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06-10-2002, 09:52 PM
I know these aren't much and they're probably fairly common figures, but just in case anyone's looking to start a new collection or something. Here's what I got:

OC Han Solo
OC Princess Leia
OC Luke Tattooine SS/ST
OC Luke X-Wing SS/ST
OC Chewbacca
OC Lando
OC Han Carbonite
Shadows Chewbacca Snoova
GC w/Holo Greedo
GC w/Holo Rebel Fleet Trooper
GC w/Holo Saelt-Marae
GC w/Holo Hoth Rebel Soldier
GC w/Holo Jawas
GC w/Holo Tusken Raider
GC w/Holo EV-9D9
GC w/Holo AT-ST Driver

Looking for:
Commtech Admiral Motti
Commtech Jawa w/ Gonk
POTJ Han Solo Bespin Capture
POTJ Sandtrooper
Saga Cloud City Capture Chewbacca

06-13-2002, 01:27 PM
Hey. . .Valloq

What version is your AT-ST Driver. . .'.00', '.01', or '.02'????

You can PM me if you would like, or post here.