View Full Version : FB Jango on Bespin DV card

06-26-2002, 12:00 PM
I just purchased a FB Jango only to find out it's on a Bespin Darth Vader card. Does anyone think that this would be of any value or is it worthless? I'm an opener and just trying to figure out if it has any value.

CK :confused:

06-26-2002, 12:24 PM
well, open it. Because it's an error. Which means it is owrthless, unless you find some sucker to pay more than retail for it.

06-26-2002, 12:50 PM
I'm an opener but I don't know.........
It may never be worth much more than what you paid for it, but I think I'd keep it closed just for it's coolness. Figures packed on the wrong card are VERY rare! Besides, what would another Jango be, 5 bucks?

06-26-2002, 01:55 PM
In fact, I'll trade you a FB Jango for yours.