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  1. Need a hand from you history buffs
  2. RIP Madeline L'Engle
  3. [Blanking] A GALAXY
  4. I read that Death Star Book
  5. Star Wars Vault
  6. New Darth Vader POV book by Ryder Windham
  7. Jedi Twilight (in '08)
  8. Give SW Legacy Comics Another Chance
  9. KOTOR Comics Not Terribly Riveting - Second Chances?
  10. Happy Birthday Superman!!
  11. Why is Wonder Woman still around?
  12. Who were the 12 apprentices at yavin 4 with Luke?
  13. Tales from Jabbas palace question
  14. SW and IJ Madlibs!
  15. Action Comics #1 on ebay
  16. Questions for Troy Denning
  17. Old School Read-Along Books and record/tapes MP3s
  18. Indiana Jones miscellaneous books
  19. How Do You Rate The Dark Horse Star Wars Comic Series?
  20. What Comics are you reading?
  21. How do you read textbook-type books?
  22. The Blackest Night and Marvel Zombie's 3!
  23. The Career of Princess Leia Organa-Solo
  24. Clone Wars novelization (spoilers, until film's out)
  25. Snake Eyes: Declassified
  26. Traviss is writing another Republic Commando book, after Order 66!!
  27. Trivia books
  28. The Force Unleashed novel is coming soon
  29. Star Wars Books / Comics Seem Too Cliche Or Formulaic To Me Now.
  30. I'm re-reading ROGUE SQUADRON comics - and they're really great!
  31. "The Making of ESB" in 2010
  32. The Life & Legend of Obi-Wan
  33. Republic Commando: Order 66
  34. The M. Falcon novel is out
  35. World War II buffs....
  36. RIP - Michael Crichton
  37. Clone Wars: Wild Space
  38. Star Wars Encyclopedia
  39. Rebel Force series
  40. Is Darth Krayyt Dead? Should he be?
  41. When including a short story/novella in an EU book
  42. Final Crisis....DC Spoiler alert.....
  43. 1975 Comic Book Ads
  44. Any good online comic book stores out there?
  45. Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary?
  46. Outcast and another "new" series (Fate of the Jedi)
  47. Clone Wars comics series: the slaves from Togrutu specifically
  48. Robert Kirkman's WALKING DEAD coming to AMC!! From Frank Darabont!!
  49. Audio Dramatizations
  50. Star Wars Invasion: Yuuzhan Vong, Luke, Jaina, Jacen, Anakin Solo, Kyp Durron more!
  51. Which story would you like to see?
  52. What sort of EU nonsense is this?!?
  53. IDW gone from Amazon?
  54. Question about Hal Jordan
  55. Manga and Cine-Manga, need opinions
  56. What's the deal with Karen Traviss?
  57. Star Wars Year By Year
  58. New DK Star Wars books
  59. Read a Book or Listen to an Audiobook!
  60. The BEST Complete Expanded Universe Chronology Site
  61. Magazines
  62. Crimson Empire 3, or April 1?
  63. "Fangs for Nothing" - by Adrianne Ambrose.
  64. John Jakes - American Historical Fiction
  65. Congrats to my friend, Adrianne! She's penning the new Labyrinth graphic novel!!
  66. WARNING! Darth Plagueis: A Spoiler FULL Discussion Thread WARNING! (except 1st post)
  67. Obi-Wan's girlfriends that we know of.
  68. Avengers vs. X-Men and Marvel NOW!
  69. Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection: 35 Years of Characters
  70. Ania Solo -and Legacy Continues
  71. William Shakespeare's Star Wars
  72. The Star Wars - what did you think?
  73. Disney Turns Star Wars Comic License over to Marvel in 2015
  74. Disney Aims to Determine Canon, Do Away with Expanded Universe
  75. Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir
  76. SW: A New Dawn, first of the new continuity novels - thoughts?
  77. The "other" SW canonical fiction Thread
  78. SW Dark Horse comics Humble Bundle - 1000+ pages for $15 or less
  79. Exar Kun, Ulic Qel Droma, Nomi Sunrider (TOTJ) is still the best Star Wars comics
  80. Preview of SW: Kanan comic book
  81. Upcoming Ralph McQuarrie book
  82. The Big Star Wars #6 Spoiler
  83. New stories that TFA lines hint at (maybe SPOILERS?)
  84. Its just been announced that Justice League will crossover with...