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08-16-2001, 02:50 PM
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re: oy gaval, i can't Believe you freakin guys!

VT - It was completely my choice to ship expedited. I was impatient to get the tape out to you. I didn't expect any reimbursement for the shipping. We're even.

Happy you liked the liner notes. It started as just a couple scribbles about each cut, then sort of mushroomed into the novella you have before you. Side Two would work, listening-wise, pretty much year-round for "Sunday Morning Wake-Up Music." But a lot of the Side One tracks are - for me at least - summer, hot, lazy, late weekend morning/early afternoon, three tylenol#3's + 3 margaritas (or some other herbal/chemical equivalent :D ) -type songs. Which pretty much explains why all the songs are from my late 70's / early 80's days. Nowadays three of anything together with three margaritas (not to mention the herbal/chemical equivalents of pretty-much anything), would prolly put me directly to sleep until the following morning - or maybe just put me 6-feet under.

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