View Full Version : 12" Scale Episode I Padawan Ani assortment - please?

06-23-2002, 02:01 AM
Dear Hasbro, I'm sorry that so many 6" Ani and Pit Droids ended up on clearance 3 years ago, but I'd like you to give it another shot. :)

With my purchase of your Episode II 12" Anakin, I have set up a "visual timeline" of the life of Anakin, starting with your 6" Ani from Episode I and ending with your Masterpiece Edition 13" Anakin. But something is missing, as the step from Tatooine slave to Jedi Learner seems pretty improtant to the Star Wars saga. Therefore, I would like you to consider the production of this figure.

To do this though, I understand you would need a few other characters to ship with him (or maybe you don't?).
Either way, it would be a great way to release an AOTC Yoda w/ lightsaber (I seem to remember your success with the Yoda you did several years back) and maybe a third figure . . . I doubt you would consider Yaddle, but maybe another Ewok?
Heck, I know there are alot of Droid fans here, maybe you could make a companion for R2-D2, R2-A6, and R5-D4 ?

Thanks for listening. :)

06-23-2002, 02:37 AM
I agree with a lot of Caesar's ideas:

Padawan Anakin from TPM (Jake Lloyd 6")

While you're at it, Boba Fett 6" from AOTC, please!

A 6" R4-M9 would be kind of sweet.

And the detail on a 6" R3 droid (clear dome) would be so cool!

But if you're going to do 6" Padawan Anakin, make a Ceremony Queen from TPM as well! I want to pose them together, with Obi-Wan and R2D2.

Speaking of R2D2, a lightsaber launching one from ROTJ would be incredible!

Thanks Hasbro.

06-25-2002, 02:41 AM
Yes Tycho, AOTC Boba Fett would be a nice offering !

He would come in his blue outfit with the same parka as the 3 3/4" figure, only this time it would be cloth! No rain effect needed, just give us a dry looking parka. :)

Hmm, a clone education head piece would be a nice touch, I know Boba didn't wear it but the actor did. :D And if you want to throw in Jango's helmet, I understand the appeal of that from a marketing standpoint. :)