View Full Version : Zam and her speeder

06-26-2002, 01:13 AM
Has anyone opened up Zam and put her in her speeder. I thought about Getting one of each to play with but i don't know....thoughts ?


06-26-2002, 02:21 AM
All I gotta say is, don't buy her just to put in her speeder, cuz she doesn't fit in there very well. Hopefully, Hasbro will make one that can fit in there more naturally.

06-26-2002, 02:29 AM
thanks mista carrot I almost caved in and got both at wm..the speeder look cool. i guess hasbro needs to make a pilot zam now huh?

06-26-2002, 03:13 AM
Yeah, they truly do.

Zam CAN go in her speeder, but man you better have some scrawny fingers to get her in there so she can hold one of the control sticks (her left hand is the only hand that you can have her grab one and it'll look ok [to an extent]). Even when you have her securely in her speeder though, she looks terrible, she lays fully down so he HAS to look up instead of looking out the front window, Hasbro ruined this figure for Pilot possibilities due to the plastic skirt and the gimmickized arm. Had she had the same articulation in her right arm that she does in her left, plus a cloth skirt and ball-jointed head, she might've been ok, but we still have to wait for Pilot Zam, and Hotrod Pilots Obi and Ani.

07-11-2002, 11:35 PM
I was getting so mad when I tried to fit her in the speeder because her legs kept bending and her arm kept falling off, etc.

Why didn't Hasbro make the speeder big enough so figures could SIT in it?