View Full Version : Need star wars have star wars LOOK!!!

06-11-2002, 06:16 PM
need the following


4 Struts
2 Engine Caps
1 Top Guns
1 Bombs
2 Front Turrets
1 Seats
-Any internal parts you have (Gears,Landing Gear, Screws)

Imperial Shuttle:

1 Canopy with glass
1 Ramp
1 Side Door
1 Back Gun
2 Front Hull Turrets

Ewok Village:

1 Net
1 Support for Spit
All the Supports that Connect the Tan Base to the trees
1 Boulder
1 Support for C-3po chair


2 Lunch Kits

Death Star:

1 Grey Diagonal Roof Support
1 Wrap-Around Ledge
1 Gunner Station Level
1 Trash w/ Dianoga
1 Rope
1 Decal Sheet ( Does anyone have an image to it at least?)

I have to Trade:

Death Star:

1 Grey Regular Support ( Not the short one)
1 Grey Wall ( Not sure which side it is)
1 Roof C-7
1 Bridge
1 "Trash Chute Cover" (The Grey Floor Piece)

Ewok Village:

1 Tan Walkway ( Wraps around tree)
1 Railing

Y-Wing ( c-6, faded color, has been scrapped externally)

Cloud car ( No canopys)

Slave 1 c-8 no cracks ( no ramp, no glass, no han block) Has
turrets, and chair inside

Snowspeeder Canopy ( No glass)

FX-7 c-8



If you need pictures or are looking for anything else this was just a small list, ask me, I might be able to help, as for pictures I have a digital camera so if you are interested please post!!!