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06-22-2002, 10:03 PM
Where's the best FREE place to meet people Online? I am looking to find a girl (to date) and most of these sites are pay!

By the way, I belong to connection.matchmaker.com already, so other than that.


06-23-2002, 05:31 PM

06-23-2002, 08:06 PM
I haven't a clue. Wouldn't it be easier to try to meet people in the flesh face to face in the first place instead of going at it blind and making life more difficult for yourself?

I've tried this telephone dating thing over here in the UK and while it got me a good time nocturnally a couple of times it didn't offer up anything remotely long term in either prospects or interest in the service. I met a lot of people through just one advert and most of them were fairly nice but really bad freaks.

I've had immensely more success when i actually stopped looking for someone and just went out to enjoy myself and relax. A relaxed person who doesn't look like they are desperately trying to mate like it's the last chance they have is immediately much more attractive as a prospective mate to women/girls. If you look like you're trying to pull, then people will walk away. If you stop looking for it, nine times out of ten what you want will turn up right in front of your nose. I met my partner that way by not looking for it. We've been together six years now and it all started over a drink in a local bar. No tension or expectations from either of us just a nice casual chat and a drink. next thing I'm serving a life sentence! :eek:
Honestly, don't push too hard for it all and it'll land at your feet when you least expect it to.

Did any of that make any sense whatsoever? Tell me to butt out if you want but I just thought some advice from someone who's been there might help. :)

06-23-2002, 08:31 PM
Well, how old are you boshek?

06-23-2002, 11:03 PM
24. I live in the country (and it takes forever to go anywhere).

06-23-2002, 11:30 PM
Oh, ok. At first I thought you were a 12-year-old trying to get some tail. :crazed:

06-24-2002, 12:22 AM
I have to agree with Jargo that no matter how rural your home is, you're always better off meeting someone through live, offline interaction. I also agree with Jargo, and my own experience has been the same way, that women can smell a guy who's actively looking for a girl, the way a doberman can smell fear.

Thinking back through the fog of years, to when I was your age, and similarly hormone-driven to meet someone for a deep and meaningful relationship based pretty much entirely on hot monkey love, I found that receptive femmes tended to sit around the sidelines watching during outdoor sports I'd participate in at the park. Are there any parks around you where there are regular weekend pick-up games (no pun intended) or other intramural games of football, baseball, or basketball? Is there an area YMCA with intramural sports like baseball or volleyball? None of these liasons ever turned into anything long term for me, but I wasn't thinking long term at that time.

Another way I've met nice friends was through motorcycle riding. I had a sportbike, not a harley, so I wasn't meeting the stereotypical "biker dudes/chicks" but mostly just young, fun-loving people. If you have a motorcycle or a sporty car, you may also look for weekend evening gatherings of car & bike enthusiasts. Many areas have a shopping mall or donut shop parking lot where people gather at a regular time to show off their cars & bikes and sometimes organize group rides.

I'd have to say that the online meeting venues are high-risk due to the liars, predators and users/scam artists trolling these sites just hoping to find a young, honest, easy mark. However, it is not impossible to meet someone online, and have it evolve into a successful long-term in-person relationship. I have direct knowledge of at least two such successful relationships, one couple I know who met online even got married. But these are the rare exceptions.