View Full Version : Drive out the Scalpers!

Casual George
06-19-2002, 11:19 AM
I'd been cutting down on the time I spent trying to find new figures because nobody seemed to be restocking. Then I read on the forums yesterday that Wal-Marts(all over the place) had gotten in a massive supply of the Bespin wave. Score! My Wal-Mart had a ton. So I picked up Luke, Darth, Mace, Jango, Orn Free Ta and a few others I had been lacking. As I was going through the figures I noticed all the corners on the new wave had been BENT!!! Now, normally I don't care if the package is somewhat damaged because I open my figures. What is infuriating is that someone intentionally went through and bent ALL of the new figure's cards. All of the old stock was fine. I know it was intentional because the cards were all bent in the same way and it was not due to poor packing or because the pallet got crushed. I've known that some pretty big scalpers operate in the area, because I watched the suckers take a entire new shipment of figures and toss them into their carts and make for the check out, all within moments of them being put on the shelves! So, whose bending all those cards? I'm thinking that it could be a collector like myself who has seen these guys and is trying to keep them from taking everything and leaving nothing for anyone else. Or, is it the scalper taking what he wants and then bending the rest so no one else has a chance at getting them in good condition? Thus, he is more likely to be able to sell his stuff to someone looking for a MOMC. Either way scalpers suck and they totally take the fun out of collecting. Please, tell your friends or anyone you know who collects to not buy from scalpers. If somebody needs a fig. that's hard to find, put the word out on the forum. I'm sure any one of us would be glad to help a fellow collector procure that much sought after Yoda or Dooku or whatever and do it for the actual price of the fig. plus postage. We need to band together and take the power away from scalpers!