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  1. Movie Heroes figures
  2. Toy Fair 2012
  3. Walmart* "Discover the Force" exclusive sub-line...
  4. January 30 street date still in effect
  5. Class I vehicles
  6. Bring on Wave 2 of the Movie Heroes line!!!
  7. Movie Heroes
  8. Ewok Multipack - Featuring CORPSEY!!!
  9. Wal-Mart Wave
  10. Battle Packs - Duel on Naboo and Bespin Battle
  11. "Discover The Force" - Error? Incomplete? Prototype? Unreleased?
  12. New A-Wing Pilot in 2013
  13. Hooray for the return of Build-a-Droid, but what is going to be on pegs until then?
  14. Now that Jocasta Nu was made, what obscure character do you want to see made most?
  15. New figure pics from Celebration VI
  16. I am very disappointed in the new Mara Jade Skywalker figure. Wanted th GREEN Outfit!
  17. The surprising (or not) reduction in future vehicle sizes.
  18. Toys 'R' Us exclusive "Star Wars Speeder Bike Scout"
  19. What's left to do in basic figures?
  20. Han Solo figures I'd buy
  21. What are you realistically looking forward to getting at this point?
  22. Using What Hasbro HAS Done, To Choose What Figures We Want In The Future
  23. What figures from the last few years should be re-released?
  24. How Hasbro could re-market the BMF with interchangeable sound chips
  25. More expanded universe figures please, Hasbro
  26. Oh all things, we don't actually have an action figure from the Sith species!
  27. What Vehicles From The Past Few Years Should Be Re-Released?
  28. So, uh...was the Droid Factory line discontinued?
  29. Wal-Mart 3-D collection
  30. Darth Vader line look for later in 2013
  31. Naboo Starfighter showing up at Gordmans