View Full Version : haves/wants

06-26-2002, 09:43 PM
I never finished my collection so now its time to do so, I need:
Admiral Motti, aunt beru, 3p0 with removable legs, r2 with tools, vader w/ interrogation droid, lobot, luke blast shielf, mon mothma, prune face, leia "sporting blaster", leia hoth, r2 with holo leia, ree-yees, stormtrooper with battle damage, wuher, rebel pilots 3-pack, mynock hunt...
I have: han hoth open hand, luke dag long saber, luke x-wing long saber, pretty much any orange card, orange carded collection 1 and 2 (greedo, luke stormtrooper, etc..) first line of 12" figs with dark blue insert (han, luke, vader) light blue obi-wan, luke x-wing, more..luke han andsnowtrooper tru millenium coin, kabe and muftak, b'omarr monk, ghost of obiwan, cantina band member, lots more just ask!