View Full Version : ATTENTION: All collectors within driving distance to eastern PA!!!

07-01-2002, 10:04 AM
Please read this, you'll thank me later!!! :D

I'm at work so I'll make this long story short.

I was having a conversation with a collector's toy store owner last week and he told me that he goes shopping in all of the stores in eastern PA because, for some strange reason, the stores misplace older SW stuff in the store rooms and eventually put them out on the shelves years later.

Well, I decided to take a trip to East Stroudsburg on Saturday to see if this was true. I checked Wal-mart, Target, KB, K-mart and 2 different Amies. Here is what I found:

X-wing Luke
Death Star Han
Tatooine Jar Jar
Bespin Lando
The Jabba that comes with the container of ooze.
E1 Qui-gon Jinn figure clock
12' Qui-gon and Watto from E1

And Here is the really strange one: E1 Sneak Preview S.N.A.P.

So if you are looking for older stuff try checking out eastern PA. :D

PS. I also finally got my Bloody hand Luke there.