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06-20-2002, 12:37 AM
-Problem with Julian-

Has anyone traded with Julian before? I made a trade with him and I shipped the figure out first thing Weds morning (like we agreed) then I get to work and get a email he sent me "WEDS MORNING" saying he picked up a Han figure that morning and he does not want to trade anymore. Thats all fine and dandy, but I shipped the figure already (like we agreed). I then sent him a email telling him when he gets the figure I sent, send it back to me. I have yet to hear anything from him.

I am suprised that this guy acted this way since he also runs the site the bonthanspy and goes by the name of ISH TIBB there.

I am beginning to feel ripped off.

The package had confirmation with it and the postmaster said there is a 50% chance that they can recall the box. I guess I will have to wait till later this week to see if I get it back.

if anyone has info on this guy please post it.

06-20-2002, 05:46 PM
He is buying something from me. He said he shipped the $$$ earlier this week, so it will probably show up this weekend. I'll let you know what happens. He seemed like a sound guy, on the up and up, I'm not worried, of course he is sending me cash first so it is a little different.

06-20-2002, 11:26 PM
Thats good that you got him to send first. I still have not heard from him.

I wonder if he is going to send my stuff back or what? o well..

06-20-2002, 11:46 PM
Hey you need to fax a postal service form 1509 to the post office that will deliver the package and they can stop it i would do this bright and early tommorow morning since you mailed it wensday they may be delivering it tommorow. Read my post in the update on tastetesta forum i explain this in more detail. it saved me from geting ripped by tastetesta.

06-21-2002, 12:38 AM
cool thanks for the info echo1six

06-21-2002, 05:48 AM
First of all allow me to say that I sent an E-mail to swcollector at 5:00 a.m the day before he was about to ship the figure, asking him not to send it since I had found two of the Endor Raid Han Solos at my local Wal-Mart. I will copy all of you later on on this.

Yes, it would be VERY STUPID of me to jeopardize my reputation as a forum moderator, reporter and graphic artist for The BothanSpy and even my own reputation as a collector for over 8 years AND the reputation of my website for a simple Star Wars figure.

Swcollector, if my message got to you too late and you were not able to go back and pick up your figure, as you had mentioned in your reply message, NO PROBLEM!! YOU WILL GET YOUR FIGURE BACK, I WILL SEND IT BACK TO YOU

Here is my address and home phone number which I'd like to make public at this point:

14200 S.W 152 PLACE
PHONE NUMBER (305) 2327539

I have nothing to hide, nothing to be afraid of. I'm not Tastetesta.

I'm a 36 year old guy with a family, a son an I earn a living decently. I have been contributing with news , pictures and reports for the colector community for over two years now.

YOU ON THE OTHER HAND. Mr swcollector should had given me a chance to reply to your e-mail, I'm not in use of or in front of my computer everyday, 24 hours a day. I believe your own frustration while knowing I had put a stop to our trade, got you upset and decided to mess up my name and you posted here. Anger is a silent killer Sir! So I do ask you before things get more complicated to place a second post clarifying my name once you get your figure back.I WILL SEND YOUR FIGURE BACK ONCE IT GETS HERE...WAS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH?


Lots of collectors over at www.thebothanspy.com and www.sandtroopers.com have known me for years and know very well who i am, even Acpin right here at SSG knows me and sends me his updates for his Diorama section.

SWcollector, if you decided to stain my name because i cancelled our trade, think it twice!

Cameo, your money was sent out yesterday for the Luke 12" figure. A little late, I know, but it also took you quite a while to find a box for it, and I have a life just like anybody else besides my writing, reports and pictures relating to Star Wars.

As for echo1six... get to know the person they are dealing with before you go around suggesting "things"


Gee! talk about child behavior!

06-21-2002, 06:21 AM
Here is my last E-mail to swcollector and his last reply. by the way he didn't write back to me at all after all this:


-----Original Message-----
From: JODARSHAN@aol.com [mailto:JODARSHAN@aol.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 2:30 AM
To: d-emmons@pacbell.net
Subject: Re: han white lever

it is 5:00 a. m Wednesday and I'm writing to you at this time in the hope you get to read this message before you send out your Han Solo.

My wife just got back from work and on her way home she stopped by Walmart and came back with two Han Endor with the white lever which she found at the store for me, therefore I no longer need this figure and I would like not to continue with the trade.

I will still have the figure available for you for a week, if you like any of the offers I'm about to propose to you.

I'll be willing to trade the figure now ONE for ONE for any of the following variants/errors:

Red Clonetrooper with unpainted T visor
Any Jango Fett other than "Kamino Escape" with blue visor
Dexter Jettster with insert/background and PIPE text showing

I will also be willing to trade the figure for any TWO (pair) of the following;

2 Chewbacca "Cloud City Escape"
2 Obi-Wan Pilot

I can trade the bloody stump Luke now for any

I'm truly sorry about this last minute notice and I hope you understand. Hopefully, if none of the trades I mentioned to you work, I'll be able to trade with you in the future.

Best regards,

Julian AKA Ishi Tib



Subj: RE: han white lever
Date: 6/19/2002 11:13:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: d-emmons@pacbell.net
To: JODARSHAN@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Your kidding? Nothing like waiting to the last minute... I just got to my office after going to the post office this morning and checked my email and got this email.

I will have to go back to the post office on my lunch and see if I can get the box back. If you get the box send it back. I dont have any extra of the figures that you want. Do you just want to sell it? You said you would take 2 figures for it how about I just send you $12. let me know.

06-21-2002, 06:26 AM

Thanks to all and..MTFBWY

06-21-2002, 10:30 AM
freedom of speech buddy, im not downing you in anyway i was just telling a guy how to get his figure back , since you backed out of your deal with him.

06-21-2002, 12:21 PM
Julian your full of it you said you sent me a email "the day before" ?

You sent me a email June 19th at 5am the day we agreed to ship. If your going to try and twist the truth don't hurt yourself by posting the email dates like you did below.

first you said

" First of all allow me to say that I sent an E-mail to swcollector at 5:00 a.m the day before he was about to ship the figure"

then you said

"it is 5:00 a. m Wednesday and I'm writing to you at this time"

Our deal was to ship the figures on June 19th which is Weds.

If you sent a email the day before we were going to ship, your email would have been dated june 18th.

if you warned me a day ahead (june 18th) I would have gotten your message in time and I would have known not to ship the figure Weds.

I have a email from you from June 17th telling me the deal is on and that you would email me the confirmation number on weds.

So here is the break down since you have trouble with dates

June 17th everything is on no problems.
June 18th never heard anything from you.
June 19th you flaked on the deal.

Well my end of the deal got shipped. I stopped at the post office before I went to work Weds morning expecting everything was fine. Then I get to work , check my email and have to deal with this...

Its not big deal that you flaked on the deal. Everything would have been fine if you just would have sent me a email saying you would send it back to me. But you never did....

What am I suppose to think. You still never sent me a reply telling me that you would send it back to me. Your reply in this forum is the first time I even heard anything from you.

What a way to do business...

Anyways I dont think you have a reason to be mad I was the one
that was inconvenienced not you. I had to run to the post office yet again and fill out a form 1509 (package recall form)

My "BELOVED FIGURE " is no big deal to me. $6.00 is a drop in the bucket. I just hate when people rip others off or screw others.

I have been in your situation also before. I made a deal to trade with someone then find the figures I am trading for at the store (before I was suppose to ship). , but you know what I did I kept my end of the deal since I knew that person was looking forward to the figures I was sending them and I traded with them anyways. and just returned the figures he sent me back to the store.

As for your name being cleared up well you kind of wrecked that yourself not me.

Just listen to your posts below. Saying I am angry and frustrated? I am not the one being demanding, typing in all CAPS, and so on.

This could have been very easy to fix , all you had to do was send me a email saying you would send it back, you were so prompt to send me a email on June 19th at 5am...

I hope if the post office cant recall it and Julian has to send it back to me he will be adult enough and not damage it.

Anyways I will post a reply if and when I get the figure back

06-21-2002, 12:28 PM
by the way echo1six,

thanks for the post office info, I never had to deal with this before. I guess theres a first for everything.


06-21-2002, 03:41 PM
Are you going to talk to me about freedom of speech echo1six? For your information sir, I served for this country in the Arm Forces, the Army to me more up to your understanding, and believe me, I clearly know what freedom of speech is and how it should be treated. But just to narrow down this nonsense fight, echo1six, this is truly an incident between Mr. swcollector and I and you should really keep your mind and thoughts focused into your own situations. I hope you can understand

Is there a law, a policy or a written concept prohibiting me from stopping a trade? Is there a time limit for doing so? I even offered to hold the figure for Mr. Swcollector for a week, I didn't just back out of a deal, I gave him choices for him to still get the bloody stump Luke from me.

"Julian your full of it you said you sent me a email "the day before" ?

Full of what am I, swcollector?

I put a stop to our trade, I notified you about it, yes a few hours before you sent your package (if in fact you read my note after "you had sent it," for all we know you might had just gotten it back and created all this just to bash me), I offered you options to still get it, a gave you a week to do so. Now I have even made my home phone number and address public and I have placed our last exchange of E-mails here...So I ask again, what am I full of?

Less go over who is full of what?

You on the other side instead of waiting at least 24 hours, came into these forums and decided to place a post bashing me..Why? Only frustration and anger will lead someone who has been warned and offered other deals to do so. Only anger, frustration and insecurity could make someone not even wait 24 hours to allow me to reply to you, even after you knowing who I was and all the references of mine you had. Sir I was about to make a trade with you and your only references were from Ebay!

Since I rather don't lower myself to your level and since fortunately for me, trading is just a small venue in the vast amount of possibilities I have to obtain a figure, I will leave this trade open for you to calm your thirst about my persona and keep on bashing me, at the end you will have your figure back, I will continue collecting and helping out REAL collectors while you will always be remembered for your childish manners and lack of understanding ...

Does "cry baby" ring a bell?

06-21-2002, 03:52 PM
im really not trying stick my nose in this, just trying to help someone out get there stuff back, yeah i was in the armed forces as well for three years, 101st airborne to be exact.you guys have fun arguing.

Ham Yoyo
06-21-2002, 04:17 PM
OK...here we go....
I have known Julian since he was a valuable member of sandtroopers.com and continue to stay in touch with him. He is nothing but professional in all aspects. I have NEVER heard anything about him screwing anyone and have total trust in him. I have been trading on sandtroopers.com and thebothanspy.com for a few years. After reading the emails and all the posts between SWcollector and Julian, I see no problem with Julian's actions....he has stated the figure will be returned, and he tried to let you know he had the figure. Trades fall through all the time...just because you didnt get the figure you needed, swcollector does not mean you have the right to hurt someones reputation. Julian and I are trading as I write this and I know of MANY people who have had success trading with him. Knowing Julian, you will get your figure back no problem. That should be enough for you....I personally do not appreciate you downing a fellow collector in such a way and I will notify everyone I know to respond to your big pile of cry baby CRAP.....grow up...its just toys people...plain and simple...
I've got your back Julian, as well as many others I know do....
MTFBWY Julian, and SWcollector, think before you write....your doing nothing but harming our hobby.....
Britt Johnson aka Ham Yoyo...

06-22-2002, 02:52 AM
All I can do is laff at you Julian. This is to funny. I already filed my claim with the Post Office and moved on..

If I get the figure back or not owell...

I am not trying to be mean, but I think this really effected you mentally huh? You seem a bit upset and delusional. If you get the box tomorrow send it back, if not then the post office did its job and intercepted it. Either way is fine.

You calling me a "cry baby " is really odd. I have yet to cry about anything. I just posted the facts and asked for my figure back.

Look at the beginning post. I just asked for my figure back and I did not even resort to name calling or anything and look at how you took it. You just want to try to insult me because of your mistakes. And your how old 36?

As for Ham Yoyo, umm what can I say "big pile of cry baby CRAP" and "grow up" in the same sentence, wow what a choice of words. That really shows your intelligence. You say to grow up yet use words like "big pile of cry baby CRAP". Does any speak like adults anymore?

If you want I can get my fellow collector friends to post here and rip on Julian also , but I kind of grew out of the high school phase already and have better things to do than get mad or upset over this...

Julian I have nothing against you personally and I am not trying to insult anyone, but if you want to try and insult me here and get your "friend" and have a rip session thats fine if it helps you sleep at night., but Dont expect me to entertain you with replies...

In your future trades, maybe inform the people your trading with a little better, and it will probally avoid problems like this.

thats my parting words.

If and when I get the box back I will post a reply.

06-22-2002, 03:07 AM
I have nothing against you either sir, other than the fact that you talk about my "last minute stop of the trade", while you on the other hand, didn't even give me 24 hours to reply to your last E-mail, posting here instead.

I was fair enough to even offer you to hold the figure for you for an entire week if you would had found any of the variations I'm looking for.

I was formal and polite with my notification plus you had plenty of references given by me to find out who I was to assure you your figure was going to be returned: names of websites, webmasters and owners, did you care to ask around? NO! instead out of your own aggreviation, after seeing the trade wasn't going to go through, you came here and started this thread to bash me rather than to ask around or give me at least 24 hours to read and reply to your E-mail.

Do you actually think I would damage your figure if it comes my way? How old are you sir to have such wild thoughts? Only in the mind of a 14 year old such kind of train thought could take place, no offense but your attitude towards this "incident" is leading me to feel this way.

Do you actually think I would discredit my reputation or the one of any of the websites I have worked for just to get a hold of a $6.00 figure?

You have my address, you have my phone number; the doors of my house are opened to you if you rather come down here and pick up the figure yourself.

Do you realize the stupidity of this thread? We are attacking each other for a $6.00 piece of plastic...Why? I did not start the thread, you did.

You go about myself not replying to your las E-mail BUT you didn't even give me 24 hours to read it. Do you work? I do.
Besides my work for the collecting community I have a family and my own business to take care of. Money is not a problem in my life, therefore I do not need to be shady about anything nor I need to rip yopu off. Star Wars collecting is a hobby sir, not an attitude nor a lifestyle. We collect because we have fun doing it and it brings joy to our ordinary lives.

To resume:

-We worked on a trade

- A few hours before mailing out each other's sides, I politely notified you about cancelling the trade and offered you options to go about it and still get my figure

- You replied to my notification and asked to send you the figure back BUT within a few hours of your E-mail you came here and started a thread against me, not even giving me a chance to read your reply E-mail.

-I get online, skip my e-mails, come directly into the forums only to find your thread against me. It is then I looked in my E-mails and I see you had asked to send you the figure back BUT sir, you posted here the same day I notified you about the trade cancellation, saying you hadn't heard from me ..What? Were you expecting me to be online looking for you and following what you write? It is Thursday, that I see this thread where you make it look as if I was avoiding you or trying to rip you off.

I believe, there is common sense in you..Would I try to rip you off when you knew exactly who I was? I figured you had contacted the references I had given you before going on with the trade, Did you?

Well, this is really a waste of valuable time and energy over a $6.00 figure, therefore no more on my part. Once or if the figure gets to me I will ship it back to you, don't worry I have pride on what I do. The box will be taken and opened at the post office, and a series of pictures will be taken at the post office, with the post office employees to show everyone your figure is being sent back in the same condition as it got here. I will post such pictures here as well as the post office phone number and who to contact to assure on all this.

Believe me, I know you are upset because of the failure with the trade, and anger sometimes makes people do foolish things, I forgive you for not thinking much before placing this thread but unfortunately trades go wrong, cars brake down, planes fall...life isn't perfect..sometimes we win..sometimes we lose

Ham Yoyo
06-22-2002, 09:07 AM
This has turned into a very idiotic topic...all I stated was the fact of how long I have dealt with Julian and the trust I have in his actions. I made one statement of" cry baby crap" and you continue to propose a "debate" ( or as you called it ripping session..if anything sounds like high school, that does). My work here is done, I will continue to post POSITIVE remarks on every trade Julian and I complete in the future and no, he did not get his friends to back him up. I am a fellow trader who has dealt with Julian before and I am in contact with other collectors who have never had a problem with Julian. I wanted to give another opinion to this situation besides the two of you going at each other....I said cry baby because of your massive amount of angst about this situation. Remember people...THESE ARE ONLY TOYS!!!!!......the hobby must remain a positive thing and trade forums can only help, when used properly.....

06-26-2002, 02:20 PM
I got my figure back today from USPS.

The post office intercepted the package before delivering it to Julian...

Just thought I would let you know.

Ham Yoyo
06-26-2002, 03:11 PM
Well, Well, Well..
Mr S.W. Collector...I hope this puts some thought into your mind about talking trash about a fellow collector...I just Received my Bespin Luke from Julian Today..packed perfect and a perfect card/figure...just to let all know that Julian knows his buisness and is a reliable trader.....
thanks again Julian....the best for you!!!


06-26-2002, 03:16 PM
My deal with Julian worked out perfect, he is very professional and friendly also. I wouldn't hesitate to deal again or to refer anyone to him.

Ham Yoyo
06-26-2002, 03:45 PM
indeed cameo...
I've dealt with Julian several times and this trade went perfect as usual....
thanks for posting a positive for him...he is really bothered by this Thread and I hope people do not hesitate to trade with him in the future....


06-26-2002, 08:09 PM
Im with swcollector on this, if you make a deal for somthing you shouldn't go to the store and buy the same figure you made a deal for and then back out of the deal. Or if you do buy the figure go ahead and make the trade you agreed to regardless , i personally have gotten doubles of figures this way because i follow through on my deals. In other words that is bad business.

06-26-2002, 09:22 PM
Cameo and Ham Yoyo, Thanks to both of you for posting about your trades with me here and also thanks to SWcollector for letting everyone know he got his figure back. My thanks also go to echo1six for sticking his nose, one more time, where it doesn't belong :)

07-01-2002, 08:47 PM
I'll stick my nose in.........

I do not frequent this board but since my sites name was brought up, I feel like adding my 2 cents.

Is there not a moderator in this section of the forums? If so, I suggest that this thread be removed... it serves no purpose.

I do not totally agree with everything that Julian has posted but he's not the one who started this thread.

If this is just a $6 figure that we are talking about ("just a drop in the bucket") then I do not understand why this thread even exist or why we're on page 2 of it.

I think that swcollector jumped the gun by posting negative feedback... On my board, that would earn swcollector some negative feedback.

Freedom of speech comes with responsibilty. This maybe a public board but it's not a free board... someone is paying for it and they own the right to control what appears on it.

I agree that Julian altered the trade very late in it's development and I can't say that I wouldn't be a little frustrated, but I wouldn't post negative feedback. Julian did offer alternatives but swcollector slammed the door on that very quickly... apparently only interested in the original trade or no trade at all. I think that I would have tried to come to some kind of arrangement before backing out completely and posting negative feedback.

swcollector, if you feel like you have been cheated, then I suggest you file a fraud claim with the post office. I think that you will be wasting you're time because you have no case.

I can feel for swcollectors frustration to a point but it is lost as quickly as I read the first post in this thread. I do not feel that Julian has done anything to earn negative feedback and I suggest that this thread be removed.

Honestly, I don't think that it makes anyone look good.

I have know Julian for a couple of years now and this is the first that I have ever heard of anyone having any problems with him... in fact I have always heard of how generous he can be in a trade and I have first hand experience with that.