View Full Version : Trading For Vintage LOOK

07-02-2002, 05:15 PM
If you are interested in any of these items, reply to me via email/PM and I will send you what vintage stuff I'm looking for.. Thanks!

-POTF2 Ishi Tibb FF MOC

-POTJ Imperial Officer MOC
-POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper MOC

-Saga OB1 Pilot MOC
-Saga Chewie w/3PO MOC
-Saga Han Endor Raid (bubble crushed, perfect for openers!)
-Saga Djas Puhr MOC
-Saga Qui Gon MOC
-Saga Luminara Unduli MOC
-Saga Dexter Jettster (no background) MOC
-Saga Yoda MOC
-Saga Dooku MOC
-Saga Taun We MOC

-blue Amidala frito lay star pic
-rare Disney VCD 'Education For Death: Hitler's Children'
-Boba Fett Reference CD (excellent for costumers and all-out FETT fans!)