View Full Version : Slave 1 stolen

06-20-2002, 09:14 PM
Dosn't the ship from "Minority Report" look almost just like the slave 1, except upside down.

06-21-2002, 01:59 AM
When I saw the MR trailer I thought it resembled the general shape of it, but that's as far as the similarities go for me.

06-21-2002, 02:24 AM
Yeah, it does truly look like it, mainly from the side though.

Caesar, nice avatar - I don't even want to know how you found a nonmake-up pic of McCallum though! ;)

06-22-2002, 02:39 AM
I thought it was slightly similar, but not enough that I thought of it as "stolen"... especially since ILM did some of the film's effects.

06-23-2002, 03:54 AM
i said the same thing to my brother he thought i was crazy

06-29-2002, 03:43 PM
Man everyone is trying to cash in on any SW gimmick!!