View Full Version : Your Last Vintage Figure As A Collector???

10-03-2001, 12:02 AM
As a collector of Vintage figures what was the last vintage figure you bought and how much did you get it for???

10-03-2001, 08:10 AM
I just picked up Rancor Keeper and Admiral Ackbar yesterday, and am waiting for Amanaman to arrive in the mail later this week.

10-03-2001, 01:18 PM
Again...Han Solo Hoth Gear for $2...it has his gun and the figure is very well conserved, but it had no card of course.

10-10-2001, 05:28 PM
As a collector, I was fortunate to be able to buy all of the vintage line as they came out (from the Early Bird Set that started me off to the bitter end). I only missed out on Lumat and bought him in a lot of loose figures (in perfect condition) a year or two after the line ended. I thought my collection complete.

Then the price guides started to be published and I found a listing for "Yak Face". I thought that the author had made a mistake and dismissed it as such for years. Bear in mind, we didn't have the internet back then, at least not as we enjoy it now. Eventually I saw retailers advertizing it and found it at conventions. When I first discovered Mr. Face, I refused to pay $40.00 for a loose figure, even one I didn't have. I passed him up at $45.00, at $50.00, at $60.00...

The last figure I bought, the one that completed my vintage collection, was of course Yak Face, at the painful price of $75.00. But then the price continues to rise. I'm just glad I got my Imperial Dignitary when it came out for about $3.25 and my Amanaman in the Jabba's Dungeon Playset (Christmas 1984).

10-10-2001, 11:24 PM
Well, I just got Amanaman, Lumat and Romba in the mail today so those are my last figures for now. I think I'll get the A-Wing Pilot, Han Carbonite and Warok next.

darth chuck
10-11-2001, 08:05 AM
My very last figure was Han in Carbonite. I paid the outragious price of $90 for it, but it was my very last vintage fig to complete my collection, so what the heck!

10-11-2001, 12:00 PM
The last figure I bought was a Kenner bagged wind-up R2-D2. It has been years, since I actually bought a vintage figure. I really don't need anything except for Vlix, telescoping Ben, telescoping Vader, and prototypes. That's why I havn't bought figures. I have been trying to complete my coin set for a while now. I am down to needing two.