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06-28-2002, 09:26 AM
(no, i ain't ready to start reviewin your tapes yet, but i got some related quextions to axe, so might as well get this road on the show ;) if you're ready to post critiques though, fire away :evil: )
swaffy: damn you and your admirably insidious scheme to get me to make you a 2nd tape, i only got 1 hour of sleep last nite cuz i was gripped by a bug of inspiration to start a rough pass that bored into my head like a little rat weevil bazzdidd :crazed: anyhoo, to help me avoid wastin tape on stuff you already know, plz confirm you are unfamiliar with all the following candidates for inclusion (gsj & jdah'll recognize a few):
towa tei, "last century modern"
serge gainsbourg, "initials bb"
barry, "fancy dance"
sandra bernhard, "manhattan" aka "new york post"
"it's natural" from Wigstock
diana ross, "have fun again"
misc. salsoul records instrumental disco/funk (title escapes me for moment)
roxy music, "both ends burning"
opus 3, "into this universe"
kraftwerk, "telefon call ('88 german house dub)"
"hercules takes off/inflight fight" from barry's Living Daylights
grace jones, "don't cry it's only the rhythm"
jean-luc ponty, "no more doubts"
hector zazou's "sahara blue" album
glass & allen ginsberg, "hydrogen jukebox"
sakamoto's Snake Eyes score
b.e.f. (aka pre-heaven 17/human league), var. singles
d.a.f. aka robert gorl, "mit dir" & "a ist weider da"
deee-lite, "*****cat meow" remixes
"journey through time" from badalamenti's Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
"full moon" from barry's King Kong
"gene explores the titanic" from Raise the Titanic
axus, "near or far"
kama sutra, "nightwalk"
"fools" from High Art
there's also a few others i'm pretty sure you Aren't familiar with, but i want to make sure about above listed :)
np: swaffy2 draft2

06-28-2002, 02:38 PM
VT, the whole track list is a big OK for me!!!



06-28-2002, 02:42 PM
Oh God no!!!! Not kraftwerk! I use to have one of their albums, not look what I've become! They do make good cheese though.

06-29-2002, 11:59 AM
swaffy: you ain't hurd none o them eh? well That didn't help me narrow the list :p how bout wall of voodoo's "factory" or lene lovich's "new toy"? :)
np: swaf2 draft 5

06-29-2002, 12:35 PM
I have & love(ich) New Toy (oooeeeeeoooo).

Don't think I've heard WOV's Factory.

re: the other tracks...
I've downloaded a bit from free music servers, but it's mostly filler from the '60's - '80's. I have a few Ponty & Roxy Music albums, but except for a pretty small stack of clearance-sale cassettes & CDs, I stopped buying music in the mid-1980's when vinyl died-out. If the Ponty & Roxy stuff is less than 15 yrs old, I probably haven't heard it, since all we get on the radio here is Country, Gospel, Classic Rock (which somehow translates to the morons at our local station to the same 30 or 40 standards played in heavy rotation :mad: ), and contemporary rock (basically, that station just popped-in a Creed CD a couple years ago & set it to 'repeat' and it's still running :mad: :mad: ).

so, I'm ready - starved, really - for any horizon-expanding offerings you're willing to share.

06-29-2002, 12:43 PM
-which reminds me, imo most useless music hardware: multi-carousel cd player w/random play- like i'd Ever let some machine decide my selection & sequence :rolleyes:
jlp's "no more doubts": ~'85; rm's "both ends burning": ~'75. so plz reconfirm you haven't heard either one, as eliminating either would help things fit good ;)

06-29-2002, 03:21 PM
thanks to Amazon:
jlp's "no more doubts" track is listed on his "The Gift of Time" album. No, I haven't heard that one.

rm's "both ends burning" is on "Siren" which I have listened to, but as you noted, that would have been as long as 27 years ago ('75 release date confirmed by Amazon). But feel free to omit it at your discretion.

the entire production is at your discretion!

but I appreciate your asking for my input.

np: rm's the thrill of it all.

10-01-2002, 12:55 PM

I thought you' be aware of Neptunes because they've been winning lots at the MOBO or some similar award. I am not really that ken on them as they have tended to drift over to the evil Empire of Great Britney and N'sink. They have worked with some more stellar bodies, though.

I didn't mean to imply that you'd heard it and hated it, merely that you hadn't picked it up. Now I got the history, I see the reason why you didn't. I recall you telling me that you had read on the MAW forum (you gave me the addy of a year ago) that it wasn't going down as a remix very well and I thought that was why you didn't nab it.

"you did have that C&J Macintosh rmx of janet"
-pshaw, everyone knows the reason that one works is cuzza maw's presence, not cj's

And what about Ms Jackson ? ;) :p (I know, I know you only like the instru)

"it's not in the same summer flow of MAW"
-actually since house & hiphop (or, as i abbreviate it, hphp) got the strong beats that get the blood pumpin i pretty much listen to maw only in cold weather; but i'd be interested in your elaboration of what you mean

The VTape you sent me 2 years ago had a very summery feel to it. So much so that now when I hear a track remix with that vibe, I automatically think of you and I wonder if he'd like it? Yes, Even Hubba Hubba Hubba reminds me of Summer - kind of an outdoorsy barbecue soirée on the Downs of Harmans Cross or Swanage perhaps.

"the fashion-nurtured and fashion-evoking element of so many of your pickings"
-oooo again, i'd love it if you'd to elaborate

Publicity aitch oh. :p C'maaaaaawn Malcolm McClaren? The titles of your thredz? Your headfonez? Pip Glass? Whether you intend it or not, your track picks will always be evocative of style, even if they're Marilyn Manson 'tunes'.... :)

"not written in 'Nuyorica'"
-since when have you become familiar w/nuyorican soul? been doin homework in seekrid, eh?

About four or five years ago I caught a programme on them on MTV at my brothers. I don't know much about them other than the feeling their music has. I used the made-up term 'Nuyorica' to refer to the happy beats "summer flow of MAW" :)

Please welcome Baal Jnr to the club ;) now he really is a baaaaler :)


10-02-2002, 02:54 PM
"what about Ms Jackson ?"
-yeah really, what aBout her (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=180145#post180145) indeed :p ;)

"I know you only like the instru"
-i just prefer the instru; for every time i listen to the cjfxtc vocal i listen to the instru 20-30 times :D which reminds me of the feud between diana ross & the two chic honchos (bernard edwards & nile rodgers) when they wrote & produced her 1980 album (the one with "i'm coming out", "upside down" & "have fun again" ), with her whining that they made it sound too much like a chic album and not enough like a diana ross album. like that's a Bad thing?? :p

"they have tended to drift over to the evil Empire of Great Britney and N'sink"
-aside from producers-on-retainer (like jimmy jam & terry lewis :p ), remixers tend to merely be unaffiliated hired guns, sharing little/no responsibility with the "empires of bad taste" which hire them for the overall mediocrities propogated thereby ;)

"VTape you sent me 2 years ago had a very summery feel to it"
-much of it, sure; but "me & mrs. jones", "deep kiss" etc definitely belong in colder times :happy:

"Even Hubba Hubba Hubba reminds me of Summer"
-yeah, beat farmers play good while speedin down a hot dusty highway :)

"even if they're Marilyn Manson 'tunes'"
-which, despite what you may've mistakenly inferred (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=153611#post153611), i doubt they ever will be :p

good shot jansen
10-03-2002, 08:24 AM
vt - why you so eager to shoot another gooovetape my way? aren't you livin in fear of the vicious critique i've yet to give your last tape?

i'm addicted to love :o

10-29-2002, 11:06 PM
"when I hear a track remix with that vibe, I automatically think of you and I wonder if he'd like it?"
-ooo, that reminds me of a pal o mine who coined a VarianT on that WWJD ("what would jesus do?" ) bumper sticker: WWVTT ("what would vt think?" ) ;)

"Your headfonez? Pip Glass?"
-so them 2 things say style to you eh? intruiging; to me latter sez almost academic severity, & former just sez Life, your badly-soundtracked ambient noize just ain't good enuf ;p

10-30-2002, 12:38 PM
They say style not stylish :p

Pip, I dunno about. I mean, not many people know what he has done as far as my social (and enforced) circle goes but with minimalism and Zen aesthetics never really going outta fashion since they rammed into our style focus in the early 70s, I guess you're right on in there, even if you are on the coattails of that mot terrible; trendy :D :p


03-29-2003, 10:12 AM
plz lmk if you already have seelenluft's electro rendition of barry's Moonraker theme, cuz if not i just discovered it on bond cd i scored (huntpost 445; see also VTape quextion for you there) and think it'd be a great inclusion :)
btw whenever i Get Around to critiquing all your mixtapes here i'll do so in order recieved, i.e. : swaffy, gsj1, timmer, then gsj2 :)

jdah: zen? well glass Is buddhist, izzat close enuf? but trendy? MOI? how so? :sur:

03-29-2003, 04:04 PM
Oh something about the way u wear 'em ;)


03-29-2003, 06:40 PM
I haven't heard that version, VT. Sounds cool!

10-14-2003, 11:20 PM
familiar w/goldfrapp? timmer included a few of their tracks such as "pilots", "utopia" and "lovely head" on the cool barry-soundalike mix-cdr he burned me a coupleyears back, and was thinking of including one if you aren't already acquainted, lmk :) meanwhile i'm about 3/4 done finalizing my thoughts on the mixtape You sent me, so should be posting here before too long. not that i imagine it's gonna be worth the wait, it's just taken me this long to git to it :sur:

10-16-2003, 12:42 PM
familiar w/goldfrapp? timmer included a few of their tracks such as "pilots", "utopia" and "lovely head" on the cool barry-soundalike mix-cdr he burned me a coupleyears back, and was thinking of including one if you aren't already acquainted, lmk :) meanwhile i'm about 3/4 done finalizing my thoughts on the mixtape You sent me, so should be posting here before too long. not that i imagine it's gonna be worth the wait, it's just taken me this long to git to it :sur:

(would that be the mixtape I sent you 2 summers ago???!!!??? ACK!!!! (just teasing) ;)

I am not familiar w/goldfrapp, but would like to give a listen! Speaking of barry-soundalikes, I don't s'pose you've lowered yourself to seeing something as mainstream & kiddypop as "Agent Cody Banks", have you? I did see it (& sent you a 'hump' on it, I believe) not long ago, with my daughter. Well, there's a scene during a party, and the lead actor is looking down from a bluff to the ocean, where a small watercraft is beaching ashore. The music that plays during this scene sounds (IMHO) like someone was trying very hard to be barry-esque. This was the only part of the soundtrack that struck me in that way.

If you see it, I'd be curious to know if it sounds like it to you, too (or anyone else here!).

10-16-2003, 11:00 PM
"would that be the mixtape I sent you 2 summers ago?"
-all in good time laddybuck; now, uh, scuse me while i recycle & redirect your quextion to jdah, gsj & timmer ;)

"don't s'pose you've lowered yourself to seeing something as mainstream & kiddypop as 'Agent Cody Banks'"
-now now, i've packed no fewer than 4 humposts fulla mainstream/kiddoflix, so can't level that charge agin me; besides, ACB has darrell hammond, hal hartley mainstay martin donovan & yummy angie harmon :kiss: so i wouldn't be surprised if one of these days i did lower meself so thanx 4 soundtrak tip :)

"sent you a 'hump' on it, I believe"
-nope, don't think so (http://www.sirstevesguide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2216&page=8&pp=31) ;) never got your humps for Broadway Damage, Flirting W/Disaster or Virgin Suicides either so feel free to enclose those while at it :)

12-20-2004, 09:20 AM
passages in bold are from swaffy's "liner notes", excerpted here so i can reply to them :) thanx again for patience:
1 chick corea, "the golden dawn"- 1st few seconds have a terrific galvanizing tension, a la brian eno's "force marker" from the Heat soundtrack; alas, it soon turns all news-anthemy or sports-themey a la a fusiony john tesh nba commission :p a lil cheesy, a lil fun; i bet our friends here would like this, even if i don't ;)
2 ymo, "simoon"- already quite familiar w/this as you might guess, as well as a slammin-robotic remix of same (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000008OD2/qid=1100387233/sr=8-3/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i3_xgl15/102-9182481-0179363?v=glance&s=music&n=507846); it's kinda their hit single from this time eh?
3,4 godley & creme, "wind"/"honolulu lulu"- queen-y abrupt key changes, murky gilbert&sullivan-style whimsy & asian note intervals; overall i think i prefer this duo's "i'm not in love" single ;)
5 g&c, "the flood"- Love the repeating, bowie-"1984"esque disco string phrase and ymo-synthy touches; a prelude to the lsd pimp-struttin to come (track 8) ;)
6 go, "prelude"- "apologize for gut-wrenching 'pop'" - musta missed this ;) not-bad, quiet electronic atmospheres :)
7 go, "seen you before"- not bad, another ok opening, but then afflicted w/aforementioned teshy-fusion syndrome, tho i like the record-skippy "breakbeat" in the middle w/the floydy noodlin ;)
8 go, "madness"- nice stereo drum scales at start, then Pimp-Strut Galore ;) what's w/the heliumized janis joplin vocal (your liner notes' linda lewis?)? ;P
9 jade warrior, "dark river"- "does sound snapcrackle-poppier than a bowl of rice crispies"- you must be more of an audiophile than i cuz i didn't really notice or care; every decent mixtape should have a few flaws eh? ;) "don't know much about jade warrior" -tried checkin amazon or ebay? "but they come across like vietnam vets-turned-hippies"- yep, w/that stoner guitar i was just picturin an opium haze floatin along the mekong :smoker:
10 jw, "english morning"- reminds a bit of tmc's 'i must have been blind' (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000007SPU/qid=1100389391/sr=2-2/ref=pd_ka_b_2_2/102-9182481-0179363); if you like the vocal on this and the next track, might also like eno's Before & After Science (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00022LRXA/qid=1100389142/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/102-9182481-0179363?v=glance&s=music) :)
11 pink floyd, "granchester meadows"- similarly pastoral (wimpy? ;)) as previous track; the crunchy sound fx are laid on so thick here it recalls carpenters' "muskrat love", or even the dr. demento-featured parody of same? ;)
12 pf, "several species of small furry"- builds to kinduvan intruiging rainforest-monkey-cacaphony texture here, but re the culminating scottish brogue personally i prefer the pogues (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000005S6C/qid=1100389909/sr=2-2/ref=pd_ka_b_2_2/102-9182481-0179363), creeg fairrrr-gussen, or even Traenspoootin ;)
13 vangelis, "the little fete"- Yeah, i'd been Wondering what this was, ever since the ridley-scott-directed chanel no. 5 commerical in 1980 (jump in ban-de-soleil-esque pool, "i am made of golden sun" narration etc) could do without the accompanying, japanese-accented poetry reading but you have nonetheless performed me a service by pointing me in right direction, thanx :cool:
14 alvin lee, "ain't nothin shakin"- as w/side 1 opener, 1st few seconds really grab, then the sound becomes a more conventional, skynrd-y groove; kinda like the hendrix "easy rider" bassline tho :)
15 stanley clarke, "rock & roll jelly"- this one ain't new 2me, but not surprised to learn that beck's on this cuz this always sounded beck-y to me ;) why'd you & timmer Both put an sc track on my mixtape i wonder? ;)
16 zappa, "variations on the carlos"- "i used to say that if fz would just shut up & play his guitar, he'd be the biggest star in rock" -but maybe, to the contrary, he became a star so he Could yap? ;) "a few years later he released the album Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar. coicindence?" - yeah i think so, especially since you're Lying about the 1st part ;) anyhoo the beat & the noodling's nice & energetic :)
17 zappa, "keep it greasy"- not bad, i like this better than the previous one; nice, minor-key trippin-over-itself rhythm while careening thru a dark cave, sounds like ;) "was in zappa's house once. . . not at all like a palatial showpiece home of an over-egoed mega-star. i've been in a couple of those too, so i know from whereof i speak" -then Speak dammit! names and debauchral details! what a tease, geez ;P
18 mahavishnu orchestra, "sister andrea"- like the mideast chords segueing into an edgar winter-y "frankenstein" organ/guitar combo :)
19 801, "third uncle"- reminds me of track 1 but the opening bassline also recalls "waterfront" by simple minds, might wanna check that out. kinda like the minor-key spiral :)
20/21 king crimson, "discipline"- aside from adrian belew's "big electric cat" (whose 1983 video was directed by naim jun paik iirc) i was never a big fan of kc's admittedly-distinctive, liquid-loopy guitar sound.
21 kc, "indiscipline"- "almost reznor-esque" -bzzzzt! penalty! for invoking that overrated nin-ers's name :p the hardjam injection here kinda helps tho.
22 go, "air over/crossing the line"- not bad; like the opening notes, which may've inspired brad fiedel's Terminator theme :) and what a pleasant surprise, steve winwood's participation is atypically unannoying ;D
23 801, "rongwrong"- nice, questing-sci-fi, minor-chord opening which this time is only partly sublimated into conventionality as the tune progresses; w/zeppelin-y touches and more eno-ish vocals
24 801, "somber reptiles"- not-bad percussion start, segueing into what sounds like a lite version of ozzy's "iron man" or maybe "dr. destructo" from tangerine dream's Thief score, which i recommend :cool:
25 be-bop deluxe, "shine"- i've been curious about bbd cuz i'm familiar w/much of bill nelson's solo work. more of that fonky stuff at the start like tracks 5 and 8, then, alas, becomes more unsurprising and fusion-y than i woulda expected from bn's singles "the real adventure", "flaming desire", eros arriving" or "living for the spangled moment", all of which i recommend :cool: i like the atmostrings tho :)
as a whole: not enough variety in the prevailing textures for my taste (my residual prejudice against the tyranny of guitar rock that dominated radio when i was growin up- which this can't help but trigger- is likely coloring my reaction, a prejudice which made me hunger for jazz, electronic, classical, ethnic, Anything else i could get my hands on), but this has been a dependable choice for mixed-sky afternoons during the last 3-4 autumns (which is naturally why i'm gettin round to it now, on the 1st day of winter :rolleyes: *). and the fact that it has at least one track i'll be incorporating into my rotation mosaic makes it all worthwhile as far as i'm concerned, thanx :) did you send jt a copy of this? i'd bet he'd find it rewarding :)
*simlarly gsj's play best in spring, which, while i can't promise him anything, might be motive enuf for him to return to this forum by then? ;) as guitarocentric as i may characterize your mixtape as being, his are Twice so ;)

good shot jansen
05-14-2005, 10:45 AM
simlarly gsj's play best in spring, which, while i can't promise him anything, might be motive enuf for him to return to this forum by then? ;) as guitarocentric as i may characterize your mixtape as being, his are Twice so ;)

as the jansen household calander tells me to day is may 14th, i have indeed returned whilst it's still spring ;)

guitarocentric huh?

wish i remembered what i sent your way.

05-14-2005, 03:17 PM
-so much for my ongoing procrastination re critiquing your mix ;)

"wish i remembered what i sent"
-then maybe i should take the opportunity make stuff up: track 1, "cats" theme, track 2, a rare duet twixt raffi & barney etc :crazed: one thing i Don't think you included was artofnoise's "paranomia", w/guest "vocal" by max "berlinghof rasmussen" headroom as per your avatar :D on that atavistic note, that spaceduel/gravitar emulator you linked us to's (http://forums.sirstevesguide.com/printthread.php?t=1466&page=2&pp=34) been outta commission for a while now; happen to have a lead on a another? i've missed kickin multicolor-polygonal-vector butt :evil:

good shot jansen
05-15-2005, 11:39 AM
:o memmmmmmmmmmmooooorrrrriiiiieeeeess, ahh, good times, good times ;)

hey barney and raffi coverin' the pistols pretty vacant is a keeper in my book :p i particularly like the chorus, and barney dancin' round singin you're so pretty....h'yuk h'yuk........ we're all so pretty............. hey kids you're doin' great.....h'yuk....now raff........vacant :crazed:

as fer game emulation, probably the best place to start is here (http://www.mame.net/)

i'll see what else i can come up with, which will provide instant gratification