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07-01-2002, 02:06 PM
Once again, on request from “Darthsal” here’s my review of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” that I posted over at the “From Bricks to Bothans” website the 6th of November 2001 and just like the review of the “Darth Maul Bust” it’s a complete copy of the original post.

Okay, here goes people:

Tim and all, I shout out loud: “WOW!” As I’ve said in my earlier post “Great News III!” my sample of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” was delivered to me by mail straight to my doorstep Monday the 5th of November 2001 and I was just as thrilled as I guess you guys are. ;)

So here’s my review of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” I’ve got earlier then I said yesterday:

The Box:

The “Rebel Blockade Runner” box is in “Ultimate Collector Series” style but with black and white artwork and is “NOT” labeled as an “Ultimate Collector Series” model but belongs to the “Sculptures” series that The LEGO Group has made. The box itself is “HUGE” and measures around 65 centimeters (25,5 inches) wide, 48 centimeters (19 inches) high and 11 centimeters (4.5 inches) thick looking at it from the front and also worth to mention is that there’s “NO” additional pictures of the spaceship on the backside of the box. This box is with other words a bit low budget styled but it’s rather classy anyway and makes a great display along with the “Rebel Blockade Runner” itself which will impress anyone seeing it. Another thing to mention to all the “LEGO” fan-atics out there is that the box is of “US” style with piece count and notification that it’s a building toy on the lid just like all “US” boxes. :)

The instruction booklet:

Is of course in full color and takes you through the building of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” step by step but unlike the “Darth Maul Bust” “I” felt that the construction of the spaceship was much clearer in all cases so no extra caution is needed at all. The building of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” is divided into first building the “fore/cockpit (hammerhead) section,” second building the “midsection” and third building the “engine section” for easier construction of the spaceship before finally putting them together in the end. The very best thing about the instruction booklet is that “ALL” of the “January 2002 System, Technic and Ultimate Collector Series” sets are shown off in some rather great pictures on pages 126 to 127 in the 128 pages long and thick booklet. ;)

The “Rebel Blockade Runner” itself and building it:

I started building the “fore/cockpit (hammerhead) section” as per the instruction booklet at 9.00 PM on Monday the 5th and then I went onto the “midsection” and last the “engine section” and at 5.40 AM on Tuesday (today) the 6th I was done building it. It took me 8 hours and 40 minutes to build the “Rebel Blockade Runner” and except for a few breaks for a few minutes I built the entire spaceship in one sitting because I were “SO” very excited about it. Unlike when I was building the “Darth Maul Bust” I got it all right this time around and I didn’t have to re-build the “Rebel Blockade Runner” except for having to leave one flat “hinge” part out since it was of the wrong kind. Since the part isn’t a vital one and is easily replaced I’ll order a new “spare” part from “LEGO” later on and except for that there’s not much else to complain about at all and I’m very pleased with the end result. I had great fun building the “Rebel Blockade Runner” and seeing how piece by piece “sculpted” this very beautiful spaceship was truly amazing and seeing how the “LEGO” design team solved all the complex shapes was just as amazing as well. I’ll tell you guys that the “Rebel Blockade Runner” is one “HUGE” LEGO sculpture/spaceship being 71 centimeters (28 inches) long at around 1:211 scale and it’s definitely something that will catch peoples attention when they see it on display in your home and collection. ;)

So, is it worth the investment you guys ask?

Yes, the “Rebel Blockade Runner” is most definitely worth the 1829.00 Swedish crooner (around $173.00) I paid for it because it was great fun to build and is a “TOTALLY AWESOME” piece in my Star Wars LEGO collection indeed. I calculated that the price per piece were around 1.00 Swedish crooner (around 9 cents) so one gets a whole lot of pieces for a very good price I believe so to me it was worth the $$$ I paid for it. I built the entire spaceship at my girlfriend “Eva’s” place where it now is on display and she’s just as impressed as I am with the “Rebel Blockade Runner” so double thumbs up LEGO! ;)

I know that all of you guys out there has some questions about the “Rebel Blockade Runner” so I’ll answer the ones that I can remember at the moment and here goes:

Is it an “Ultimate Collector Series” model?

No. At least it’s not “officially” labeled as such but it’s most definitely of “Ultimate Collector Series” style and caliber so I guess you can call it that but personally I’d call it an “Sculpture Series” model since it’s basically sculpted out of bricks because of the way it’s done.

Does it have a descriptive label in “Ultimate Collector Series” style?

No. But it has an descriptive label that’s around ¾ of an inch high and around 2 inches wide that you put on a sign made of bricks but that’s a “stand-alone-piece” sort of say.

Is it in mini figure scale?

No. It isn’t but it’s a 1:211 scale sculpture/model of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” spaceship.

Is it possible to customize an interior in it?

No. Even if it’s a “VERY” large sculpture/model in 1:211 scale there’s simply no room at all for an interior in it because it’d have to be at least 2 or 3 times as big for that and then again the inside mostly contains an “armature” for added strength.

Is it rubber bands that’s on the ends of the “fore/cockpit (hammerhead) section” and are they needed to keep the plates in place?

Yes there are but they’re not really needed to keep the plates in place but it’s better to use them in my very own humble opinion.

Does it include “brand new” parts?

Honestly, I’ve got no idea what so ever so you guys better ask “someone” with better knowledge about all the different parts that “LEGO” has made over the years.

Does it have the stand that we saw in those pictures a while ago?

Yes. Unfortunately the “Rebel Blockade Runner” does have the stand we saw in those pictures a while ago so see my personal comments about that bellow.

My very own personal comments:

Being a former model kit builder very much into wanting large studio scale models of spaceships and vehicles used in movies and television I’m very impressed with what “The LEGO Group and the design team” has done with the “Rebel Blockade runner” but…

The sculpture/model is very heavy and is “NOT” suitable to play with but just to have on display to look at and for showing off since some smaller sections of the spaceship way too easily falls off if caution is not taken.

The stand… This is simply the absolutely worst thing I can say about the “Rebel Blockade Runner” sculpture/model and I can’t understand why “LEGO” didn’t design a much better stand for this otherwise very excellent model while at it. If it wasn’t for those (in lack for correct name of the parts) “feet” parts directly under the “engine section” the stand is a “VERY” wobbly thing and can’t really support the weight of the spaceship for secure display. So if anyone wants a better display stand you better design one on your own because the one that’s included in the sculpture/model of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” has a whole lot to wish for I can tell you people out there. Another little thing on the minus kind of side… Where those “feet” parts are there’s a gaping hole in front of the two lower engines in the middle but I guess that’s because “LEGO” wanted the “feet” parts to have a solid foundation to attach to but it looks kind of weird without any plates there… Easy to solve though with parts I guess.

The stickers… Details could easily have been printed on the “cylinder” parts but it’s not much big of a deal but I haven’t put the stickers on my “Rebel Blockade Runner” yet but I’ll do it in the coming days since I won’t take this very excellent sculpture/model apart ever. ;)

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Btw… I’ve found my old camera and I’ve taken some test shots of my “Ultimate Collector Series” X-Wing Fighter and they turned out pretty decent so tonight I’ll take a bunch of pictures of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” at my girlfriend “Eva’s” place. I’ll get them developed tomorrow and if they turn out real good I’ll try and do my very best to get those pictures scanned and sent to “Tim” but I can’t make any promises yet. Stay tuned. ;)

End of the review dated Tuesday the 6th of November 2001.

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

07-01-2002, 02:07 PM
After making my review of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” a whole lot of people asked me questions about the “sculpture/model” that I answered so I thought I’d post my replies to them as well as the questions were pretty interesting and might interest you guys as well.

So, here goes people:

Re: Sweden’s review of the “Rebel Blockade Runner!”

Okay people, I’ve taken some pictures of my “Rebel Blockade Runner” and its box on the kitchen table at my girlfriend “Eva’s” place that I’ve gotten developed and scanned and I’ve sent them to “Tim” by e-mail just moments ago. However, most of the detail shoots turned out way to blurry to get scanned since my camera isn’t suitable for close up shots but just for medium and long shots and then again I didn’t have the proper lighting either but I did my very best you know. So now it’s up to “Tim” if he wants to use them on “FBTB” and some pictures turned out pretty okay and will give you people an pretty good idea of what the spaceship looks like but it cost me around $50.00 to get it done unfortunately… :(

Anyway, now I shall answer the questions about the “Rebel Blockade Runner” you guys have asked me but remember that I’m Swedish and in lack for correct name of parts I’ll describe them as properly as I can so please bare with me: :)

Fore/cockpit (hammerhead) and neck section:

The center of the fore/cockpit and neck section is very stable and is a kind of armature in itself with “small” empty compartments made out of pieces and has five “double” connecting points to connect to the midsection which makes it a strong structure. The cylinder shaped sides of the fore/cockpit section are in themselves pretty strong and has an armature inside them for added strength but they sit kind of loose on the center of the fore/cockpit and neck section with only two “single” connecting points. But that can be fixed for better strength and I’ve got an good idea on how to do that but in lack of correct name for those parts I’ve got in mind I’ll get back to that later on when I’ve studied on “LUGNET” to get parts knowledge. ;)


The midsection is very stable and is also a kind of armature in itself with “small” and “larger” empty compartments made out of pieces and has a “rail” and nine “single” connecting points to connect to the engine section which makes it a strong structure as well. The Gun turret section with the four cannons on the midsection sits in place pretty good but should be treated careful especially when lifting the spaceship and moving it. The fin section in front of the parallel cylinders on the midsection sits rather loose and falls off way to easily when trying to lift up the model as there aren’t too many ways to lift it for secure relocation. The parallel cylinders themselves has only two “single” connecting points each and should also be treated carefully as they easily could fall off as they sit rather loose. I’ve got no idea on how to fix these smaller problems yet but I believe that it’s possible to do something about it for added strength between these sections and the midsection. ;)

Engine section:

The engine section is also very stable and is a kind of an armature in itself with “small” and “larger” empty compartments made out of pieces but the main engine (the cylinders) exhausts sits rather loose as they only have two “single” connecting points each. If care isn’t taken when you lift up the model these could easily fall off but I’ve got no solution to this either as I’m typing this but I believe that this too can be fixed as well. As I’ve said before there’s a gaping hole on the underside of the ship in front of the two lower engines in the middle but that’s due to the “feet” parts that acts as a part of the “famous” stand but it isn’t much big of a deal I’d say. If one designs a brand new stand for the “Rebel Blockade Runner” this “gaping hole” could easily be redesigned itself so that the engine section would look more as an “whole” then a “hole” and I believe that anyone out there could do that themselves. ;)

Daz Hoo, the brand new color looks just dandy on the “Rebel Blockade Runner” and I bet it’s going to come in handy for those of you out there who are heavily into customizing stuff or Star Wars models out of LEGO bricks. ;)

Guybrush, I can’t really answer fore sure yet if the “Rebel Blockade Runner” can stand being supported from a single point near its center of gravity but at this moment I believe it can but I’ll give it a closer examination tonight. I’ll probably get back here tomorrow on that point and also worth to mention is that I’m drawing on an idea I’ve got about an much better and good looking display stand for the spaceship and I think it’s an pretty good one but I’ll get back on that later. When it comes to lifting and moving the “The Rebel Blockade Runner” I find it easiest to lift it by holding one hand under those parallel cylinders and one hand under the neck due to its weight and since some sections are a bit fragile and can fall off.

Thanks all, and in case you guys have more questions I’ll be around tomorrow I think.

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

End of reply dated Wednesday the 7th of November 2001.

Kindest regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

07-01-2002, 02:08 PM
Of course people had more questions to ask me about the“Rebel Blockade Runner” and of course I answered them all as well so I thought I’d post my replies to them too as the questions once again were pretty interesting and might interest you guys as well.

Once again, here goes people:

Re: Sweden’s review of the “Rebel Blockade Runner!”

Daz Hoo, You’re most welcome buddy. :)

Jbl254, yes the main engines are made of those “curved wall pieces” that the escape pod in the “Droid Escape” set are made of and yes the “Rebel Blockade Runner” is for sure a “MONSTER” set and congratulations on the “Darth Maul Bust” dude. ;)

Guybrush, I did an examination last night if the “Rebel Blockade Runner” can stand being supported from a single point near its center of gravity and it actually could when I used the pedestal section from the “Darth Maul Bust” I’ve got earlier. The center of gravity is bellow and in-between the two cylinder sections on the “midsection” of the spaceship where four quarter bricks makes up a circular section on the bottom and it’s there I put the pedestal to try it as a stand for the model. The pedestal section from the “Darth Maul Bust” worked as a stand for the “Rebel Blockade Runner” and it was quite stable but the joint between the “midsection” and the “engine section” where put under some “slight” stress due to the heavy weight from the engines. But if one uses more of those “Technic” (in lack for correct word for those parts) “connections things” in-between the “midsection” and the “engine section” the joint will be much stronger just in case so that the “connection things” don’t bend so that the engines “might” fall off.

Parts needed (as used as a pedestal in the Darth Maul Bust) for the stand mentioned above:

Two 2 x 12 plates. (Black).
Three 2 x 8 plates. (Black).
Two 2 x 10 plates. (Black).
Two 2 x 6 plates. (Black).
One 8 x 8 plate. (Black).
Four cylinder parts. (Black). Same as used in the “Droid Escape” set.
Two 2 x 2 bricks that are 4 studs/bricks high. (Blue).
Six “Technic connection things.” (Black).

Written instructions for building the pedestal:

Leave out the “stand” and “feet” parts included in the “Rebel Blockade Runner” sculpture and reinforce the joint inbetween the “midsection” and the “engine section” with six of those “Technic connection things” for added strength. Place the two “2 x 12 plates” horizontal in front of you and take the three “2 x 8 plates” and place inbetween to make a square with one “2 x 8 plate” in the middle of the square. Then take the two “2 x 10 plates” and the two “2 x 6 plates” to make another square on top of the first one you’ve made and then place the “8 x 8 plate” on top of that. Put the two “2 x 2 bricks that are 4 studs high” in the middle and then place the four “cylinder parts” around that and you’re done with the new stand. Please note though that you better have the “Rebel Blockade Runner” on display in an secure area where it can’t fall to the floor as I won’t be responsible for any crashes made by children or such. ;)

While on the topic of the “Rebel Blockade Runner” sculpture/model…

I’ve been drawing on a much better, secure and good looking display stand as well as an instruction manual for improving the spaceship’s weaknesses for added strength for the entire structure but it’s an project that’ll take a while people. I’m going to invest in a totally new computer system in the coming month as well as a scanner and hopefully a digital camera too so I’ll be busy with that for quite a while you know. As soon as I’ve gotten settled with all things going on right now I’ll make the instructions and list over what parts are needed to improve the “Rebel Blockade Runner” so please bare with me as this will take some time.

Stay tuned for news on this project in the near future. );

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Btw… Guybrush, those “wedge” pieces are “flat” and underneath them are 1 x 3 plates. ;)

End of reply dated Thursday the 8th of November 2001.

Kindest Regards,

Lars Olsson in Sundsvall, Sweden.

PS) I’ve got the new computer now and I’ve done a brand new stand in “MLCAD,” I haven’t ordered the parts for it though due to this and that, but when it comes to the modifications to the ship they’re still in blueprint form but I’ll get back to that later if anyone’s interested. ;)