolution
  5. The POLICE in Concert... and "Oh, no... Stewart's at it again." *shakes head*
  6. Bon Jovi Lost Highway
  7. Anybody listening to Icky Thump yet?
  8. An Evening With Roger Waters
  9. You know what album doesn't hold up anymore...?
  10. Must see artist
  11. How many of us can relate to this?
  12. The Simpsons Movie soundtrack
  13. Great Band/Album Names
  14. There needs to be a $%&#in' law: NO MORE DUETS WITH DEAD PEOPLE!!
  15. Zepplin Reuniting
  16. Best poop references
  17. This is the thread where everyone talks about Mad Slanted Powers talking about his m
  18. Radiohead cutting out the record label
  19. RIAA Gone Wild
  20. Arguably the Best....Lets discuss
  21. Song of the Day for you
  22. Best Live album?
  23. Music of SW: 30th Anniv. set
  24. best albums that are not by members of your own ethnicity or not rock.
  25. Star Wars Trumpet Solo
  26. John Williams
  27. The Lost Dimension of two sides
  28. RIP Ike Turner
  29. Who should record a Christmas song/album?
  30. Rarities collections
  31. Queensryche's Amazing Charity Effort - THIS is Progressive Rock!
  32. Undeserving "Greatest Hits" compilations?
  33. The return of STP!
  34. Dokken
  35. RIP Jeff Healey
  36. The NIN Album I've Waited Years For!
  37. The Loudness War, or, that's why Icky Thump sounds like crap.
  38. Brian Wilson Presents: SMile
  39. Rockin' Deuce
  40. The really sad thing about Indiana Jones IV
  41. RIP Bo Diddley
  42. Did You Guys See Larry King Join Motley Crue?
  43. Speaker Rot
  44. What the heck is this?
  45. Will there be a Clone Wars soundtrack?
  46. Binary Sunset cue in ROTJ is a fitting touch
  47. Weezer
  48. Make your own kind of music
  49. AC/DC Black Ice
  50. Live recordings (and you?)
  51. Aliens: The Deluxe Edition Soundtrack
  52. Farwell Rick Wright
  53. Why I will be inclined to listen to the radio, instead of my "ready to listens" music
  54. iTunes 8...Genius
  55. Holy Monkey: GnR "Chinese Democracy" "due out Nov. 23rd"
  56. Anyone listen to Satellite Radio?
  57. Now this is METAL!!!
  58. Queensryche: American Soldier - coming soon!
  59. Guitar Help.......
  60. What Songs Were #1 When You Were Born?
  61. Looking for an out-of-print CE3K John Williams track...
  62. Another reason I love Etta James
  63. Any U2 Fans Out There?
  64. Who [listens to] the Watchmen [soundtrack(s)]?
  65. RIP Koko Taylor
  66. Nickelback
  67. RIP Michael Jackson
  68. Quick Question: Michael Jackson (RIP)
  69. RIP Les Paul
  70. Music by the Decade: 80s
  71. Music by the Decade: 90s
  72. Music by the Decade: 70s
  73. Music by the 'Decade': 00s
  74. Music by the Decade: The 60s
  75. Music By the Decade: The '50s
  76. To quote Vader, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"
  77. Rocky IV Soundtrack has great songs to workout to
  78. Looking for a song, and could use some help
  79. Zune Users?
  80. My Star Wars Parody Song
  81. STP - new album - June 1, 2010
  82. Move over Sy Snootles & David Hasselhoff... it's time for Trololo Man
  83. Ratt
  84. Lyrics Help
  85. iTunes vs Media Player
  86. Happy Birthday MTV!!!
  87. When "Star Wars" shows up in music...
  88. It took me about 27 years to figure out what Tina Turner's "hair" looked like...
  89. Linkin Park
  90. Who is your favorite rock star?
  91. Cool stuff to kill time!
  92. Muse - The Resistance
  93. R.E.M. calls it quits...
  94. The Worst Heavy Metal Albums of ALL TIME!!!!
  95. Iced Earth
  96. Queensryche breaking up and all the legal and lethal details
  97. Clone Wars on vinyl!
  98. TFA Soundtrack!
  99. Do You?/Could You?/Should They? (musical identification)
  100. Rogue One soundtrack