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06-17-2002, 02:10 AM
To you, this poll might be about more than just where you find the action figures.

From our last collecting poll that asked WHAT YOU BUY, (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10066) we've learned that:

99% of you collect the figures

(ignore the poll's percentages and take the current 1061 figure collectors and divide it by the 1076 respondents)

52% of you are into the video games (just over half the folks here)

33% of you got into things like cup toppers, key chains, lunch boxes, cereal box promotions, and fast food restaraunt toys.

Only 29% of you read the novels

and 1% less than that read the comics (28%)

and about 12% of you are into things from role playing games and CCG's to purchasing high-end items like the Master Replica Lightsabers or character costumes of varrying detail and purchase points.

So keep in mind WHAT you buy and think about WHERE DO YOU GET MOST OF IT?

Sure, a lot of people will say that they get their stuff from all kinds of combinations of the basic sources you have as possible responses to this poll question, but think about which of the ones described find you purchasing your stuff from most often.

Now let's talk about how convenient it is to be collecting!

06-17-2002, 03:31 AM
I get almost all my stuff at retail.

I'm getting most of my stuff from Wal*Mart including Orn Free Taa wave and the Nexu Deluxe Assortment.

Toys R Us did get me a lot of stuff for April 23, but not much afterward save for the Palpatine / Djas Puhr wave.

K-Mart has actually been competative, and ranks with the "Big 2" right now. I got my 12" Jango Fett there! They also still have a good selection of 3 3/4" figures too.

Target is so out of the picture, that KayBee has moved up to my #4 spot now.


I only get my comic books at an almost strictly comics-only store that's local to me: Comic City in San Diego. Great staff and good ability to track stuff down. They're also online at http://www.comicsonline.com/ Now remember, this is mainly for Star Wars comic book fans. They don't really have toys, but they might be able to get some, but they're not into scalping and thus don't usually even bother with the toys because of the cost of obtaining them, hence requiring even a little markup to make it worth their while. Instead, Comic City is better at locating rare finds like the Marvel Star Wars comics, or issues from Dark Horse that you may be missing, as well as graphic novels and Trade Paperbacks. They also are reknowned dealers on the Customizeable Card Games and buy, sell, and trade single cards and make decks etc. I'm not into the CCG's myself, but some people might thank me for posting that and then they can e-mail the store if they're looking for some VHTF card or comic book.


I don't go to swap meets and only check out "dealer tables" when I'm at a Star Wars event like the San Diego Comic Con, or most recently the Star Wars Celebration 2 - where I bought NOTHING. Not kidding either, I purchased zero items! I was there to meet the stars, talk to fans, and enjoy the behind the scenes shows and the concert. Didn't even go near the line for that stupid Jorg Sacul figure and have never regretted it!

So I'd say I almost NEVER patronize the dealer tables, but last year at comic con I think I scored pretty good with those who would trade with me. I played my part and took advantage of some scalpers and dealer-dirtballs with my case of R2 w. Holo Leia's that I'd amassed. (well actually, I had only 9 and kept 4 which I opened) But I brought in only 1 at a time and made it appear I'd just bought it and paid a lot for it and didn't really want to let it go. LOL, I got 12 inch exclusives and Watto's Box Seats and several of the best EU figures for those while I really paid $1.98 for each Artoo when I hunted them all down from those discount shipments. So once in a while, I love the dealers. They say "there's a sucker born every minute." Sure, I agree: I turn these guys into them!


Buying online? That's my next greatest source for figures.

Yestertoys.com (http://www.figures.com/databases/redirect1.cgi?dom=ss&sys=index&action=clicks&sponsor=yestertoys_EP2_04_17_2002_125x125&size=125&url=www.yestertoys.com/) is absolutely awesome!

I wanted 6 Imperial Officers from those cases with the Black Travel Gown Queen, FX-7, and the Rebel Fleet Trooper. No problem! They sold them non-mint (because I want to open them anyway) for $7.00 each! No tax, and shipping and handling made them come out to still only about $7.50 per figure. With California / City of San Diego sales tax, it costs me $7.32 a piece for every POTJ figure I used to get out of Target. I think at the $5.99 price, figures were about $6.22 anyway (at retail). So $7.50 is not bad at all! I hope more people will check out Yestertoys because I want them to stay in business. I've ordered there 5 times, and got almost mint carded figures anyway (though I order non-mint - and garuanteed mint costs only $1 more as it is) and no one stole my creditcard number and I don't have Al-Queida terrorists encroaching on me or using my social security number to cross the border.

For those of you who can order online, you have to check out Yestertoys. I'm not pitching them because they are one of our sponsors. We have many different sponsors but you do NOT see me pitching them. I don't like the other guys' prices. Yestertoys is awesome!

Next, I've also just got 4 Republic Gunships from Walmart.com. It's the same price as you'd pay for going to Walmart, but if you want to recreate the battle (and I know there were like 7 or more shown in the movie), finding 4 of these things stocked in the store might not be that easy - plus you'll have to share with other collectors who get there when you're shopping and I don't think carrying that many, or $140 cash around will be that convenient. I'll have those ships payed off my credit card before they arrive in the mail (August I believe - and Walmart doesn't charge you until they are ready to send them anyway). I also got the Arena Playset from Walmart as well. Maybe that's what's coming in August and the Gunships in September. I'm not sure. Don't care really. I can concentrate on shopping for other things now that this is out of the way.

But Amazon.com is good, as is ToysRUs' online site, and I've ordered from KBkids.com and the Official Fan Club too. It rocks having TC-14 delivered right to your doorstep!


I don't buy on E-bay almost as a rule. I won't pay that much for anything. Sometimes you can get something cheap, but that's the exception to the rule. I have once picked up something I needed for my dioramas - a loose Momaw Nadon that no one wanted to bid on. I got that for like 3 bucks plus s&h which means in the end, I paid like 6 bucks for a figure. Don't we usually? No problem there.

While I want 4 Eopiees from Episode One, I'm only going to pay 20 tops for them. So there's no point in wasting time on E-bay. I'm not going to get what I want.

I sold 3 or 4 items tops on E-bay: 2 twelve inch Maul's I got for like 9 bucks each, and a Jabba w. 2-headed announcer I bought for a friend who found his the very same day. I couldn't get rid of it locally with friends I knew, so I put it up. That's better than trading long distance back in the day when there wasn't credit ratings posted for people. I didn't want to be the one burned. I can't remember if there was a 4th item or not. Could check my user profile... - nope that was my Momaw Nadon purchase feedback from the single time I bought on E-bay.


And that's about it. My friends in my local collecting circle usually get me stuff (from retailers) that I don't get directly from the stores. We're all local, so there's no problems or chances taken in dealing with each other, as we simply pick up all our findings from or for each other in person, and that's as simple as that.

So what's your collecting experience been like?

06-17-2002, 06:06 AM
wow 799 for figures! i dont remember when i paid that much for star wars figures. but thats a lot for 3 3/4" of plastic. here in Mass. they are around 200-599 for figures and they usually put them on sale right away to get rid of them

06-17-2002, 08:06 AM
Here's a breakdown:

Figures (in no particular order): Wal-Mart (WM tends to get the newer figures first), Target, Kmart, TRU, KB. I make all the rounds!

I've just started buying some of the harder to find figures from online toy stores. I use them as a last resort.

Comics: There are three local comic shops I frequent, Great Escape, the Zone, and Comic Book World. There is a fourth one I go to occassionally, but only when I can't find something. They are normally slower in getting newer titles. I've also bought comics from Waldenbooks, too.

Books: Waldenbooks, B. Dalton, Barnes and Noble, and a local chain called Hawley-Cooke.

Videos/DVDs: Whoever has them the cheapest!

Rogue II
06-17-2002, 09:47 AM
I buy most of my figures at Target, KB, TRU, KMart, and Wal-Mart. Not necessarily in that order.

I've bought some figures online from the fan club and toyzz.com. I also won a few auctions on e-bay for some figures.

Now, if I could only get that Admiral Motti.....I keep getting outbid on Ebay. I don't see why people keep buying him loose for $18+s/h.

Books: I don't really have a preference. Usually Banrens & Noble.

06-17-2002, 09:58 AM
Everything that can be bought in a store, I buy in a store, w/ a very few exceptions.

I frequent TRU and W-M the most. I don't go to KB as much b/c their prices are usually higher, and Target is farther away and WAY out of my way.

As for on-line, I mainly stick to regular E-tailers (TRU.com, KBkids.com). I don't like to shop from most of SSG's sponsors b/c of their price.
I did place 2-3 orders w/ Yestertoys about a year and a half ago and had good experiences also.

For fig's, I've actually had my comic store order a case for me before (POTJ, where there was pretty even distribution). I haven't done it yet w/ Saga fig's. I want to wait until the distribution better. Price-wise, it came out to about 6.65-6.70 per fig when the retail was 6.99. The couple triplicates that I got I just returned to KB for 7.99 ea.

Mandalorian Candidat
06-17-2002, 10:15 AM
It's retail all the way. The figures have always popped up sooner or later so why go to an online store and pay an even higher amount plus shipping. I do use ebay, but only for vintage stuff.

The only time I go to the specialty comics stores is to get the TCG. For some odd reason, their prices are usually cheaper than the retailers and they have all the packs, not just the 5 cards and starter kits.

06-17-2002, 10:55 AM
Buy in retail stores.

06-17-2002, 11:55 AM
I get most of my stuff at Wal-mart or Target. K-mart normally doesn't have much. And there's no TRU around me so that's out. My Wal-mart also has the most figures, but Target seems to have more of the newer ones.
I never do comic shops, as I ripped back in '96 on Yoda.
Only been to one convention and knew going in I hasn't will to pay those prices.
Due to the lack of TRU in my area I have buy online if I want their exclusives. The online dealers I'll do only near the end of a line or when stuff becomes hard to find in the retail stores.
E-bay has been the source of most of my vintage toys. Very rarely will I buy newer figures from e-bay.

06-17-2002, 12:46 PM
If you canvas all the Wal Marts, Targets, TRUs, and Kmarts in a large area with a few friends no figure or toy will ever escape you. Persistence is the key!

06-17-2002, 01:50 PM
Shopping around at the stores WM TRU and Target usually get the job done. Oh and there's also Kb's and Meijer's.

I don't support high priced comic book/scalper stores.

06-17-2002, 03:39 PM
In the last year, I switched from scouring retail for figures and toys to getting the majority of them from online sources, primarily from KEBco. The hassle of not finding everything got to be too much. I'm not in it for the chase. I'm in it for the collection.

To build armies, I hit retail and look for sales.

For harder to find or vintage items, I'll look to Ebay.

For costuming and/or quality masks, I start with the 501st and branch out into dealing with individuals directly.

I like to have a full set of WideVision Cards for each movie, but it isn't cost effective to buy and hunt through individual packs. I wait until my local comic shop gets a full pack in then I can buy it for around 40 bucks or so. Wayyyy cheaper than trying to build it myself.

For books, if I really want it, I'll pay almost full price (unless I can find a great deal) when it is released. Otherwise, I'll try to wait it out and wait for major discounts.

06-17-2002, 05:10 PM
KB--> My Favorite, TRU, Wal Mart and as gifts

06-18-2002, 07:02 PM
Most (99.9%) of my new stuff is purchased at the major retailers (TRU, Target, Wal-Mart, and Kmart). I rarely get to a KB, and when I do, I never find anything. The other 0.1% is from on-line stores (though I try mightily to not buy from these). I've only once purchased a contemporary SW figure via eBay...a case containing the (for me) elusive R2 w/Holographic Leia. I've also done a trade or two for some relatively new, but rare stuff.

That being said, I am also a vintage enthusiast (being that I like vintage SW, not that I'm an old enthusiast;)) so I still buy a lot of vintage stuff. I get most of it from an equal combination of eBay, toy shows, and fellow collectors.

06-21-2002, 02:46 PM
1 Wal Marts- stock the most, the cheapest
2 Targets- gotta be lucky , stock often
3 TRUs-sometimes u beat the scalpers there
4 Kmarts-the occasional gem
5 kaybee-horrible selection/prices
6 ebay- great selection, some deals

06-22-2002, 04:20 AM
I think luck has drastically shaped my opinion but TRU (#1) has consistently been good to me. After thinking that I would never find the Boshek wave, I found it one day and went nuts.

Also, I've been really lucky with Meijer (#2). I found HD Anakin one day, then I came back randomly a few weeks later and I found the palpatine/djas puhr wave.

I was lucky with KB (#3) one day when I found my Yoda and Dooku figs. Normally I don't like KB because of the high prices and the high traffic mall locations that they're located (high traffic kills their selection), but sometimes you can strike gold there.

Ebay (#4): only for vintage stuff!

06-22-2002, 04:28 AM
Most of what I have comes from Wal-Mart. Now that KB has drop the price on thier figures,I go there to.

Darth Grifter
06-26-2002, 09:33 PM
My buying usually goes as so:

WalMart has been good to me lately because I have found most everything that I have from the AOTC line there for cheaper than anywhere else. Despite my disgust for that store, I go in just for the SW merch.

My local TRU and Target have also been good; however, recently they have been all peg fillers like Zam, Padme, 3P0, etc.

For vintage and harder to find stuff, I am looking online more and more because of convenience mainly. eBay is OK, usually steep but selection is generally unbeatable. TRU.com hasn't been kind to me.

For books, I have a great store. Powells is the largest used book store on the West Coast and although it is 30 min. away, I will go out of my way to make it there. They also have a decent online store at Powellsbooks.com (www.powellsbooks.com).

06-26-2002, 09:46 PM
TRU and Wal-mart. They are both on my way to work!

06-29-2002, 06:43 PM
i live in canada so its impossible for me to find ther good figures at a retail store so i resort to the comic shops

06-29-2002, 06:56 PM
Can anyone from Canada help Chubby-chicken with some figure-finding tips?

It would be good for all the Canadian collectors so their scalpers aren't able to continue taking any retail figures into those comic shops for resale at prices I cringe hoping Chubby-Chicken doesn't have to pay (like over $10 per figure from a mom-and-pop store!)

Rogue II
06-29-2002, 10:32 PM

I wrote my method of finding figures. Of course, I'm not in Canada, so I don't know how well it works there.

06-30-2002, 12:09 AM
I try to buy from the big chains around here, FAO, WM, TRU, Target, K-Mart, KB, but I've had to go in with a friend for cases from Entertainment Earth about a half a year or year before Ep II since everything disapeard from the shelves around here.

When there's only 2 new figs in a box or 1, I go up to Hot Comics and scout when I go pick up my comics. I also talk with a small toy shop dealer I know in town. He sells me the new stuff for 7-8 bucks a figs if I can't find what I need, or I trade him for stuff he's looking for or needs for other customers.

Now I can usually find all the new figs pretty quick at the Target HQ in downtown Minneapolis. If this source slow down I'll go back to the toy dealer, and if he dries up, I'll cave and buy from the comic shop, or check EE for case breakdowns.

The comic shop has some vintage items, and prototypes, but I pass on these, and shop for vintage on line, at toy shows, ( I think this is the best place, you can wheel and deal with the people face to face) and by word of mouth. I talk with the dealer give him my laundry list, he gets word out, and sellers make contact. But I'm cutting back on vintage for a while.

I read the books and comics and these I pick up at the comic shop, or any bookstore.

Jedi Juice
06-30-2002, 10:45 PM
I really really really try to get all of my figures at retail stores, mainly TRU and Walmart, but if needed, I will resort to online versions of TRU and KB Toys (when available of course).

07-11-2002, 02:55 AM
TRU and Atomic Comics to be exact.

07-12-2002, 08:31 PM
retail stores. either Toys R Us or comic shops.