View Full Version : Theforce.net's secret banner

mylow thehutt
06-09-2002, 05:23 PM
:) I don't know if any one cought this but every time I go to theforce.net a hidden banner comes up when the page is loading but then disappers when the page comes up,the hidden banner from what saw had a Kamino on it and Obi wan,whos seen it too.:confused:

06-09-2002, 07:27 PM
It's probably just a piece of code they forgot to delete that loads two images. If I remember correctly the banner underneath has no wording. There's no secret it's just a **** up. It's just one of the aspects that means the page takes three hours to load. I never go there any more because it's a chore to wait for the page to show and then to wait for all the elements to load seperately. Really rather dull. Bit like the site really. Too many carbon copy reports about George Lucas taking a dump and how the last dump was definately bigger but the latest one smelled better. They don't post that but they might as well for all the depth their reports have. Most of it is stolen from elsewhere anyway. And rebelscum and TFN collecting news is identical and rebelscum posts other news from TFN so the two sites may as well just merge and save people the time in visiting both. Can you tell i don't like them? Think I should stop being so subtle? :rolleyes: