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06-21-2002, 10:10 AM
I've got a beef with Amok time right now, and I was wondering if anyone has, or knows, how to deal with this problem.

About a month back I ordered 2 of the new figures, and after a fews I got the figures. Ok, cool. Everything was great. Then I get home from Iceland end of May and waiting for me was another box from Amok Time...so I opened it to see what it was, the same 2 figs I ordered weeks ago. So I E-mailed Amok time, asked them to check into the order and I didn't get a response.

So I took the box back to the post office, tried to return to sender, but since it was open, they charged me another 5 bucks to return it.

I get the little green slip that says it was left at their P.O. Box and this was about 2 to 2-1/2 weeks ago and my credit card still hasn't been credited. So I E-mailed them in not so many words what the hold up is, and of course no response.

I have a hunch they just took me for a ride. I was going to order a few non star wars things from them, but after this, I not going to.

Anyone have any advice or past experience with this? Or a contact I can talk to?

06-21-2002, 10:22 AM
Originally posted by tjovonovich

I have a hunch they just took me for a ride. I was going to order a few non star wars things from them, but after this, I not going to.

Anyone have any advice or past experience with this? Or a contact I can talk to?

Well my first question is, did they charge you for the second two figures? If not then you might just count yourself lucky and let the matter rest.

I assume though that they did charge you for them. In this case it is most likely just an ordering hiccup. Did you order over the phone or on the internet? If you used the net it's possible the computer recorded your order twice.

I haven't had any problems oredering from them before and all the products I recieved have been in good shape. But you should definitely keep trying to get in touch with them. When one of my orders seemed to be shipping late I called them up and they immediately helped me out. I know this might be a problem for you since it sounds like you aren't in the US (are you in England?) but they might have a tollfree number for you to call listed somewhere.

06-21-2002, 12:03 PM
Yea, they charged my account the day the shipped the figs out.

I'll have to go back to the web site and see if they have a 1-800 number, and give them a call. This is just getting old. There's no customer service anymore. They are all ready and willing to take you money a.s.a.p, but when it comes time to parting with it, its like pulling teeth....

And I'm from MN. I was just outta country on vacation and I was shocked to find a package from them. Odds are it was a computer glitch, but still, its their mistake and they are doing a slow job of correcting their problem. No customer satisfaction anymore...

06-21-2002, 04:27 PM
I'm right behind you TJ. I ordered from them twice and both times I was not happy. Maybe they don't like us Minnesotans? ;) 1st order they said was in stock, well it wasn't. Took 3 weeks to get my one figure and it was in bad bad shape. My 2nd order both items were said to be in stock, well turns out 1 item was in stock the other sold out. I waited for 2 weeks with nothing showing up at my front door so I emailed them and found out that since the 1 item wasn't in stock they weren't going to ship my other item. They did cancel my order per my request, thank goodness. I'm done with them, they don't update their website when the items are sold out. Bad communication, high prices, stay away!!!! I feel for you TJ, I hope you get the problem resolved.

06-21-2002, 05:04 PM
Well I placed a just a call a few moments ago, and the guy was quick to tell me that he just received the returned items today (hmmm sketchy) and credited my credit card today, after I told him my last name.

So far so good I hope, but I'm still a bit tentative about it since he was so quick to tell me that the items were returned, and processed. I guess we'll see in a couple of days. It's also odd that they don't return E-mail messages or send out confirmations about orders or returns. Why even have an address listed if you're not going to reply or provide customer support.

I don't think I'll order from them again. I'm guessing it must be some mom and pop shop since they are closed tues and thurs, or a side job. I wonder if they aren't out hunting for figs on tues or thurs...

I just hope others have had better luck.

06-23-2002, 01:30 PM
Yes I think they are one of those shops that hunt the stores for their figures and jack up the prices.

Thats was one thing that bugged me also was they didn't e-mail me when the item would ship, they are the only store that doesn't do that. (from my experience) About them not answering e-mails, well they always answered mine within 72 hours.

06-24-2002, 12:42 PM
Well I just checked my Credit Card statement, and they just refunded the amount of the 2 figs, they didn't reimburse the 6 or so for shipping and handling so I'm out 12 bucks on this whole deal. The initial money to have them send the figs out, then I had to pay to return the figs.

So here's where I put my 2 bits in and inform people not to use Amok Time if they don't have too. I would suggest against it, they give you the run around, and customer service is poor at best.

Mandalorian Candidat
06-24-2002, 02:33 PM
Dude, they boned you bad. Charging you once for the duplicate figures and then making you pay again to ship them back? That's ridiculous. You should really try to get your $12 back. It was their fault, not yours.

06-24-2002, 02:56 PM
Yea I'm a little steamed still about this whole bit. It was their screw up and I'm out 12 because of their computer glitch.

The post office made out with the 12 buck really. But I'm done with Amok, and since they never bothered to reply to my e-mail messages, or were quick to reimburse me, I'm done with them.

I'm not about to wrack up a phone bill to NY to squeeze them for the 12 bucks. I'll just wind up paying more for nothing.

I should have kept the figures, but hindsite is always 20/20.

Still can't believe it set me back 12 bucks for 2 figs I never ordered.

I just hope more people read this and take their business elsewhere.