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  32. TRU online has vintage figs in stock....
  33. TRU online has ALL vintage figures in stock free shipping
  34. Cool Springs, Tennessee TRU has Vintage, Clone Wars, Saga Legends on shelf
  35. AT-AT IN STOCK AT TRU online....free shipping
  36. New Stuff at 2010 San Diego Comic-Con
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  39. TRU AT-AT already shipped....
  40. Smaller Protective cases...?????
  41. AT-AT found on Toys R Us Shelves in Tennessee
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  43. Is Hasbro shooting itself in the foot with the street dates?
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  47. 4-LOM/Zuckuss exclusive
  48. How to add weathering???????
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  50. My Vintage Mail-Away Boba Fett check has cleared
  51. Dacks head fits perfectly on snowspeeder luke....
  52. SNOWSPEEDERS at target $19.99.....
  53. Just made the ULTIMATE wedge snowspeeder pilot....
  54. 2010 Exclusives
  55. Vintage Collection figures fit in Hasbro soft cases, not VOTC cases
  56. Any walmarts have the new figures yet?
  57. New figures at walmart $7.96 for saga legends????
  58. **RUMOR ALERT**TRU will have $10 off the NEW AT-AT this week...
  59. BMF will be released in oct. as an exclusive with vintage package....
  60. ALL walmarts should have NEW figures out this week by wednesday...
  61. Anyone receive a 20% coupon from TRU rewards?
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  69. VINTAGE boxed AT-AT was available online.....
  70. "The figures are back, where have they been?"
  71. Target
  72. How many 2010 UGH foil cards are you missing???????
  73. Wal-Mart Pricing
  74. Anybody collecting unpunched cards?
  75. We need a new Biker Scout figure, the existing one must die
  76. TVC Clonetrooper
  77. JABBA'S back online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  80. TRU $5 coupon.....
  81. Bounty Hunters ONLY TVC
  82. Who's going to army build Gamorrean Guards???
  83. TARGET star wars reset......
  84. $5.00 off Star Wars coupons at Target cash register
  85. Walmart will price match Vintage for $5 !!!!!
  86. Attack on Hoth Battle pack....
  87. Does anyone think there will be an exclusive figure for The Force Unleashed II?
  88. What's on sale, where and how much (The Vintage Collection edition)
  89. Check out this swapping scheme....sick
  90. Will there be a vintage boxed Y wing??????
  91. Will there be a vintage boxed Cruisemissle Trooper??????
  92. The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Is Going To Be The Most Complete Of ANY SW!
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  96. Poor Yoda
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  115. Your Future Collection
  116. who else is hopin the bespin han is gonna be a whole brand new sculpt?
  117. Wooof Variant
  118. make a decent attack of the clones kenobi
  119. TRU Star Wars Battle Over Endor Pilot Box Set
  120. 2010 Star Wars After Christmas Clearance Sale Finds!!!
  121. It's Down To Seven! (a picture guide that shows the real vintage and modern versions!
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  124. boba fett mail away question
  125. Wave 6
  126. Luke Skywalker Snowspeeder Pilot (Echo Base)
  127. Rumor That The Super Jawa Sandcrawler IS Happening!
  128. Corrected "ENDOR CAPTURE" Luke now shipping....
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  131. We need a new sa quinlan vos
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  135. Wave 7
  136. SSG's 2010 Year In Review
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  138. Hasrbo Has Been Letting the Ball drop Lately
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  142. Change made to Vintage Dagobah Landing Luke and Stormtrooper!
  143. Kmart exclusive B-wing Fighter
  144. New Tauntaun
  145. Target Exclusive Three-packs
  146. TRU Exclusive Y-wing Fighter
  147. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 91
  148. Next BMF style vehicle
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  150. What i hope to see from the vintage collection going into 2012
  151. Updated Delta Squad - TRU Exclusive
  152. SDCC 2011 Questions for Hasbro?
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  154. Oh, no... not ANOTHER exclusive wave??!!!!!
  155. I have held the new TVC Battle Droid
  156. OTC vs TVC
  157. Free Star Wars figures from Hasbrotoyshop.com
  159. Kithaba and Dr. Evazan cardback photos
  160. Do Padme's other outfits from AOTC and ROTS interest others here?
  161. What obscure AOTC figures do you want?
  162. Do you want more figures of Bail Organa?
  163. What good MARKETABLE ideas are left to do from the prequels?
  164. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 94
  165. Would You Buy A Dagobah Jedi Apprentice Luke (Bespin jacket hung open)?
  166. Another bad return found on the pegs...
  167. Are we doing the Fans' Choice Poll - ROTJ's 30th Anniversary
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  169. 2011 Prototype Armor Boba Fett mail-away
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  171. Death Star Trench Run
  172. Older TVC figures pulled back?
  173. Discuss the SSG 2011 Fans' Choice Poll results here, now!
  174. Wave 8
  175. List of Vintage redone from Kenner days and progress thus far
  176. Who is Darth Malgus?
  177. NYCC thoughts and the future of the line.
  178. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO - round 96
  179. TVC Landspeeder - Target exclusive
  180. 2012 Wave 1 - The Phantom Menace
  181. QUESTIONS FOR HASBRO at Conventions
  182. Will hasbro make anymore starkiller figures?
  183. Card / figure Variants
  184. The Vintage Collection at Marshalls for $5!
  185. Could Hasbro make the Republic Cruiser (Radiant VII style)? Here's the plan!
  186. Could Hasbro make the Imperial Star Destroyer (Devastator style)? Here's the plan!
  187. SSG's 2011 Year in Review
  188. A Movie-by-Movie Updated Guide to Padme Figures
  189. 2012 Wave 2 - Return of the Jedi Deleted Scenes
  190. we need an update on obiwan clone armour!
  191. New figures at UK Toy Fair - Nikto Skiff Guard, Starkiller, Shae Vizla
  192. BOGO coupon from Hasbro for SW figures!
  193. The TONNIKA SISTERS are going to be in a Super Bowl ad! Why no figures then?
  194. Which Figures to keep
  195. Kenner Vintage Figures to Be Made for TVC Line/Updated or Put on Vintage Style Cards
  196. So Jocasta Nu is happening? (Rumor but allegedly RS confirmed this)
  197. Can u swap the heads of the hoth rebel and endor rebel figures/
  198. Does anybody want an R2-D2 figure with the hoses leading from the body to the feet?
  199. Who is left to be made on Vintage card that you'd be EXCITED about?
  200. Hasbro, I'm drifting away from the line in favor of Artwork because your distribution
  201. EU Jedi Quest fans: do you think the female bounty hunter can substitute for Siri?
  202. 2012 Wave 4
  203. Build-a-droid at Disney parks
  204. 2012 Wave 3
  205. 2012 Vintage Wave 5
  206. GAME: Post a name of ONLY 1 figure (different from everyone else's here) you want
  207. GAME: Post a name of ONLY 1 vehicle (different from everyone else's here) you want
  208. GAME: Post a name of ONLY 1 beast (different from everyone else's here) you want
  209. TRU Exclusive Vintage Speeder Bike, ROTJ AT-AT, and Slave I
  210. Essential Characters Poll - What if we started all over again?
  211. 2012 Wave 6 - including the "lost line look"
  212. San Diego Comic Con 2012 Reveals and Discussion
  213. Victory! Jocasta Nu - Exclusive To Brian's Toys!!
  214. SDCC Carbonite Chamber
  215. Last wave not at retail? (Several grains of salt required....)
  216. What battle packs (like the upcoming Ewoks) would you like to see from each movie?
  217. Think The Cancellation of Vehicles Like Mandalorian Transport ForeShadow Line's Doom?
  218. Essential Expanded Universe - And Beyond (What Characters to Have, Who to Make?)
  219. Ewoks and rebel pilots multipacks at toys R us
  220. My talk with Derryl at Celebration VI
  221. Revealed - Obi-Wan was really a Royal Guard!!!
  222. K-Mart Vintage B-Wing (Clearance)
  223. Vintage TRU Speeder bike.
  224. TRU's BOGO sale
  225. HasbroToyShop finally putting up individual figures again
  226. This year's "top figure" is going to be brutal to decide on
  227. Punched or Unpunched - That is the question.
  228. SSG's 2012 Year in Review
  229. 2013 Exclusive Vintage Ships Biggs X-Wing Slave 1 TIE Interceptor
  230. Ewok Catapult Figure 2 Pack
  231. CollectionStation.com - Catalog Your Hasbro Collection
  232. Why don't they use Sidious robe material for Vader cloaks?
  233. Return of the Jedi AT-AT Toy R US Exclusive Spotted Out West
  234. ROTJ 30th Anniversary What Figures to be Made or Redone
  235. Kmart exclusive Ewok Assault Catapult set
  236. Kmart Exclusive Imperial Scanning Crew
  237. Vintage Collection at Five Below