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06-17-2002, 08:22 PM
Finally found Bespin Vader in my local Walmart. Probably 20 of them on the shelf along with the nonbloody Luke. I just picked up the Vader, I'll hang out to see if I can find Luke. Question is, I still can't find Yoda. Does anyone know if these will show up again?? Or should I just pay the internet price?? Thanks for any info...

Jedi Learner
06-17-2002, 08:57 PM
I wouldn't give up on finding Yoda at retail yet. They will probably be showing up soon with increasing regularity. The same thing happened with the Royal Guards and Geonosian Warriors: they were extremely scarce at first, but now there are cases of them starting to appear on the shelves. Yoda will probably be mixed into another case assortment in greater amounts here in the near future.

I've learned in my experience with the hobby that if you're patient and play the waiting game, you will eventually find what you're looking for on the retail level. There have been many times in the past that I've kicked myself because I desperately paid a huge amount online for a "rare" figure that I thought I would never see at retail, only to find it on the shelves a month later. I don't fall into that trap anymore.

06-17-2002, 09:09 PM
You might try asking an employee if there is any in the back. For instance, I got my Yoda at KB by asking an employee who found one in the back. It also happen to be the last one, so maybe I'm just lucky.:stupid:

06-17-2002, 09:10 PM
They'll show up. Don't worry. If you do buy online, just don't get it from a scalper. Find a reasonable price.

Darth Narcis
06-17-2002, 10:42 PM
ive never seen a yoda that wasnt totally wrecked or in a scalpers cart, so i want a yoda as bad as anyone... and they arent anywhere... but they will show up in a few weeks, just wait...

06-17-2002, 11:15 PM
Yall will see Yoda!!! That's for sure! IMO he will be worth the wait! He's probably one of the best figures out there right now!! :p

06-17-2002, 11:22 PM
I've been starting to see the Yoda's a little more often. Red Guards, Taun We's, and Luminara's are almost everyewhere now.

06-18-2002, 05:42 PM
I checked at EE.com at upcoming case assortments and I believe Yoda was coming at 1 per case as with Count Dooku in a new assortment this august. I'm about 80% sure, hang on I'll go check it out real quick,

06-18-2002, 05:46 PM
Here's the case assortment due out in August.

Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones Collection 1 Figure Assortment, Wave 5. Includes 12 action figures: 1x Jango Fett - Kamino Escape, 1x Anakin Skywalker - Hanger Duel, 2x Yoda - Jedi Master, 1x Count Dooku - Dark Lord, 1x Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Starfighter Pilot, 3x Darth Maul and 3x Anakin (subject to change).

06-18-2002, 07:44 PM
The Vader IS very cool. I'm debating opening up my bloody Luke fig. cuz I CANT FIND THE NON BLODDY ONE!!! hahaha