View Full Version : have books or comics reflected kenner/hasbro eu?

07-03-2002, 02:19 PM
have any of the books used characters, situations, corny features that came from hasbro or kenner?

i can guess there's no warhead hiding inside r5-d4--but is there a model of jedi starfighter with hidden cannons in anything other than hasbro's collective imagination?

does han have a smuggler pack stashed in the falcon?

did luke leave behind his sport skiff when he left for alderaan?

do cruisemissile troopers or crowd control stormtroopers ever show up?

and what of the kenner mini-rigs?

i know the answer is probably no, but thought it might be worth asking

and, if the answer's no, would you want to see any of these (or other) toy creations pop up?

Bel-Cam Jos
07-03-2002, 04:24 PM
Well, the EU stories have made Zuckuss and 4-LOM partners so many in the SW galaxy "confuse" them, as a reaction to the wrong naming by Kenner.

The "Squid Head" name is apparently an insult to Quarren.

There was a story where Oola fell into a rancor pit only 2" deep. (Kidding... :D )

I can't recall any others right now.

07-09-2002, 01:53 AM
Obi-Wan's cold weather gear is scene in the Jedi Quest comic series (duplicates the first Jedi Quest hardcover book).

He and Anakin (13 years old) go to the fridgid world of Illum where the Jedi go on sort of vision-quests to harvest their lightsaber crystals and the Master oversees the final assembly and working test of the padawan's lightsaber.

The saber Anakin used in AOTC (his that he had most of the movie until it was destroyed in the droid factory) was built there.

Both characters wore cold weather gear.

However, the Obi-Wan figure is inaccurate at best, because Obi-Wan had longer hair (though no beard) and certainly didn't wear a Padawan braid as Anakin's master.

Anakin in cold weather gear cannot be customized from Hasbro parts (without sculpting etc) because he is barely larger than his E1 figure size and wouldn't fit in Obi-Wan's cold weather gear, though the two wore outfits nearly identical.

It is logical to think that Obi-Wan once did his cold-weather work with Qui-Gon in these outfits, but when Obi-Wan visited Illum, he would've been Anakin's size and Qui-Gon would have been 12 years younger and wearing the same stuff.


Darth Maul wore an overcoat to protect him from the cold on his mission in Darth Maul: Saboteur (the Online Book added to the back of the paperback for Shadow Hunter). It might be similar to the one on his concept figure, but no mention of a spiked turtle-neck was mentioned and I still wish THIS figure never happened.

Darth Maul did take his shirt off in the comic "Darth Maul" and fought one of 4 droids that was identical to the one in the Deluxe Figure package, which was based on the comic. A second training droid he faced looks like the Cubix droid "Colossus" (the bad guy droid) and it looks great with the figures!


I have yet to read the last 4 Jedi Apprentice books (Qui-Gon w. young Obi-Wan). I don't know if they use their Jedi Armor or not. That would be cool. I liked those figures.


Bossk does go cross-eyed like the action figure when Han knocks him over the head with a chair in a bar fight (from which they both are arrested for instigating) during Hero's Trial (New Jedi Order). Bossk insulted the memory of Chewbacca by saying to a drunken, suicidal Solo that he wished it had been him that killed the Wookiee. Han responded just as Chewbacca would've, had he been alive. Bossk is missing some teeth now. :)

07-16-2002, 06:06 PM
They used some stuff from SOTE in the movies (and in some comics also), they inserted Dash Rendar's Outrider in ANH and recently Anakin is riding a Swoop in AOTC.

What else?? Hmmm...i think there was a rumor that u can see a spacetrooper in ANH...(just when the falcon is caught by the tractor beam and is entering the Death Star platform) i looked and looked for the spacetroopers...but never saw one of them.

The minirigs...hmmm...i've never seen them in comic books.

07-16-2002, 06:23 PM
Lobito, those spacetrooper are on the bottom center of the screen when the Falcon is being hauled into the D. Star...but if you ask me they look just like a normal stormtrooper.

They are too small to tell, but I think the spacetroopers originated in the old West End role playing world and then Zahn used them in his novels.

If memory serves, which it fails most times...there are a mess of other stormtroopers, and I think the Star Wars encyclopedia has them in there too, but no photos.

07-20-2002, 08:45 AM
Originally posted by tjovonovich
Lobito, those spacetrooper are on the bottom center of the screen when the Falcon is being hauled into the D. Star...but if you ask me they look just like a normal stormtrooper.

They are too small to tell, but I think the spacetroopers originated in the old West End role playing world and then Zahn used them in his novels.

If you have ANH in a widescreen format, the "Space Troopers" are a little more obvious. And there are very minor and subtle differences, but you can make them out with a keen eye. I saw a picture in a book or magazine a few years ago (it may be in the colossal "Star Wars Chronicles", still one of the BEST (if most expensive) Star Wars references out there, that shows Lucas talking to an actor in a modified Stormtrooper costume. A pronounced backpack with a hose running to the shoulder (presumable to be tucked under the helmet) suggests that this production shot was before filming the plate of the hapless Space Troopers referenced above.

07-20-2002, 08:55 AM
I was rather surprised that no one beat me to the punch on this one! One of the earliest (if not THE earliest) EU vehicles (that actually predated the term "Expanded Universe") was the Imperial Troop Transport from Kenner. You know, the big armored speeder like thing with slots to hold six Stormtroopers in such a way that enemy forces on either side of the road could simply pick them off for target practice.

That seemingly useless vehicle actually appeared in the Marvel Comics Star Wars series! I do not recall the specific issue (it was after the first twenty some-odd), but I do vividly recall buying the book when it came out. Imagine my surprise to find something that Kenner essentially made up appearing in an official Star Wars "expanded universe" publication! The best part was that the artist made no attempt to improve on the design. A brace of Stormtroopers (three on each side) stood rigidly in their assigned slots, arms to their sides, just like they would with the toy! And better still, the sound effects buttons that ring the laser cannon on top were dutifully rendered as well! I guess the Imperials were meant to depress one of the buttons, confusing Rebel soldiers with the sound of laser cannon fire, or the voice of C-3PO chiming out from their transport!

You have to go waaaaaaaaaay back to find this one, but thanks to Dark Horse Comics, soon you can find this and other quirky aspects of the entire Marvel Comics series!