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09-27-2001, 02:33 PM
hi there

i have need of some level a and b and i have some to trade with.

i have to trade with:
2b C-3PO
3b han solo
4b Lando
4a han solo

i need
padme' and leia from a and b and qui gon (a)
obi wan from b
luke from b
anakin from b

i have doubles of the base set to trade with as well
and if anyone needs i have a full set of the base including checklists

thanks, take care

09-27-2001, 07:16 PM
I don't even collect the cards, but.....there's a nifty place called www.starwarscards.com (i think) that has oodles and oodles of groovy collectors (such as yourself) who might be looking for the very cards you have and might need the very cards you have.

If that isn't the place, I'll find the right name for you...

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09-27-2001, 07:36 PM
how rude can you be? everyone else has picked names that they like or want and i think its damn lousy that you treat others that way.

09-27-2001, 08:01 PM
Much as I hate to say it Utinni, Dictating the rules and whys and wherefores of this site isn't your place. And that was just plain rude. Calling someone out over an opinion can be justified up to a point but just plain attacking someone over their login name because it isn't star wars is silly and rude and silly and rude. It is possible to have more than one field of interest you know and have them co-incide quite nicely. I'm a farscape fan, if I had the name Dominar Rygel would you attack me too? I think you should eat humble pie here and apologise. Remember, it wouldn't be a good world to live in if we were all the same. Difference and individuality, the power to choose and willingly make our own destiny is what seperates us from fish. That's a good lesson to take on board.

09-27-2001, 08:28 PM

09-28-2001, 01:34 AM
Originally posted by Utinni

Geez! For shame!

Bel-Cam Jos
09-29-2001, 07:35 PM
Hey! All the cool things seem to be edited. What is this, the made-for-TV PG version? Boooo! :p

By the way, we need all the SW trading cards posters as we can get! ;) So treat 'em right!

10-07-2001, 10:00 PM
After taking a self imposed sabbatical from trading cards, I've decided to jump back into the pot.

I tried clicking on the link so generously provided above but it was "unavailable."

So anyway, I am looking for a complete set of the ROTJ WideVision cards as well as numerous "needs" from other sets. The list is far too extensive to drop here. I have quite a few vintage doubles available, but not for too much longer. My plan is to take them over to the local comic shop tomorrow (yes, Monday the 8th) to see what I might get for them. If you might need some old cards (and a few of the new Evolution, WideVision, and/or Galaxy) let me know asap!

I'm also trying to complete my son's Pokemon base set without going bankrupt.

I'll gladly email a Word document over with the haves/needs.

Rollo Tomassi
10-08-2001, 11:01 AM
Ugh..Stillakid, those pokemon are insidious with their "Gotta catch 'em all" brainwashing slogan. My daughter likes them, so I buy her the toys , but luckily I escaped the lure of the cards. That would wreak havoc on the ol' checkbook... I can now name all 250 pokemon. Oh well, it's a bonding experience with my daughter.

Bel-Cam Jos
10-08-2001, 06:11 PM
I know all 250, too, Rollo! They are:

Kawfing (sp?)
Jiggly Puff
Sneak-a-Peek Achoo
Snake Eyes
Lady Jay
Lady Jane
My Fair Lady
Darth Vadar (THAT'S where he went!)
Transor Z
Cars Voltron
Lions Voltron
Barry Sanders
Dennis Eckersley
Philip Morris
Millard Fillmore
Millard Fillless
Millard Fill Up
Millard Phillip
Phillip Millard
Howard the Duck

I could go on, but I'd have to delete myself! Moderator rules, ya know...

07-11-2002, 03:50 PM
Dennis Eckersley became a Pokemon? I'm surprised the A's didn't work harder to keep him.

Hey stillakid, are you still in the pot?
How'd that sale go of your doubles? I wish I had checked in here, I would have offered to take some off your hands.
Well, that's what I get for waiting so long to get back into trading cards! :D