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  6. How To Organize All This Now?
  7. what big playset/vehicle would you like to see next year?
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  9. Is the new han still anorexic ? or have the learnt?
  10. Would You Buy Kyle Katarn's Moldy Crow Vehicle From Dark Forces?
  11. Would You Buy Ody Mandrell's Podracer Vehicle?
  12. Would You Buy The Outlander Refugee Freighter From AOTC?
  13. What's your core list of "needs to be done" figures?
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  15. Would You Buy Luke's T-16 Skyhopper Vehicle?
  16. Would You Buy A Hoth Re-Paint Of The New AT-ST?
  17. Do your stormtroopers hold their blasters left- or right-handed?
  18. Would You Buy A Coruscant Taxi Cab?
  19. Would You Buy Prince Xizor's Virago from Shadows of the Empire?
  20. Do you think we need a new endor han solo?
  21. I ordered Ulic Qel Droma and Exar Kun from StarWarsShop.com (they're in-stock!)
  22. Revenge of the Sith wave
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  24. Would You Buy A Big Slave-One from AOTC?
  25. Would You Buy The Fireship From ROTS?
  26. I just found the Twin Pod Cloud Car!
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  28. Big Slave I rumors again?
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  30. Would You Buy A Coruscant Air Bus from ROTJ?
  31. Would You Buy Hondo Ohnaka's Rapier-1 Starflare Class Weequay Ship From Clone Wars?
  32. Would You Buy A New Original Trilogy Y-Wing?
  33. Would You Buy A New N-1 Starfighter From TPM?
  34. Would You Buy A Republic Acclamator-Class Star Destroyer From AOTC?
  35. The Force Unleashed figures you'd like to see them do
  36. Downsizing my 3 3/4"collection never felt so good!
  37. Would You Buy The Trade Federation Droid Control Ship For 3 3/4" Figures?
  38. Would You Buy A New Release For Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder?
  39. Would You Buy The Rebel Medical Frigate From ESB?
  40. Would You Buy Asajj Ventress' Fan Blade Starfighter?
  41. New and improved Bounty Hunter Jodo Kast - Kmart exclusive
  42. Jabba's Throne - Walmart Exclusive!!!
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  44. Would You Buy The Naboo Water Skimmer From AOTC?
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  46. Discussion Thread For Final ORIGINAL TRILOGY Vehicle Poll Results
  47. Would You Buy Villie and Quinlan Vos' Inferno?
  48. Release Date?
  49. Worried about not being able to find the new vehicles...
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  51. Would You Buy The Naboo Speeder Taxi From AOTC?
  52. Saga Legends Forum
  53. Would You Buy The Mandalorian Basilisk War Droid From KOTOR?
  54. Would you buy Dengar's Swoop?
  55. Would You Buy The Dianoga Trash Compactor Monster From ANH?
  56. Pics of NEW JEDI ORDER Diorama: Dark Tide - Onslaught!
  57. Would You Buy The Dagobah Dragon Snake From The ESB?
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  59. Would You Buy Ulic Qel Droma's Nebulon Ranger (great pics of custom model!)
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  62. Would You Buy The SPHA-T Vehicle From AOTC?
  63. 2010 Saga Legends Found
  64. Would You Buy The Krayyt Dragon From ANH?
  65. Would You Buy New Mynocks From TESB?
  66. TRU sale tomorrow......
  67. Can't believe the NEW snowtrooper has the nonwhite helmet!!!!
  68. walmart had new figures for $4.50....
  69. Celebration 2010 Exclusives
  70. How do you display your new AT-AT?
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  77. Saga Legends 2010 cards are sharp, as in, they cut me
  78. Troopers going yellow - while still in the package!
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  80. Has anyone noticed the box art much?
  81. Anybody displaying their big vehicles open?
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