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06-11-2002, 08:11 PM
I have a wide range of older SW CCG cards for sale or trade. Since I have over 2,000 SW CCG cards there is no way that I am going to list them all, so I will just highlight some of the rarest characters and ships that I have by set. The cards are all in great condition, I am just getting rid of them because I haven't had anyone to play rgp cards with since I graduated college 4 years ago. I would love to get rid of them all in one trade/sale, but I would do it also by sets or batches of cards. The cards are worth much more than I am looking for, but I hate ebay and the comic shops around me only give like 20% in credit. So here are some of the highlights:

Premiere Set (limited/black boarders)
Biggs Darklighter, Gold 1, Leesub Sirln, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan (Japanese ver.), Obi-Wan's Lightsaber (Japanese ver.), Red 3, Tagge Seeker, Tarkin Seeker, Wed-9-M1, 5D6-RA-7, Black 2, Djas Puhr, Ds-61-3, Grand Moff Tarkin, Han Seeker, Sandcrawler, Wed15-1662, etc.

Premiere Set(unlimited/white border)
C-3PO, Han's blaster, Kal'Falnl C'ndros, Luke Seeker, Tonnika Sisters, etc.

A New Hope (all black borders)
Bowcaster, Chewbacca, Red 2, Wedge Antilles, Death Star, Dianoga, DS-61-4, Leia Seeker, Superlaser, Trooper Davin Felth, etc.

Hoth (all black borders)
2-1B, Dack Ralter, General Carlist Rieekan, Ion Cannon, Rogue 2, Rogue 3, Wes Janson, Zev Senesca, Blizzard 1, Blizzard 2, Blizzard Scout 1, Captain Piett, Stalker, Tyrant, Wampa, etc.

Dagobah (all black borders)
Han's Toolkit, Luke's Backpack, Son of Skywalker, Space Slug, Yoda, 4-Lom, Bossk's Mortar Gun, Captain Needa, Dengar, Dengar's Blaster, Ig-2000, IG-88, IG-88's Neural Inhibitor, Mist Hunter, Punishing One, Zuckuss's Snare Rifle, etc.

Jabba's Palace (all black border)
Aved Luun, Garon Nas Tal, Geezum, Jess, Max Rebo, Saelt-Marae, Tanus Spijek, Vul Tazaene, Amanaman, Bane Malar, Barada, EV-9D9, Kithaba, Klaatu, Thermal Detonator, etc.

Special Edition (all black borders)
Darth Vader, Jabba's Space Cruiser, etc.

I also have over 2,000 Rage (Werewolf) CCG cards, as well as complete sets of Topps X-Files cards from 1995 and Impel X-Men cards from 1992.

As far as trades go, I am only looking for a few things, all loose but complete: Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Zuckuss, At-At. Other than that, please email me with offers. Thanks!

:D :D

Eternal Padawan
06-13-2002, 08:49 AM
What are you asking for:

Leia Organa
Grand Moff Tarkin
Ion Cannon (is this the same as Surface Defense Cannon?)
Dengar's Blaster Carbine
Tanus Spijek
Bane Malar

And what else you got?

PM and I'll send you a complete list of what I am still looking for.

06-21-2002, 10:05 AM
If anyone is interested in anything just PM me. I just made a deal with Eternal Padawan and the list has changed, but I am not allowed to edit it any longer.

07-11-2002, 04:34 PM
Congrats on that deal. :)

Jonna, how long did it take you to amass 5,000 cards? That's an outstanding total ! (or is it common?) I think I have . . . uhhhh . . . maybe 300 that I collectoed over the years. :D

07-11-2002, 04:44 PM
I'm quite obsessive/excessive. That and I use to play alot of CCG in college. Have to get the best cards! I use to just buy them by the box and get deals on it.

Eternal Padawan
07-13-2002, 07:38 AM
5,000 is not all that uncommon if you're obsessive-compulsive about cards like Jonna and I. I have TONS of cards because I would buy packs just to get the rare card, and have 10 cards I didn't need. Sometimes the rare would be a card I already had, too (an affliction becoming more and more common as my need list shrinks) so I just amass more and more cards I don't really need, but have.

I highly recommend to everyone Jonna's offer. He gave me a great deal and threw in some extra cards at no cost. What a great guy! And he loves Ketchup!

07-14-2002, 11:07 AM
Okay . . . I'd agree that is a bit obsessive-compulsive! :D

I can appreciate your determination to get the rare cards. Personally, in the few starter decks I have, I couldn't even stand getting duplicates in those packs, so to buy more expansion packs looking for the rare ones would drive me crazy! :crazed:

EP, do you play the games, or are you basically just a collector? I know Jonna used to play, so I can see how one would want the rare cards for play value. :)

Eternal Padawan
07-14-2002, 05:23 PM
Just collecting. One of everything. I tried playing but theres no one to play with really. My women was a big Magic:The Gathering fan, so I'd play her stupid game in the hopes she would return the favor, but she never would. She has as many MTG cards as I do SW. I really started because Decipher was fleshing out a bunch of the split second characters with names and mini-bios. I thought it was cool that a droid that was onscreen for 1.1 seconds had a name. Much of my "knowledge" of characters comes from my card collection.