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06-12-2002, 12:16 PM
Hey all, I still have an extra Dooku for trade...I kinda forgot I even had this guy, and I REALLY want to get rid of him. I bought extras to help out people who couldn't find Dooku, and the store I bought him at won't accept returns on "collectibles", so I'll trade him for just about anything, so long as I can just get rid of him somehow. He's on a mint card and there's nothing wrong with the fig, I just have absolutely no use for him. Here's what I'm looking for specifically (loose or carded)....

POTF2 Dark Trooper (EU)
POTF2 Kyle Katarn (EU)
POTF2 Spacetrooper (EU)
POTF2 B'omarr Monk
POTF2 Oola & Salacious Crumb
POTF2 Ree-Yees
POTF2 Wuher
POTF2 Zuckuss
POTF2 Death Star Droid w/ Mouse Droid
POTF2 Princess Leia Commtech (hood up)
POTF2 C-3PO Freeze Frame (removeable limbs)

I'll also trade for an extra army builder, like a preview clonetrooper, Saga clonetrooper, or Royal Guard. Anything if you'll just take this extra Dooku off my hands. :) Heck, I'll also trade for any figure I don't have, loose or carded. I will also sell this guy at cost + shipping. Just let me know what you have to offer. PM me or email me at der_wanderer@email.com if you're interested. Thanks.

06-19-2002, 09:07 PM
Bump - I've still got this extra Dooku for trade, and as I said before, I'll take nearly anything in trade for it, because I can't take it back to the store and I have absolutely no use for it. There are a couple Saga figures I need, Orn Free Taa and Massiff w/ Geonosian, if anyone has those and wants to trade. But I'm open to any offers. Please take this Dooku off my hands. :)