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  1. Music that makes us think of Star Wars
  2. Who saw the pretender GNR on MTV last night?
  3. The Metallica Thread
  4. What are you listening to? (merged)
  5. Weird Al
  6. Who likes listening to RICHARD MARX?
  7. Jane's Addiction "Strays"
  8. Unique CD's in your collection
  9. What's the deal with the White Stripes?
  10. "Singers" who can't "sing"
  11. Fallout from online music sharing
  12. the beatles to release "let it be" in it's original form
  13. Will John Williams be remembered as the Mozart of our time.
  14. Hell has obviously frozen over, and pigs can clearly fly!
  15. Rolling Stone back with more silliness: The Top 500 Albums
  16. Cover versions: Banjo Iron Maiden on NPR!
  17. Ozzy seriously injured in an accident
  18. Favorite traditional (or non) Christmas songs
  19. "dark Shadows" Audio Drama Sequel!!!
  20. Favorite Bands?
  21. Do music artists "private" lives affect your liking of their music?
  22. Britney Spears Married?!
  23. Internet music...or...The death of consumer CD's
  24. IPOD and Car Stereos
  25. For Music Lovers
  26. Move over, Velvet Revolver. Yet another GNR/STP spinoff's in town!
  27. The Metallica movie.........
  28. Megadeth is back
  29. Who are these guys?
  30. The new Napster kicks!!!
  31. Hey Ya, Charlie Brown
  32. What happens when they play music of a band disbanded?
  33. SightandSoundGuide.com?!?!
  34. XM Radio - CINEMAGIC - What's your favorite soundtrack or song?
  35. Star Wars Trance and Other versions
  36. Probot?
  37. Opeth - Lamentations
  38. Cd Refund
  39. Metallica Live
  40. Songs Inspired By The Passion of the Christ: Is it just me, or is this just wrong?
  41. Worst Song Ever
  42. Guns N' Roses pull out of Portugal Show
  43. Rolling Stones Top 50 of all time
  44. "Influential" = "Genius"?!?!
  45. Is Bob Dylan out of his dad-blamed mind?
  46. William Hung's "Inspiration"- check out music clips!!!
  47. "Smile" lives?
  48. Cobain's gettin' a movie!
  49. Songs you really can't listen to
  50. 50 Worst Article in BLENDER
  51. Hollywood Rose CD to surface!!!!!!!! Guns N' Roses
  52. Oh God NOOOOOOOO!
  53. Artist embeds his own face digitally into his music
  54. Best/Worst remakes or covers?
  55. "Music of Hollywood" Tour- Hear some film scores- including star wars!!
  56. Where have all the instrumentals gone?
  57. OZZFEST Announcement!!!!!!!!!!!!
  58. Scissor Sisters...!!!!
  59. Reversed Lyrics...
  60. The Top 100 By BBC Radio
  61. Slipknot To Record New Doctor Who Theme
  62. Creed is no more....so sad
  63. New drummer for Metallica
  64. Ray Charles has passed away
  65. Duran Duran is reuniting to record a new album
  66. B-Boys: To the 5 Burroughs
  67. Velvet Revolver's Contraband: GnFnR is back with a vengeance!
  68. VH1's 100 Greatest Hard Rock Artists: another stupid list for us to complain about!
  69. Songs to Represent the Decades
  70. Coventry
  71. Taking Back Sunday
  72. Any musicians here?
  73. Rick James........Dead
  74. Is "The River" Springsteen's best album ?
  75. Help with a song on Kill Bill 2
  76. New File sharing?
  77. Cool Radiohead flash
  78. Mastodon - Leviathan
  79. Blackfield - Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree & Aviv Geffen
  80. 2004 Vma
  81. Radiohead to release new song online
  82. Johnny Ramone has passed away
  83. Anyone else heard the Thorns' album?
  84. Hear "Vertigo" by U2...!!
  85. Ayreon - The Human Equation
  86. Action-Action
  87. Macy Gray is talented, but. . . .
  88. The Beatles....news!
  89. Music Downloads
  90. Song from K-Mart commercial
  91. the Curse
  92. It don't matter how you look at it, Aerosmith RULES!
  93. Hill Valley Preservation Society
  94. The U2 Discussion thread
  95. Overblown and overrated!
  96. Old Dirty Bast*&d...Dead
  97. The official Live appreciation thread
  98. Dimebag Darrell RIP
  99. Queen returns!
  100. Guilty Pleasures
  101. Ashlee Simpson Booed at NCAA title game
  102. Evanescence's Origin...
  103. So help me, I'm starting to actually LIKE some country music in my old age!
  104. Motley Crue - Red White and Crue
  105. Keane...sweet Band!
  106. Dream Theater fans?
  107. War songs
  108. Soundtrack release date?
  109. Seeking: Stephen Stills "Right by You"
  110. ROTS Soundtrack out 5/3, includes bonus DVD (merged)
  111. The Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B thread
  112. Foriegn Metal is where it is at...
  113. Why you should rob the music industry
  114. I saw Stephen King in concert tonight.
  115. Musical questions discussed?
  116. Top 3 worst lead vocalists in a rock band?
  117. Is it just me, or is DualDisc a new way to rip us off?
  118. ROTS & AOTC Ultimate Edition Soundtracks
  119. ROTS music vidz
  120. Hero falls music video (EIII clips)
  121. Hear "Video Game Music" live!!
  122. Missing tracks from ROTS Sountrack
  123. I wanna download disc 1 of TPM Ultimate Edition CD
  124. Any Metalheads out there?
  125. Kylie Minogue has breast cancer...
  126. New Gorillaz CD, "Demon Days"
  127. Coolest thing EVER on a John Williams soundtrack!!
  128. Trivia
  129. Best Female Bassist....
  130. Best Male Bassist Living....
  131. Strapping Young Lad???
  132. Coldplay's "X&Y"
  133. British Acts Breaking The States
  134. I'm not really a Black Eyed Peas fan so much as I am a Fergie fan.
  135. Smashing Pumpkins are reuniting!
  136. Recent CD Purchases
  137. Luther Vandross dies
  138. Live 8
  139. "Take me out" Star Wars music Video?????
  140. Uh huh, yeah
  141. That one guy from Color Me Badd - bad father but he'll sell you a wicked set of tires
  142. Help! This is driving me crazy...can u name this song!?
  143. Wanna hear something terrible? Yes-- this was a real group.
  144. I Hate My MTV!!!
  145. Drunk Ashlee Simpson invades Toronto McDonald's.
  146. So... NO ONE bought the Target SW compilation CD?
  147. What would you put on a SW Saga compilation disc?
  148. Need help with a song
  149. Brian Setzer Orchestra
  150. System of a Down
  151. Conan OBrien
  152. Self promotion: I got written up in a regional paper!!!
  153. RIP, John Lennon
  154. The Music Industry is Crying.
  155. ozzy
  156. What ever happened to the instrumentals?
  157. Oh, you sad pathetic little man
  158. Any fans of Saliva here?
  159. Whatever happened to Melanie?
  160. Any Arctic Monkeys fans here ? . . . . .
  161. RIP Wilson Pickett
  162. Compiling a list of great songs every man (women, too) should listen to
  163. An open letter to Mick Jagger
  164. R.I.P. Jay Dee of slum village
  165. Rob Zombie's got something new coming out
  166. Who knew Yanni was so violent?
  167. Rock Star Season II
  168. Metal + Star Wars
  169. Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime II!
  170. Bands that have hit rock bottom
  171. The Official Rick Rubin Appreciation Thread!
  172. The Johnny Cash Thread
  173. 666 the Number of the Beast!
  174. New Tom Petty out July 25!!
  175. I feel I've been cheated
  176. Country Music is the Work of the Devil
  177. Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd, dies
  178. Like the entire world didn't already know...
  179. Stevie Wonder doing "Superstition" on Sesame Street
  180. where to find songs?
  181. The 2006 VMAs... when I accidentally tuned in.
  182. Podcasts?
  183. A serious, albeit stupid-sounding, question
  184. This really makes me wonder about Clapton....
  185. Senility, thy name is Rod Stewart
  186. Robbie Williams' nods to Star Wars in "Viva Life on Mars"...
  187. Looks like Black Sabbath is back again... sorta
  188. Fun with Anthrax...
  189. Any recommendations for a DVD audio ripper?
  190. Quick question about the Beatles
  191. Quick question: Led Zeppelin
  192. Quick Question about Pink Floyd
  193. Quick question: The Stones
  194. quick question: AC/DC
  195. Quick question: Jimi Hendrix
  196. Quick Question: CCR
  197. Qucik Question: Billy Joel
  198. Quick Question: The Moody Blues
  199. Why do the record companies still do this garbage?
  200. Quick Question - The Cars
  201. Quick Question: Donna Summers
  202. Quick Question: Mama Cass
  203. Quick Questions: Living in a Box
  204. Quick Question: The Doors
  205. Quick question: Metallica
  206. Someone please help me!!!
  207. Quick question: Queen
  208. Quick question: U2
  209. Quick Question: Van Halen
  210. Quick Question Journey
  211. James Brown, Dead at 73
  212. Quick Question: Red Hot Chili Peppers
  213. Quick Question: Frank Zappa
  214. Quick Question: Pearl Jam
  215. Name that Tune
  216. Quick Question: Grateful Dead
  217. Quick Question: Hilary Duff
  218. Quick Question: Joan Jett
  219. Quick Question: Huey Lewis and the News
  220. Quick Question: Stone Temple Pilots
  221. Chick Question: Dixie Quicks
  222. Quick question: Neil Diamond
  223. Quick Question: one hit wonders
  224. Quick Questions: Williams Idol and Squier
  225. Unfunny washed-up radio host to front Van Halen
  226. Prince at Half-Time
  227. Quick Question: RUSH
  228. Songs for Guitar Hero 3
  229. I'd like to publicly apologize...
  230. 2007 Grammys
  231. RIP Audioslave
  232. Britney Spears: The Spiral Continues.....
  233. I hate Fall Out Boy
  234. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
  235. Any fans of Chicago here? (the band, not the NFL Team, NBA Team, MLB Teams, etc)
  236. The Bon Jovi appreciation thread
  237. jjreason's official Air Supply appreciation thread.
  238. Really quick question: White Lion
  239. Def Leppard deserves a thread here!
  240. Old Skid Row Rocks!
  241. Winger!!!
  242. This is the thread where Mad Slanted Powers talks about his music collection
  243. Great White: Still on fire for anyone?
  244. Phil Collins / Genesis
  245. As if we needed another reason why Keith Richards is completely insane...
  246. I love listening to my Ultimate Star Wars Soundtrack Playlist
  247. RIP Mark St John
  248. Most recognizable intros...EVER!
  249. Did Michael Damien do that cover of "Rock On" originally done by Bob Marley?
  250. Ethelyne - awesome new band