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  1. Kotobukiya Star Wars Celebration VI Exclusive R2-A6 Pre-order Details
  2. Tatooine Returns to Celebration
  3. Travel Channel
  4. Star Wars 1313 - Trailer
  5. TRU Exclusive Ewoks Pack and Yavin Pilot Pack at ToysRUs.com
  6. Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX for One Week Only This September
  7. Sideshow Collectibles Darth Malgus Premium Format Figure Preview
  8. New Funko Mini Monster Mash-Ups
  9. eFX Scout Trooper Helmet Prop Replicas
  10. BriansToys.com: eFX Stormtrooper helmet, Attakus restocked, & Vintage POTF coin set o
  11. Star Wars Toys Coming to Musée des Arts Décoratifs
  12. SyFy's Face Off Third Season Features "Star Wars" Cantina Theme
  13. AFX: Star Wars Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale
  14. SSG Star Wars Celebration VI Coverage Starts Thursday!
  15. Super7 at Star Wars Celebration VI
  16. Aerospace Firm Develops Star Wars-Like Hover Bike
  17. EXCLUSIVE First Look Coming at 12:00 EST!
  18. Hasbro Star Wars Jocasta Nu "Easter Eggs" FIRST LOOK!
  19. Derryl DePriest, Vice President of Global Brand Management at Hasbro on Curto Burns C
  20. Kotobukiya ARTFX+ Fan Choice Poll
  21. Sideshow Collectibles Commander Ganch Sixth Scale Preview
  22. Darth Malgus Sideshow Exclusive Edition Pre-order
  23. Hasbro Panel LIVE Coverage on Facebook
  24. Hasbro Panel and After-Panel Photos
  25. Star Wars: Detours Trailer #1
  26. SSG's Celebration VI Hasbro Star Wars Interview
  27. ACME Archives at Star Wars Celebration VI
  28. STAR WARS Celebration VI: The Clone Wars Season 5 Preview
  29. George Lucas and Ian McDiarmid Together at Celebration VI
  30. Star Wars Celebration VI
  31. "As You Wish" Project eBay Auctions Now Available
  32. The Next Star Wars Celebration Announced
  33. EPISODE II and III Release Dates Announced!
  34. Hasbro Presentation Product Imagery in Hi-Res
  35. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Exclusive Season 5 Republic Commando Action Scene
  36. BigBadToyStore.com: Transformers, Hot Toys, Metal Gear, Imports, Movies, Eaglemoss &
  37. Star Wars by Junkfood Kids Clothing Line at GAP
  38. Gentle Giant Ltd. Jumbo Gamorrean Guard PGM Exclusive Goes Vintage POTF
  39. Clone Commander Ganch Sideshow Exclusive Edition Sixth Scale
  40. Sideshow Collectibles Captain Rex Legendary Scale Bust
  41. Darth Malgus Sideshow Exclusive Edition The Old Republic Premium Format Figure
  42. Clone Wars Returns for 5th Season at a New Time and Enters Syndication
  43. BriansToys.com: Star Wars Celebration VI Exclusives! GG 12" Lando & Blue Snagg $80 ea
  44. TVC AT-ST Available at Kmart.com
  45. Legoland Florida hints at Star Wars-themed expansion
  46. Legoland Florida will add Star Wars to Miniland
  47. Sideshow Collectibles 'The Gamorrean Executioner' Mythos Statue
  48. Pre-Order Sideshow Collectibles Captain Rex Legendary Scale Today
  49. Jocasta Nu Unboxed Video Review
  50. Store Reports: TRU, Kmart, Walmart and Target
  51. Gentle Giant Ltd. Emperor Palpatine ROTJ Mini Bust
  52. Pre-Order Jocasta Nu AFA Graded - Available from AFA U85 to U9.5
  53. Sixth Scale Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan) Preview
  54. BriansToys.com: New GG Watto & Nien Nunb mini busts, New Artwork, and Illusive Concep
  55. EE Exclusive Gentle Giant Ltd. Star Wars Scout Trooper Ewok Attack Maquette
  56. How the Mauser C96 inspired the 'Star Wars' DL-44 Blastech Blaster pistol
  57. New Gentle Giant Ltd. Offerings: Boba Fett (Rocket Firing), Cantina Playset and Droop
  58. Star Wars
  59. "LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out" Blasts Onto Cartoon Network
  60. Store Deals are Aplenty for Hasbro Products
  61. Seiko Star Wars Watches: Force Time!
  62. Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Obi-Wan Kenobi (Padawan) Pre-order
  63. BigBadToyStore: BBTS Preorder News: TF Reissue, Hot Wheels, Sideshow, Bowen, SW, Eagl
  64. Sideshow 12-inch Tusken Raider SE Shipping Notices Hitting
  65. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Returns Saturday, September 29th at 9:30am
  66. Tamashii Nations
  67. Introducing Topps' Epic Star Wars: Galactic Files Trading Cards
  68. New Clone Wars Season 5 Clip: Darth Maul Meets Black Sun
  69. BriansToys.com: Sideshow 12" Padawan Obi-Wan Pre-Order, Vinyl Cape Jawa, & MR Boba Fe
  70. Hot Toys DX Luke Skywalker (Bespin) Preview
  71. C-3PO 12" Perfect Model Sixth Scale Figure Pre-order
  72. New York Comic Con Coverage Begins October 10th
  73. AFX: Exclusive Imperial Gunner Mini Bust Giveaway
  74. 'Star Wars' coins let you pay in Yodas
  75. NYCC 2012: Dudebox Star Wars Exclusive
  76. BBTS News: Transformers, NECA, Hobbit, Bandai, Statues
  77. Gentle Giant Ltd. PBM Exclusive Darth Malak Statue
  78. Gentle Giant Ltd. Previews Exclusive Mynock Hunt Han Solo
  79. LEGO NYCC 2012 Exclusive Announced
  80. Angry Birds Star Wars Edition Coming Soon!?
  81. Lots of Hasbro Star Wars restocked & GG mini busts. Plus, Vintage AFA!
  82. NYCC 2012 Coverage Starts Wednesday
  83. Hasbro Toys"R"Us Exclusive Speeder Bike in Stock
  84. Angry Birds Star Wars Hits iOS, Android And Toys-R-Us On November 8th
  85. New Toys"R"Us Price Match Guarantee
  86. Hasbro Teams Up with Rovio Entertainment and Lucasfilm for New ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS
  87. Toys"R"Us Sale: Buy 1 Star Wars Action Figure Get 1 FREE!
  88. Funko Announces Angry Birds Star Wars Wacky Wobblers
  89. Angry Birds Star Wars Toys AVAILABLE NOW!
  90. Sideshow Collectibles Shaak Ti Premium Format Figure Preview
  91. This Week's Clone Wars - Onderon Rebels Infiltrate the Capital
  92. Gentle Giant Ltd. AT-AT Book Ends
  93. Gentle Giant Ltd. Sy Snootles Mini Bust
  94. Gentle Giant Ltd. Kenner Power Droid Jumbo Figure Revealed
  95. BBTS News: Gentle Giant, DC, Transformers, LotR, NECA & More
  96. C-3PO 12" Perfect Model Sixth Scale Figure
  97. LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar
  98. Sideshow Collectibles Shaak Ti Premium Format Figure Pre-order
  99. New Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Featuring the Millennium Falcon
  100. Another New Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Featuring Princess Leia
  101. BriansToys.com: Marvel Legends Wave 3 Set, Convention Exclusives & Lots of Vintage Lo
  102. Sideshow Collectibles Boba Fett Mythos Statue Concept Art
  103. Sideshow Collectibles
  104. ToysRUs.com 'The Vintage Collection' Millennium Falcon In Stock
  105. LEGO Star Wars Darth Maul FREE with $50 or More LEGO Purchase at ToysRUs.com
  106. Hasbro Remains Solid, We Don't Think Toys Are Going Away
  107. Coming Soon!
  108. BBTS News: G2 Bruticus, Star Wars, Sideshow, Hobbit, Play Arts Kai
  109. "Bring on the Barge" Fan Site Petition!
  110. Boba Fett Mythos Sideshow Exclusive Edition Polystone Statue
  111. This Week's Clone Wars - Victory Comes at a High Price
  112. BriansToys.com: New Sideshow 12", MR AT-AT & Sabers, and Vinyl-Cape Jawa!
  113. Angry Birds Star Wars Game Play Trailer
  114. BREAKING: Disney Buys Lucasfilm; Eyes Release Of 'Star Wars: Episode 7' For 2015
  115. George Lucas Video on The Future of Star Wars
  116. Star Wars 7 Plot Will Be "an Original Story," Says Lucasfilm Source
  117. 'Star Wars' reaction: Abrams, Favreau, Nolfi, and Rodriguez weigh in
  118. Noooooooooo!!!! Disney Ad Featuring Darth Vader
  119. George Lucas Donating Entire $4 Billion Sale Price to Education
  120. Sideshow Collectibles' Darth Maul Legendary Scale Bust Preview
  121. More Angry Birds Star Wars Gameplay Teasers
  122. 'Star Wars: Episode VII': Could Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher Return?
  123. New Clone Wars Episode Explores An Ancient Rite Of Passage For All Jedi
  124. Disney's theme parks likely to feel the force of Star Wars
  125. What The Force? Disney Can 'Protect' Star Wars, Says Fandom, George Lucas
  126. BriansToys.com: eFX Vader Helmet, Angry Birds Star Wars in stock! New Gentle Giant pr
  127. Hasbro Could See Big Benefits from Disney Deal: Analyst
  128. Official Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer: May The Birds Be With You
  129. 'Star Wars' sequel: Harrison Ford open to idea of Han Solo role
  130. Sideshow Collectibles Han Solo Premium Format Figure IN STOCK
  131. Sideshow Boba Fett Scum and Villainy Sixth Scale Figure In Stock
  132. Would Disney buy Hasbro?
  133. A Look Behind the Look of Angry Birds Star Wars
  134. Star Wars Insider #137 Special Awards Issue
  135. Angry Birds Star Wars now Available for Download!
  136. South Park Election Conspiracy: Votes Traded to Keep Star Wars Safe
  137. Sideshow Collectibles Darth Maul Legendary Scale Bust Pre-order Begins
  138. Disney To Co-Brand Star Wars Products And Movies
  139. Doctor Who's David Tennant Guest Star On The Clone Wars
  140. Legoland Florida opens Star Wars Miniland
  141. Michael Arndt to Write Screenplay for Star Wars: Episode VII
  142. BriansToys.com: Lots of Vintage Vehicles & Playsets, GG Clone 5-Pack & more! + New MR
  143. Steven Spielberg: I Will Not Direct A Star Wars Movie!
  144. Angry Birds Star Wars tests just how far those funny birds can fly (interview)
  145. J.J. Abrams Shoots Down 'Star Wars' Rumors
  146. BriansToys.com has Vintage-Style Wave 15 in stock now
  147. Hasbro Delivers Innovative and "Must Have" Toys For the Holidays
  148. Carrie Fisher talks 'Star Wars' sequels: 'I like the idea of being Mrs. Solo'
  149. Darth Vader Life-Size Bust - Only 25 Left!
  150. Gentle Giant Ltd. November 2012 Solicitations
  151. Angry Birds Star Wars Cinematic Trailer
  152. Angry Birds Star Wars Path of the Jedi Trailer Released
  153. Toy Hall of Fame avoids the Dark Side, inducts 'Star Wars' action figures
  154. Shaak Ti Sideshow Exclusive Edition Order of the Jedi Premium Format Figure
  155. Collectors Wanted to Help Beta Test New Venture
  156. The Younglings Are On Their Own In A New Episode Of The Clone Wars
  157. TIME Explains: The New Star Wars Movie, Episode VII
  158. BriansToys.com: Gentle Giant pre-orders, Angry Birds battle games, & Vintage Loose AF
  159. Walmart Black Friday 2012 Star Wars Deal
  160. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Coming to Tokyo Disneyland Park in 2013
  161. Toys"R"Us Buy 1 Get 1 40% Off Star Wars Action Figures - Online Only
  162. Ashley Eckstein's Her Universe Offering Online Cyber Monday Exclusives
  163. Toys"R"Us Black Friday Star Wars Deals
  164. BriansToys.com: Thanksgiving 5-Day Sale: FX Sabers, Gentle Giant, and much more!
  165. EntertainmentEarth.com Black Friday Deals and Coupon Codes!
  166. BBTS News: Black Friday, TF Prime Beast Hunters, Marvel Universe, Hot Toys, Arkham As
  167. Gentle Giant Ltd. "Holiday Fett" Costume Constest
  168. Star Wars Thanksgiving Weekend Deals and Coupon Codes
  169. Late-Breaking Toys"R"Us 5:00 AM Doorbuster Star Wars Deal
  170. ActionFigureXpress.com Black Friday Deals
  171. Toys"R"Us Groupon - $20 for $10!
  172. Hondo vs. General Grievous In The Next Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  173. BriansToys.com: New Sandtrooper artwork, MOTU Classics Dekker & King Randor!
  174. Sideshow Collectibles Black Friday Week
  175. BriansToys.com FREE Shipping Code
  176. Toys"R"Us 11/25 Weekly Ad: 50% Off Sale!
  177. Gentle Giant Ltd. Cyber Monday Deals
  178. 'Star Wars' Producer Rick McCallum Quietly Retired from Lucasfilm
  179. $10 Off Star Wars @ Amazon.com
  180. BBTS News: Marvel Legends, Predator, Transformers, Figuarts, GI Joe & More
  181. Angry Birds Star Wars - Ep V: Hoth Released Today
  182. The best of Star Wars Insider, the official Star Wars magazine, is now available in o
  183. R2-D2 and the Droids Take Center Stage in a New Clone Wars Story Arc
  184. Sideshow Collectibles FREE Shipping on In-Stock Products
  185. This Weeks Toys"R"Us Ad: Save Up to $70 on TVC Millennium Falcon
  186. George Lucas:
  187. The Force is with Netflix in deal for Disney movies, including 'Star Wars'
  188. Sideshow Collectibles Gamorrean Executioner - Mythos Gets Numbered
  189. Clone Wars: R2-D2 And His Team Crash-land On A Bizarre, Desolate World
  190. BriansToys.com: Sideshow Utapau Airborne Trooper & Vintage Prototype Coins!
  191. ActionFigureXpress BOGO Sale Ends Today
  192. Hasbro Star Wars Vintage Line Revived
  193. BBTS News: BBTS+FansProject Toys For Tots, DC Collectibles, Mortal Kombat, Imports, D
  194. BriansToys.com: Life-Size R2-D2, Angry Birds Early Bird, & New Exclusive Transformers
  195. TRU Exclusive TVC Millennium Falcon 50% Off with Free Shipping
  196. Walmart 104th Battalion "Wolf Pack" Clone Troopers Ultimate Gift Set on Sale at $14.9
  197. Target Has All Star Wars Figures for $6.99 Until 12/22
  198. Amazon Hasbro 'The Vintage Collection' Figures as Low as $3.25!
  199. Angry Birds Star Wars: Play now on Facebook
  200. BBTS: TF Blaster/Grimlock, MP-14, NECA Aliens, Dead Space, Diamond, BTTF, TMNT, Sucke
  201. 'The End is Near!' Sideshow Collectibles $15 Off Coupon Code
  202. Marvel to Acquire Star Wars License from Dark Horse
  203. Sideshow Collectibles Mythos Boba Fett Gets Numbered
  204. Mickey Meets 'Star Wars': Walt Disney Co. Completes Acquisition of Lucasfilm
  205. 2013 Yoda Packaging Class I Wave 1 in Stock at ToysRUs.com
  206. Sideshow Collectibles Teases Snowtrooper Premium Format Figure
  207. J.J. Abrams Has Turned Down
  208. Mattel And Hasbro Terrified Of Tablets Moving In On Their Turf
  209. ‘Star Wars’ Weekends 2013 Dates Announced
  210. Sideshow Collectibles Teases New Mythos Darth Vader
  211. BOGO 50%: 2013 Movie Heroes Class I Wave 1 Vehicles at Toys"R"Us
  212. Sideshow Collectibles Announces Sixth Scale Yoda (ROTS)
  213. BriansToys.com 10% OFF New Years Coupon
  214. SSG's 2012 Year in Review
  215. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Reaches 100 Episode Milestone
  216. Sideshow Collectibles $15 New Years Coupon Code
  217. Sideshow Collectibles Yoda Jedi Sixth Scale Photo Gallery and Pre-order Info
  218. BBTS News: Hot Toys, Dark Energon, Enterbay T-800, Transformers, NECA Predator, Impor
  219. Sideshow Collectible Announces Darth Malgus Sixth Scale Figure
  220. Pre-order Sideshow Collectibles Sixth Scale Yoda (Jedi Master) Now!
  221. BriansToys.com: Marvel Legends Hit Monkey Series in stock! Pre-Order 2013 Star Wars &
  222. Saturday's New Clone Wars - Missing in Action - 100th Episode
  223. Sideshow Collectibles Chewbacca Premium Format Figure Production Peek
  224. Hasbro Star Wars Droid Factory Line Canceled
  225. Target Now Price Matching Amazon, Walmart.com, BestBuy.com & Toysrus.com Year-Round
  226. BBTS News: HL Gravity Gun, Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn Play Arts Kai, Bandai Tamashii, Mo
  227. Is this the first glimpse of next gen? Screenshots emerge of Star Wars 1313
  228. ABC to look at 'Star Wars' live-action TV series
  229. Skylanders toys outsell Transformers and Star Wars action figures in 2012
  230. Obama's Death Star Response is Best Star Wars Tribute in History
  231. Star Wars Celebration Europe Tickets Go on Sale
  232. BriansToys.com: Sideshow 12" Yoda Pre-Order, Star Wars LEGO Restocked!
  233. BBTS News: Iron Man 3, Transformers, TMNT, DC, Kotobukiya, Star Wars, MLP and More!
  234. Gentle Giant Jumbo Vintage Luke Skywalker: X-Wing Pilot figure!
  235. Star Wars Boba Fett Silicone Ice Tray
  236. Pre-order Sideshow Collectibles Snowtrooper Sixth Scale
  237. Savage and Maul and Death Watch on Saturday's Clone Wars
  238. BriansToys.com: New Gentle Giant Mini Busts, Jumbo Bossk, and More!
  239. Toy Fair 2013 Preview: Star Wars Scalextric adds Battle of Hoth
  240. Brian's Toys Exclusive Jocasta Nu - IN STOCK NOW!
  241. LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out Coming to DVD
  242. Radio Controlled Star Wars R5-D4 Inflatable and Full-Sized R2-D2 Coming Soon
  243. BBTS News: MP-17 Prowl, MP-18 Smokescreen, TF Prime Beast Hunters, MP-12T, Star Wars
  244. Hasbro 2013 Movie Heroes Wave 1 on eBay
  245. Lego Accused Of Racism Over Star Wars Jabba's Palace Set
  246. Sideshow's 1:6 Snowtrooper Getting Ready to Ship
  247. Hot Toys to Distribute Hasbro Star Wars Toys in Japan
  248. J.J. Abrams To Direct 'Star Wars: Episode VII'
  249. Hasbro to layoff 10% of its workforce worldwide
  250. BriansToys.com: Jocasta Nu in stock! Sideshow 12" Bossk & Emperor ROTJ Bust Arriving